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Seat pads

Of course, motorcycles come with factory seat pads, but they degrade in comfort over time. Who can endure the pain of bumpy roads with a substandard seat pad? Otherwise, your trip may turn sour with so many regrets why you haven’t upgraded your pad.

I have a broad range of aftermarket seat pads reviewed here. I know how confusing it can get to buy these accessories online given the disadvantage of not seeing them.

I have therefore done thorough research into the best seat pads on the market. All come with great features. To add on, I have highlighted the best features you should consider when buying these aftermarket products.

motorcycle seat pads for long rides

Tank bags

Motorcycle Tank Bags compared

Have you ever imagined the inconvenience and the hassle of opening your top box every time you want a valuable item? Have you ever imagined the possibility of your items falling off your pockets? Then you surely need a tank bag.

But, what kind of tank bag should you get? Well, I have plenty of big brands of tank bags in my catalog. Continue reading my reviews to find the best for your case.

Tank bags come in different sizes and makes. They may not apply to everyone but you can get a portable one without obstructing your view from the speedometer or the fuel tank.

The significance of tank bags need not be overlooked by enthusiastic motorcycles. Ideally, these bags can replace normal backpacks that feel heavy behind your bag. Most of these bags are waterproof and theft-proof. Read my reviews about the best tank bags on the market.

Sound systems

From Boss Audio to GoldenHawk and JBL Cruise Bluetooth speaker kit, and some of the popular brands, you can find the best sound system for your bike.

Most people regard motorcycles as boring modes of transport because of the lack of sound system variability. Yes, motorcycle sound systems are likely to be damaged by rain exposure. But, you can find the best waterproof speakers.

In my search quest, I have made sure that I select only the best waterproof speakers you can trust. They are the best value for your money.

Often, bikers travel for many hours. Without sound systems can end up being a bore. Read more of my reviews to find just the best sound systems for your bike.

With the advancement of Bluetooth technology, music streaming on-bike sound system has become a marvel. You can connect the sound system and avoid draining the battery of your smartphone. Whichever audio system you need, I have it in-store reviewed with the best features highlighted.

best speakers for harley street glide review
best motorcycle amp review

GPS and mounts

Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews

Oftentimes, riders visit unfamiliar treks which could end being miserable for your trips. It is such a great experience to explore an unfamiliar wilderness, of course. With GPS, you can make the experience worthwhile.

You can be a leader in your traveling team to help everyone using the Bluetooth communication system.

Also, you will need the GPS mount for your convenience. Mobile phone mounts are also available. Most of the accidents on the road are caused by diverted attention. The rider could be reaching out for the phone in a pocket or a GPS in an inconvenient position. The mounts enhance your comfort and safety.

Continue browsing for more accessories and equipment designed for riders. I have handpicked the best products from the best brands. Whichever equipment or accessory you need, I have that in store for you.


Aftermarket mirrors are the best too because you can get custom ones. Mirrors, too, come in different designs and sizes. It is for this reason that I have compiled a review of the best mirrors to choose from on the market.

Let me not bore you about what mirrors actually do. It should be obvious to each one of you that riding without mirrors can be catastrophic. How will you make turns? How will you see other motorists behind you? You can continue…

Harley Davidson Mirrors Reviews

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