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Batteries, mirrors, horns, lights, shocks, and chains are some of the most important parts of motorcycles that you shouldn’t overlook. No matter how durable your bike is marketed to be, it will eventually need a replacement. Aftermarket parts are a way to go. I have written the best reviews about these parts.


Generally, there are different types of motorcycles to choose from. Choosing the best one can be confusing to you if you are not experienced. I have ridden motorcycles for many years as thus, I assure you the best selection.

Types of motorcycle batteries to choose from including wet lead-acid battery, AGM (absorbed glass mat), and Gel cell battery. All these types have their pros and cons that you should take into account when buying.

Well, I have included the buyer’s guide in each of the reviews. This will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Best Motorcycle Batteries Reviews


shocks for harley davidson guide

Shocks are significantly important. Riding on bumpy roads could traumatic with faulty shocks/shock absorbers. The bike might not be able to support your weight, and so your riding comfort could be compromised.

If your factory shocks are malfunctioning, get the new aftermarket shocks for your safety. Most of these aftermarket products are even much better than your factory counterparts. These items are made of different materials.

My reviews have the best shocks to choose from. I also guide you on how to install these products to avoid spending money on mechanics unnecessarily, unless you find the task virtually difficult then do not risk by doing it yourself.


Is your stock horn not loud enough? Or, is your stock horn malfunction?

The importance of horns need not be overlooked. You can get the best decibels out there to alert other motorists on the road. Aftermarket horns are customizable to your preference.

Read through my reviews to get the best horn for your motorcycle. I will also advise you about the important features to consider when choosing these horns. Horns come in different decibel ratings. If your stock horn rates 80 dB, for instance, you can an aftermarket horn with extra decibels to give you the preferred loudness.

However, there is a limit as to how high you can go with regard to decibels. Very loud horns could damage your ears and b destructive to other riders. Let me guide you on which is the best decibel to consider.

best motorcycle horns review


LED Headlights for Harley Davidson Reviews

Lights are also important. Aftermarket lights can upgrade your existing lights and help you see the road clearly. I have the best reviews about lights. I also warn riders about choosing LED lights when in some countries because other countries have specifications.

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