8 Best Harley Davidson Speakers for Street Glide: Upgrade your Audio

Looking for the best Harley Davidson speakers upgrade? Or best speakers for road glide? Harley Davidson motorcycles are known throughout the world as some of the best and have consistently churned out great performing models for many decades. But much like cars, they contain factory parts that would do well for an upgrade. This includes the recent Street Glide models. One of the most upgraded parts happens to be the speakers, whereby there are hundreds of name-brand products sold online in the category. But to find those at the top, it takes a bit of digging around.

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5 Top-rated Speakers in 2022

To make things a bit easier on you, the best Harley Davidson speakers for street glide bikes are shown below, picked for their level of craftsmanship and sound quality. Even if you don’t own a Harley, each product is worth looking at since most of the brands are compatible with various other motorcycles. Nothing is left untouched here, so be sure to read up on the Buyer’s Guide for a narrow down on the speakers that are most in tune (no pun intended) to your needs.

1. Infinity Kappa 62IX – Best Harley Davidson Speakers for Street Glide

harley davidson speakers

Take just one look at the Infinity Kappa 62IX – Best Harley Davidson Speakers, and you’ll be enticed to try it out for yourself. But before you do that, take a moment to go over all the wonderful things it can do for the sound in your Harley.

Looks and Sounds Excellent

The base of Infinity Kappa 62IX – Best Harley Davidson Speakers for Street Glide is fantastic, pounding to a degree that would almost have you mistake the tweeters for a good mini subwoofer. It doesn’t rattle when you hit a bump, either. Just install and you’ll be ready to hit the streets listening to all of your favorite music like never before. The hardware is another thing of beauty. They look very nice on a bike, particularly on a Street Glide.

High-Quality Hardware

The frame and speakers should last for many years without breaking or succumbing to damages. You might even get it to go through a decade unscathed. And best of all, it requires only a low wattage to get up and running. That means you can get sound through either an amp or a radio; the choice is yours. You’ll have to get used to the high volume on an amp, more so if you’re not accustomed to using tweeters that aren’t factory. Overall, this is a highly recommended product that any Street Glide owners will love.

  • Has good base and high fidelity
  • Built to last for years without breaking (10 on average)
  • Doesn’t require a great deal of wattage to output good sound
  • The tweeters might sound a bit too shrill to people with sensitive hearing

2. Hogtunes 352F-AA – Best Harley Davidson Speakers

harley davidson speakers

Searching for the best harley davidson speakers upgrade? or best speakers for road glide? The Hogtunes 352F-AA – Best Harley Davidson Speakers may look a bit low-key but sound far from low quality. Durability is a strong point here, whereby the grill and adapters are dense. Installation shouldn’t take you too long to get through, either.

Durable and Dependable

Are you familiar with the way speakers sometimes require a break-in before they output at an acceptable level? If so, you’re in luck. The time it’ll take for these is almost immediately. Just go out for a ride and play as normal; the next time you test them will show sound clarity that’s nearly the same as what one finds on a customized vehicle’s speaker system.

Magnet Size

All parts of Hogtunes 352F-AA – Best Harley Davidson Speakers are weighted, adding protection from the outside while ensuring their longevity. The only potential drawback is that the magnet on the speaker’s backside is a bit small, at least when stacked up against similar speakers. This means the bass might not be too strong, depending on how you set them up. But in the end, the Hogtunes 352F-AA – Best Harley Davidson Speakers maintains great sound quality, great for people that anticipate touring and need something to make the ride more relaxing.

3. Rockford Fosgate TMS65 – Best Harley Davidson Speakers

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Clarity at High Volume

The Rockford Fosgate TMS65 – Best Harley Davidson Speakers has a lot of features that some might take for granted. An example is the frame of the speakers. Take a good look at it from the product’s description. Everything, including the grill, is very hard. No dents or scrapes will happen to the speakers as they age, which does a good job of keeping out most dust and debris as well.

Sounds Great when in Motion

Sound is acceptable too, pouring out good mids and highs. And most importantly, this doesn’t go away when you’re on the highway. Clipping is almost nonexistent. The base could be a tad higher but it is possible to fix it if you have an equalizer preset on the board of your Harley. Regardless, give the Rockford Fosgate TMS65 – Best Harley Davidson Speakers a try if you care more about the highs than the low frequencies.

  • The mesh grills are very dense and won’t bend or buckle under ordinary stresses
  • Sound can be heard clearly when riding at highway speeds
  • No clipping when playing music at a high volume
  • Bass levels could be higher

4. Polk Audio DB652 – Best Harley Davidson Speakers Upgrade

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Good Speakers for Long-Distance Travel

The Polk Audio – Best Harley Davidson Speakers is a speaker for people that plan to tour (or live) in areas where there’s a lot of rainfall. Why is this, you ask? The reason is simple. If you settle on this product, you’ll get 100-percent protection from the elements. No water or moisture will shorten the speaker’s lifetime since they’re waterproof. But that’s not all.

Simple Installation

Installation is a breeze to get done, with all speakers having a plug-and-play feel to their assembly. Just look at the instructions provided and you’ll be well on your way to riding without factories, to which sound quality is greatly improved. If you play music at high volumes, do expect some clipping but not enough to where it would become an annoyance. If you can do that, then consider the Polk Audio DB652 – Best Harley Davidson Speakers for their superb built quality.

  • The speakers are designed to neer take on water damage; entirely waterproof
  • Quick install time on Harley Street Glide bikes (less than one hour on average)
  • Sounds noticeably louder than the stock speakers of Harley bikes
  • Some clipping heard is high volumes

5. J&M ROKKER XXR – Best Harley Davidson Speakers

Sounds Greats with little Work

The J&M ROKKER XXR – Best Harley Davidson Speakers ample power behind the magnets. Additionally, the instruction provided in the box is very easy to follow. And since they all work so well with minimal effort on the part of the rider, the product is great for beginners. If you’ve never installed Harley Davidson speakers before, you can’t go wrong with these.

Choose your Amp Wisely

Distortion is something that can happen to almost any speaker, but very unlikely to occur with this set. But if the amplifier is going to be used, choose one wisely. Some low-quality amps might not have the punch that you would expect. Invest in a good brand to go along with the speakers if you can. But physically, there’s little wrong with the J&M ROKKER XXR. Don’t worry about things breaking too early in their lifetime, either. You’ll have them on your Harley long after the purchase date.

  • Comes with detailed instructions to make the install easier
  • Although recommended, the speakers work perfectly fine with no amp
  • Sound doesn’t distort under songs with deep bass
  • Some amps might not sound well with the speakers

6. Kicker DSC6504 Harley Davidson Speakers Bundle

harley davidson speakers

Audible over the Engine

The Kicker DSC6504 Harley Davidson Speakers Bundle has attributes that are ideal for riders with loud engines. If you have made modifications to yours (or it just sounds “naturally” loud), look into this model. Nothing is left untouched, here.

The manufacturers have done a great job that is provided quality speaks for their speakers, something that’s often lacking with other tweeters that are in the same league. The rings are one of them. You can mount it to your Street Glide quickly and the holes are sized perfectly to ensure a good fit.

Ease of Cleaning

The bass of Harley Davidson speakers is easy to hear when your engine’s running, as mentioned before. Flying down a highway with high winds doesn’t affect the sounds that you hear. Just turn it up to adjust to your riding location. Cleaning them is also easy to do. Dust doesn’t build up too heavily in the interior. Just give them a quick once-over every week and they’ll look as good as new.

The sun’s light also won’t distort the color. The brackets might not be compatible with some bikes but this is more of an issue with motorcycles that aren’t Street Glides. In short, don’t pass up the Harley Davidson Speakers Bundle if you enjoy hearing music on the highway.

7. Kenwood Package for Harley Davidson Speakers

Quick to Put Together

The Kenwood Package for Harley Davidson speakers keeps things working well no matter how you decide to look them up. Either by amp or radio, highs and mids stay clear and free of distortion. Out of all of the speaker systems shown so far, this one has the easiest assembly. “Plug and play” isn’t the right word to describe it. Even the average joe that knows little about motorcycles can get it on, probably in less than an hour. Nothing should feel awkward when you’re done, the better to test out the speaker’s sound quickly. Ring size is outstanding and can fit most models produced in the last decade, or longer.

Great without an Amp

There’s no protection from the sun here meaning that you should cover up your bike whenever you can. As long as you’re not leaving it out in the sun for long periods, the speaker’s quality shouldn’t diminish. Recommended for beginners and people that don’t anticipate using an amp.

  • Riders can choose between an amplifier or the radio to output sound from the speakers
  • Setup is rudimentary, doesn’t require much to finish
  • Has the perfect ring size for most Street Glide models
  • No UV protection

8. Aquatic AV AQ-SPK6.5-4HS – Best Harley Davidson Speakers

Street Glide Friendly

The final product is the Aquatic AV AQ-SPK6.5-4HS- Best Harley Davidson Speakers. Although the name sounds very technical, getting the speakers to work well on your Street Glide is easy to do. Highs and mids sound as they should but don’t lose their clarity in areas with lots of traffic (or roads with a high-speed limit). Everything that you see in the product description’s photo is completely protected against water damage.

Changing the Position

Rust and corrosion will never happen, even after years have passed since you install them on a bike. One great attribute is the tweeters themselves. You can adjust their position in the direction of your choice. This is a good way to ensure that you hear better along with places where the sound could technically become muffled from noise pollution. They output better with amps, however. If you don’t have one, it’s highly advised that you purchase the AQ-SPK6.5-4HS with one of these brands look promising to you.

  • Good highs and mid-level bass
  • Tweeters are adjustable so that the sound’s direction can travel to where the rider wants them to
  • Water and moisture will never get on the inside of the speakers
  • Using the speakers through radio outputs in poor quality

Tips and FAQs

harley davidson speakers

How to Choose a Quality Speaker?

The best Harley Davidson speakers for bike tend to have a few things in common with each other. Build quality is very important but something that’s usually overlooked. This is sometimes due to online shopping but might even be a problem for buyers looking for speakers in a brick and mortar store. Although it’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s built well form photos alone, the best way is to simply look at what others have said about the product that interests you.

There’s someone else out there that has tried it out already and can provide you a clearer picture of what you’re getting if you decide to buy it. You should also take note of the grill and interior. If it’s exposed, you might have a harder time keeping it clean, especially if you have any touring planned.

When the Environment Plays a Factor

Some speakers a better built for people that take their Street Glide out on the highway often. In this case, you should have something that you know will get loud enough for you to hear it over the traffic. And don’t forget about the sound of your engine, too. Combined, the level of noise pollution can make it difficult to hear the music you have playing. This is one of the major reasons why riders considering upgrading from factory speakers in the first place.

Learn how well the highs and mids sound when you turn them up, and whether or not you’ll have to crank up the volume to its max to make your music audible in such conditions. The Harley Davidson speakers upgrade will be able to make your speaker’s output to a level that’s almost the same as what one would hear in a vehicle. Of course, you might find yourself turning down the volume when you slow down, but at least you won’t have to pay too much attention to what your hearing in the speakers as you ride.

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Ease of Assembly

Getting your speakers hooked up easily and quickly is something that every shopper for speakers should look for. Fortunately, most of them are relatively easy to put together and have comprehensive instructions. This includes all models shown in the reviews above. But even if you don’t find the instruction thorough enough, finding better instructions online is easy to do.

There could even be a video tutorial on the web that you can follow along to. If you don’t see one, go to the manufacturer’s website or contact them, describing your issue. Most of the time, they can walk you through the setup if you can’t get it done right with the help of other sources. Still, most people won’t have to take any of these steps, whereby the paper manual with the product should suffice.

Common Issues with Motorcycle Tweeters and Speakers

As with any car part or accessory, you’re going to run into problems at some point. Most of these can be solved without resorting to returning what you buy, however. Even the best Harley Davidson speakers can have issues. The one that most consumers come into the most are brackets that don’t fit into their bike properly. If this happens to you, there are two options that you can take for a solution.

The first is to contact the manufacturer to see if they have something that fits more adequately with your bike. However, this usually takes time, time that the impatient might not enjoy waiting for. The second option is to purchase brackets separately at your local dealership if they have any with the specifications that are required. But remember that you can avoid this simply by knowing as much as possible about the speakers before having them shipped to your home.

Another problem with speakers is clipping. Have you ever used speakers before and noticed that the audio seems to have a distorted clicking (or clipping) sound? This is a common occurrence with speakers that are cheaply made, but the problem isn’t always exclusive to low-cost audio. If you hear it, check to see if your amp or radio is hooked up to the speaker properly. Sometimes, this could be the case.

If so, walk yourself through the instructions on the product again, and reassemble everything. But at times, the clipping could also occur from the way that you set up your equalizer preset on the screen of your bike. Try keeping the decibel level a bit low and see if things improve. If they do, then you’ve found the source. Music with a lot of bass tends to make clipping happen, more so when the low frequencies are raised higher than they should be.

Music Preferences

As mentioned in the last section, your music preference can greatly affect the audio quality of your speakers. Tunes that are very bass-heavy might not sound well on certain brands, although others do sound well with any sort of tunes that you play. Just remember that the large magnet, the clearer the bass with usually be. The Harley Davidson speakers contain the right blend of hardware to make the most out of your low frequencies.

Of course, not all music sounds well with a lot of deep basses, so do consider that if your playlists consist of things that don’t need a lot of booming audio to sound pleasant. For the mid and highs, you’ll generally be okay with any sort of music. Additionally, try getting tweeters that aren’t too piercing If you have very sensitive hearing. This may lead to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) if you don’t.

The Model of your Harley

All of the products listed in the reviews are great for lots of different motorcycles. Yet the best Harley Davidson speakers (Street Glide models, that is) will assemble easy and sound significantly better than tweeters provided by the factor. Remember to look and see which products are compatible with your bike.

Sometimes, this may not be listed. If you don’t see anything shown on the products description page, head over to the brand’s website. You could also ask them directly. Fortunately, most brands have a listing of which models work best for the type of Harley you own.

Final Thoughts

harley davidson speakers

Did you find the right Harley Davidson speakers for your bike? or ever did the best harley davidson speakers upgrade? There are eight shown in the reviews, each having qualities making them a worthy buy. The Buyer’s Guide lists great info to help assist in your pick; don’t forget to read it if you haven’t already.

Remember, the best Harley Davidosn speakers upgrade should contain more than one good attribute. You want something that you can keep in your bike for as long as possible, which the products described are guaranteed to do. And when you’ve decides on the speakers you like the most, get ready to ride to the tunes that you love!

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