Best LED Headlight for Harley Davidson – Reviews

Headlights are a vital component present on a motorbike. No matter which brand of motorcycle you own, having a high-quality headlight is a must. Sure, you can continue using your bike’s factory headlights, but it is worth knowing that there are plenty of aftermarket alternatives available as well. New headlights offer bike riders a cost-effective and straightforward upgrade that makes a massive difference, especially when riding at night.

While there are plenty of headlight options available these days, more and more people are opting for LED variants. This is especially true for Harley Davidson owners. For those who don’t know, Harley Davidson is undoubtedly the best motorcycle brand across the globe. If you own one, make sure you install headlights that match your Harley.

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5 Top-rated LED Headlights for Harley

With an incredible range of LED headlights available in offline and online stores, choosing one for your Harley Davidson could be a bit difficult. Mentioned below, are 10 of the best-LED headlights you can choose from, making sure you don’t have to spend hours upon hours searching for the right product.

1. Eagle Lights 5.75 Black – Top Rated Led Headlight for Harley

best led headlight for harley davidson

The Eagle Lights Black LED Projection Headlight is sold as a single product. If you have more than one bike, remember to get two. It’s built to increase your presence around other drivers, no matter if you’re on the road during the night or day. Assembly is very easy to do. You won’t even need to spice or undertake extensive rewiring on most bikes. It has a very plug-and-play feel to it.

In this regard, it’s suggested for novice riders or those that don’t have the time (or patience) to work on installing new lights. Again, the best led headlight for harley davidson aren’t exclusive to just one bike.

Better Vision for You and Other Drivers

If you ride a Harley or another similar brand, it will likely fit with no issues. But to be on the safe side, it’s still a good idea to check with the brand to be sure. You can find this out on the product’s description page or by contacting them directly. The lighting angle is very wide, enabling you to get a clear view of everything in dark and foggy conditions. People will be able to take you out from a long distance away, driving accordingly in the process.


There’s no installation guide provided with the product. Although installing isn’t hard to do for most, this could pose a problem for some that have a bike that the headlight cannot be installed without splicing and/or wiring. But since very few people will have this come up with the Eagle Lights, it’s not a huge negative.

2. Z-Offroad Seven Inch LED Headlight

best led headlight for harley davidson

Z Off-road is a well-recognized brand among motorcycling enthusiasts. The company produces a vast range of aftermarket headlights, and this LED alternative is one of its best. What makes this seven-inch headlight from Z Off-road stand out the most is its excellent beam pattern. The light can shine bright for lengthy periods, making sure you don’t have any trouble driving at night.

Installing this Best LED headlight for Harley Davidson will be quite easy and will not take much time. These lights cover an incredible amount of area, making sure you can drive without worrying about collisions.

Tremendous Quality

People often show hesitation when buying LED lights because once its damage, you cannot repair them. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this issue with this LED headlight by Z Off-Road. Its durable, scratch-free material can last for years and remain in great shape with proper maintenance. All you need to do is clean the LED light every once in a while and it will look as good as new.

Eye Pleasing Design

Harley Davidson motorcycles already look great, to begin with, but you can improve their look even more by installing these highly customizable LED headlights. The Z Off-roads easy to use plug and play feature makes it a must-have for Harley Davidson owners. The light’s unique design will make your Harley Davidson stand out from others.


The Z Off-road LED headlight doesn’t come cheap. One of the reasons behind this product’s relatively high price is the high-end material used to manufacture it. Therefore, users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this LED headlight will last longer than traditional ones. While this product’s price is on the higher side, investing in it would be a great long term solution for Harley Davidson owners.

3. Wisamic 5.75″ – Powerful Harley Davidson Headlight

best led headlight for harley davidson

The Wisamic LED headlight is renowned for its high-performance and durability. It installs in a few minutes to get going because it is a plug and play design. The light can fit a broad range of Harley Davidson provided the stock headlight matches it with inch sizes.

The brightest solution on the market

It outsmarts ordinary incandescent lights by almost 400% in providing brightness and color. The color temperature is rated between 6000K and 6500K, which is powerful enough to enhance illumination in low-light conditions. You’ll be able to enjoy riding in different lighting conditions with this long-lasting LED headlight.

Its lumen is rated at 2800LM@30W on a low beam and 4000LM@45W on a high beam. That brings more light that outshines many types of headlights. Again, its irradiation distance is longer than ordinary lights.


The headlight’s design gives it superior durability, visibility, and safety. On low beam, it draws 30W and on high beam draws 45W. Compare these specifications you would notice that you will be saving a lot. The working temperature is -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

The halogen lights are notorious for getting hot. If you touch them, they can burn your fingers. The LED headlights, on the other, are known for their less heat. Most of the heat is behind the diodes. The operating voltage is rated from 12 to 30V.

Furthermore, on the benefits, this headlight is encased in a die-cast aluminum housing which makes it more durable. It also makes it shock and vibration resistant. Also, the waterproof rating of IP67 plays a significant role to ensure that rain does not penetrate while enjoying a lifespan of 50000 hours.

With the user manual provided, you shouldn’t find it difficult to install this headlight. Anyway, you can ask a mechanic if you’re in doubt. Should there be any default, the manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.


This is my choice of a headlight hence I made it the top of the range. From the design to the performance, it made me let go of the halogen lights in a blink of an eye. It does not show any dimness or poor visibility. The color temperature and lumens are impressive. Also, it lasts for 50000 hours, meaning you have a long way before you can think of changing. I recommend this headlight if you want not only a durable headlight but a high-performing one for your Harley Davidson.

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4. SUNPIE – Best Harley Davidson Daymaker

best led headlight for harley davidson

If you drive, among others, Harley Davidson Road King, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Road Glide, this headlight can be a great deal for you. As long as your stock light is 7-inch in size, you’re sorted with this headlight. SUNPIE Motorcycle 7″ Daymaker LED Headlight is the best value for money for anyone looking for a feature-rich headlight.

Fitment & Installation

It fits effortlessly with H13 & H4 adapters included. But, for FLHTCUSE models from 2006 to 2010, you may have to purchase a separate wiring harness. And, for Harley Davidson Touring and Trike models, you may have to get the Headlight Wire Harness Adapter. The user manual is included, so it shouldn’t take too long to get your installation in order.

You won’t get into trouble fitting this LED headlight because it is DOT approved. DOT-approved products have the symbol DOT printed so that traffic officers know that your headlights are within the required standards.


Feature-wise, the headlight has a luminous flux of 2000LM on a high beam and 1500LM on a low beam. That’s sufficient light to illuminate your way in low-light conditions. The package comes with 4 pieces of 10W LED headlights. What I like most is that the lights draw less power while lasting for 30000 hours. It’s a product to rely on.

Its operating voltage ranges from 10 to 30V while the operating temperature is -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. With the color temperature between 6000 and 6500K, the headlight will make it seem as though you’re driving during mid-day while you’re actually driving in low-light conditions. It also comes with an integrated cooling system and an internal fan.

Complete protection

Furthermore, the light will endure the harsh temperature since it is waterproof rated at IP65. Its outer casing is made of durable aluminum. No need to maintain the headlights. Isn’t that an inspiration to replace the original halogen headlights? In a package comes 1 piece of LED headlights, 2 pieces of 4.5-inch LED fog light, and a ring. But the brackets for the fog lights are not included.

The other advantage with this product is the low voltage protection and the high precision constant current driver chip.


This is yet another high-performing product to illuminate your low-light conditions. It comes with a fully-equipped package with fog lights and LED headlights included. Performance-wise, it draws 10-30V. It consumes less power and also protects against low voltage. I must say I haven’t found anything discouraging with this headlight. As a result, I would like to recommend it if you want to change your original halogen headlights.

5. BICYACO – Best Sportster Led Headlight

best led headlight for harley davidson

BICYACO New Brightest Daymaker LED Headlight is an easy to install Harley Davidson aftermarket headlight. You need no modification to swap with your OEM halogen headlights. Just plug and play!

Brilliant assembly

With this headlight, you can enjoy riding in bad weather conditions knowing that the headlights can illuminate incredibly at a color temperature of 6000K. It is waterproof, meaning no water can impede the performance or destruct your headlights. The headlight features a high-quality projector lens enclosed in an aluminum alloy. The design is shock- and vibration-resistant. On top of that, the light enjoys a lifespan of 30000 hours, a feature not seen in ordinary incandescent lights.


LED headlights never disappoint when compared with traditional lights. This is reflected in this headlight’s ability to consume only less power. At a high beam, it consumes 45W with 4000LM. And at the low beam, it consumes 30W with 2800 lumen. I have no dust it can perform well during dark cloudy and rainy days.

Absolutely legal

The product meets both SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) and DOT (Department of Transport) approvals. So no traffic officer can delay your important trip by accusing you of illegal LED lights. Note that not all LEDs are the same. Moreover, an SAE approved product does not necessarily mean automatic approval by the DOT.


Coming to the Harley Davidson model the LED headlight fits, it fits a broad range of them within the proper size of 5.75-inch. Your Harley Davidson Springer, Super Low, Wide Glide, Sportster 1200, Street Bob, Dyna Convertible, and many others, are supported by this headlight.

Important note: It does not support the 2002 HD Sportster, 2004 HD Deuce, Harley V-rod Muscle VRSCF, and the 2007 HD Vrod.

Thanks to the refracting diodes of this headlight that we can get a clean white light with a wide-angle pattern. The light can be more focused. Happy riding! If you are not satisfied, you get 30 days money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


Given all the features it has, this is yet another high-profile LED headlight to swap your factory-made halogen headlights. It is more visible, safer, and durable with an aluminum alloy enclosure. Again, it consumes less power at both low and high beam, so it is economical. You will take a long time before you can return to the store because of its 30000 hours lifespan. DOT and SAE approvals checked, so legally you’re also sorted. I surely recommend the product. But, it does not fit all the Harley Davidson models.

6. TRUCKMALL 7 inch – Best Harley Davidson Headlight Assembly

best led headlight for harley davidson

Made for a wide range of Harley Davidson models, TRUCKMALL 7 inch Daymaker LED Headlight is a must-have product for motorcyclists. It swaps with stock headlights with 7-inch and 4.5-inch fog lights to enhance your illumination on the road in low light conditions. It is not always at night that one faces low light conditions but also during the day in cloudy weather.


I won’t finish anytime soon if I were to count the individual models that this headlight is compatible with. It’s an easy plug-and-play aftermarket headlight. For Road King 2015 to 2018 and Road King Special 2014 to 2018, you may have to purchase the TRUCKMALL H4 to H9/H11 Wire Harness Adapter so you can install the headlight with ease. The user manual included should help you every step of the way when installing this headlight. In your package come 1 LED headlight, 2 LED fog lights, 1 wire harness, and 1 headlight ring.

To stay within legal standards, the headlight has been approved by E-mark Rating, SAE, and DOT. Other models of LED headlights may lead you to the wrath of authorities so it’s important to ensure that it is printed DOT approval on it. The headlight embraces the new high transparency projector and Cree LED chip. These features make it sought after compared to ordinary headlights.
A clear view in any conditions

With the color temperature rated at 6000K, the LED headlight will make it seem as though you are in broad daylight. It lasts long and consumes less power. On low beam, it features 2600LM, and on high beam features 4000LM. This reflects how bright the headlight will be so riding in the wilderness with a new set of LED headlights can be just one experience worth reminiscing. Combine these lumens specifications with the pure white light color temperature of 6000K. It’s a complete combo to let you forget about incandescent headlights.

Its power rating is 40 watts and voltage ranges from 12 to 24V. I applaud the exterior design with its corrosion resistance, waterproofness, and durability. I guess it’s the selling point you’ve been looking for. The brightness of the headlights means you will be safe on the road and you will endanger other motorcyclists or motorists.


Best value for your investment if you’re a hobbyist in motorcycles like I am. It has all the features you would expect in a high-profiled LED headlight. From performance to the design, the headlight has an outstanding performance. When I check reviews of many customers, I realize they are excited about the purchase. My assessment of the features also proved positive about the headlight. Had it been a mediocre LED headlight, I wouldn’t have bothered to present it to you.

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7. SUNPIE 7″ LED Headlight – Best Road King Headlight

best led headlight for harley davidson

If you are on a tight budget, this could be the best buy. Do not be fooled by the low price tag and then conclude it’s an inferior LED headlight. On its high beam, it has 4500 lumens and 3200 lumens on its low beam. That’s more light exposure to traverse low light conditions with a breeze.

Furthermore, its color temperature is rated between 6000K to 6500K, a figure lacking in other headlights. The light it produces is clear, bright, and powerful while being more focused. The working temperature is -40C to +80C while the operating voltage is 10 to 30V.

Easy installation

This is one of the most versatile LED headlights to fit other motorcycles and vehicles apart from Harley Davidson. If you own Road Glide, Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Ultra limited models, this headlight fits perfectly on them with ease. You may have to purchase an additional harness when you install it on other models such as the FLHTCUSE models.

As long your stock headlights measure 7 inches, this headlight can replace them. H4/H13 adapters included for ease of installation. But it doesn’t fit the 2018 New Jeep in case you think of it.

If traveling in diverse weather conditions is your hobby then you’re safe with this LED headlight. Enclosed in a durable aluminum alloy, it makes it weather resistant. No corrosion or water threats.


This is an affordable LED headlight I would recommend to budget-conscious buyers. Nonetheless, it still performs well. Consumes less power and illuminates your path even much better than most in its price range. Again, the headlight is DOT approved, so no fear of your bike being confiscated on the basis of legal headlights. But, note that DOT is in the US. If you’re in a different country you may need to confirm the standards with their transport agency.

8. Funlove Dual LED Headlight

best led headlight for harley davidson

Riding a motorcycle as fun as Harley Davidson is a tremendous experience. If you like going out for long night rides, getting a high quality LED headlight is a must, and that is where you should give the Funlove dual LED headlight a try. This product is compatible with a variety of Harley Davidson bikes and is very easy to assemble. With a decent power of 12 volts, this LED headlight can help you navigate the darkest of streets and alleys with relative ease.

A Design Worthy of Your Bike

Funlove designed this LED headlights to provide bike riders with extra illumination during the night, and it does its job quite well. What’s more, installing this product will add to your Harley Davidson’s overall visual appeal, giving it a massive upgrade over its original aesthetic.

Build Quality

At first sight, replacing your Harley’s regular headlights with these dual headlights may feel a bit odd. But once you install these LED headlights on your bike, you will notice how great they look. More importantly, the lights are incredibly durable and don’t wear and tear easily. The product’s manufacturer used durable aluminum for adding an extra layer of protection, making sure it lasts long.


You will need to spend a decent amount of money (around 120 to 130 Dollars) for this headlight, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering its overall quality. In addition, installing low budget LED headlights rarely looks good on a bike as great as the Harley Davidson. The Funlove Dual headlights are far more effective than traditional ones, giving users their money’s worth.


This product is unique with dual LED headlights. Surely this brings more light and brightness. Color temperature and lumens are high enough on low and high beams. And, the product is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and durable. What else have I left? So it’s a product worth the price. But the budget-conscious buyers will find this bank-breaking. If you want a great investment then you wouldn’t mind spending on this dual LED headlight.

9. TRUCKMALL – Best Dyna Headlight

best led headlight for harley davidson

TRUCKMALL 5.75 inch Daymaker LED Headlight is yet another TRUCKMALL-sold product for Harley Davidson bikes. It fits stock headlights measuring 5.75 inches. If you own HD Dyna, Street Bob, Super Wide Glide, and many more compatible models, you may find this product very attractive.

Like the previous products I have reviewed, this LED headlight fits a wide range of Harley Davidson models that are within its size. Be it Dyna Convertible, Softail Standard, Softail Deuce, Night Rod, Sportster 1200 & 883, or Rocker C, the headlight can enhance their illumination. The list is non-exhaustive.

Note that this headlight is made of aluminum and stainless steel bracket. In case you wish to have the chrome option, I recommend the TRUCKMALL DOT 5.75 inch Daymaker LED Headlight Chrome. The properties of Chrome and Aluminum differ, but they all offer a great deal of durability. The aesthetic appearance depends on personal preference because to me I find them all beautiful even though I prefer aluminum more.

Main features

Back to the features, this LED headlight is a great replacement for halogen headlights that are notorious for fading dimness and more power consumption. You do not need accessories such as an extra wire harness or ring to install this headlight because it fits perfectly already. On estimate, it may take you about 10 minutes to fully install it.

It features 4000lms on a high beam and 2600lms. That’s a great specification in its price range to provide a cleaner light. The color temperature of 6000K provides pure white light. If you’re like a night owl traveling at night, this headlight could be your best friend. Moreover, it has an effective irradiation area than the OEM halogen headlights.

Also noteworthy is the high-grade Cree LED chip that makes the headlight stands above the crowd of headlights. It is durable, waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. So riding in unfavorable conditions is not bad at all. Enhance your safety and visibility on the road with this LED headlight.

Furthermore, the light enjoys DOT and SAE approvals meaning you are within legal standards to use it. It further features a durable polycarbonate lens.

Important: This LED headlight will not fit 2002 Harley Sportster, 2004 Deuce, 2007 Harley Davidson Vrod, Harley V-rod Muscle VRSCF, 2017 Iron 883, and Vrod 2015 Night Special. And some of the models may need modifications to fit the headlight.


Let me not forget the attractive lifespan of this headlight. It lasts for 50000 hours. If you’re not satisfied, like other LED headlights above, you have 30 days to return your purchase. But, from what I have assessed, I don’t see anyone returning on the basis of poor quality. Just make sure you buy the right size. Its voltage is rated at 12V and power at 40W.


It is one of the products on the market to replace the original halogen headlights. I couldn’t find a deal-breaker with this headlight. It performs well with pure and white light to illuminate darker roads. Also, even a beginner can install it because it bears no complexity at all. So, I would recommend this LED headlight to anyone looking for a refreshed lighting on his or her Harley Davidson. What has also attracted me is the affordable price tag yet still performing incredibly.

10. LX-LIGHT Black – Best Harley Davidson LED Headlight Kit

best led headlight for harley davidson

LX-LIGHT Black 7″ Inch Harley Daymaker LED Headlight is my last but not least product in performance. It performs extraordinarily for a wide range of Harley Davidson models.


The headlight features the built-in EMC function to prevent flickering or interfering with your bike. This saves you extra cash that you would probably spend to get the extra anti-flicker decoder. Enjoy a high-performance high and low beam with 4800LM at a high beam and 3000Lm at a low beam. The 30W passing light features 1600 lumens and it measures 4.5 inches. This product is not much different from the aforementioned headlight.

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Design & Specifications

The fog light further comes with the white DRL and amber turn signal halo while the headlight features the white DRL. It’s time to let go of the low-performance incandescent headlights for these LED headlights.

The color temperature is rated at 5500K to 6500K. So the combination of the color temperature and higher lumens will bring you the best illumination. The headlight lasts for 50000 hours, a standard lifespan of most LED bulbs. To add, the aluminum design extends the durability of this headlight. It is waterproof and UV resistant.

Installing the headlight can be achieved by an amateur who never installed any lighting before. It’s all because the installation manual is well-written.

  • Simple installation
  • Built-in EMC to prevent flickering with radio
  • High performance with higher lumens
  • Durable aluminum design
  • Relatively expensive


This is yet another modern replacement of the factory-installed halogen lights. You can upgrade your motorcycle lighting with this LED headlight. It consumes less power and it lasts more, which is about 50000 hours. Its performance is about 2.5 times of conventional incandescent lights. I would recommend the product to any avid motorcyclists.

Tips and FAQs

best led headlight for harley davidson

A common mistake many Harley Davidson owners tend to make is that they install any headlight they come across. This is not the way to go, as you should always consider using an LED headlight especially made for your bike’s particular brand. The good news is that there is no shortage of Harley Davidson LED headlights. In fact, you will find plenty of them in the market, so much so, that you may have a difficult time choosing the best product for your bike.

If you are new to LED headlights and planning to get one, you may be wondering what makes them different from regular ones. First off, LED headlight variants are a modern, energy-efficient alternative for people who want a quality lighting solution for their motorcycles. Unlike most bike lights, LED ones are quite small, giving users a compact alternative for their headlights. These lights look great and provide a significantly better output compared to regular options.

LEDs also give you a lot of freedom when it comes to the light’s temperature and brightness. Furthermore, they last longer than traditional bulb variants and don’t require an excessive amount of power. That said, LED headlights for Harley Davidson or any other bike brand for that matter have a few minor downsides.

You will need to replace your LED headlight once it reaches its end. In some cases, this can be incredibly expensive, but more often than not, the investment is worth it. Why? Because LED bike headlights are incredibly durable and can last for years with proper care. Besides their longevity, LED headlights provide tremendous visibility, especially at night, allowing you to see broader and further, minimizing the chances of collisions and accidents.

What’s more, you can also customize your LED headlight’s look according to your bicycle’s style. This feature is especially great for Harley Davidson owners as these bikes are highly customizable and look great with different headlight designs. As mentioned earlier, LED headlights to offer reliable performance for modern as well as vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles. Therefore, it would be best to change your regular reflective headlight, replacing it with an efficient LED variant for a long, reliable performance.

Now let’s get into the buyer’s guide where we guide you to make the right purchasing decision. These headlights come in various styles and designs. So, choosing a LED headlight for Harley Davidson is not a straightforward task.


Because these LED headlights come in different designs and brands, performance indicators may vary. Thus, you have to check these performance indicators. Among others, the lumens, power output, current, voltage, design, and other extra features.

How many lumens should an LED headlight have?

Lumen is typically a measure of the total amount of light. The higher values indicate the brightness of the headlight. LED lights can range from 900 to 35000 lumens. In comparison to the HID lights, LEDs have more lumens but do not necessarily mean they perform better than the HID lights made primarily of different gas, i.e. xenon. But, within the same model of headlights, the higher the brighter.


Well, I have elaborated more that LED headlights are legal, but they differ. The most important thing is to consider the standards set by the Department of Transport in the United States. Coupled with the DOT or the SAE.

If you have bought and installed LED headlights that are not approved by any of these bodies, it may be considered illegal. Usually, the light bulbs should have a sign printed which indicates DOT approval. When stopped by traffic officers, they will check that as well.

This is not an issue to overlook. If, for instance, you get involved in an accident, you may be sued for an exorbitant amount of money if they realize you’ve actually installed illegal LED headlights. Important: SAE approval alone is insufficient. DOT approval is more important. Every region may have different standards so you have to check that as well.

With regard to xenon headlights, they’re illegal. They do not meet the standards set by the DOT even though they are more powerful. You can use them in off-road applications.

How to convert conventional headlights to LED?

Harley Davidson headlights come with factory-installed halogen lights. As time goes by, they tend to reduce performance and this might affect the extent of illumination. That said, you may have to opt for aftermarket LED headlights.

Converting from halogen to LED headlights is an easy task. In most cases, you do not need extra tools at all. What you need is just to plug and play. Others, however, require modifications or additional wiring harness to be able to install. Look for the LED headlights that come as a kit where you can also find adapters and other necessary tools needed. I have included such products in my review.

The installation manual should help you finish your task of converting the old lights to modern LED options. You can hire a mechanic if you get confused. Also important is to note the size of the stock lights. Most are 7 inches and some are 5.75 inches.

How to make my Harley Davidson headlights brighter?

Well, the answer lies in my review. The best way is to replace the old conventional halogen headlights with the LED headlights. LED lights are brighter. They consume less energy and are durable. You can choose the best among my products and start the process of converting. The color temperature of these LED headlights makes it seem as though you are riding in a broad daylight whereas in actual sense you’re in a low light condition.

Advantages of LED headlights
Less power consumption
Durable, usually over 30000 hours
Brighter with pure white light
Requires no maintenance

Disadvantages of LED headlights
They are expensive
They are hot behind the diodes

Final thoughts

best led headlight for harley davidson

I have come to the end of the comprehensive review of the top 11 LED headlights for Harley Davidson motorbikes. By now, you should know how to select the best product. You should also master the basics of LED headlights for Harley Davidson bikes. You will appreciate the beauty that these modern headlights bring to your motorcycle.

The buyer’s guide should open your eyes even more. Before buying your LED headlight, make sure it is DOT approved and it has the right performance features. I have handpicked a mixture of affordable and pricey headlights to have everyone.

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