Top-Rated Motorcycle Covers: Best Picks in 2023

Although many bike owners are yet to acknowledge this fact, a motorcycle cover is an essential part of their equipment. You see, when the popularity of bikes spread far and wide, little did people consider how their lack of garage spaces, warm comforts, or a humungous living room would cause the bike irrecoverable damage. Our best motorcycle covers for outdoors are all you need to protect your motorcycle from dirt.

Many thought leaving their bikes out in the mean streets, at the mercy of the elements of Mother Nature, would not matter with a drape of a tarp. After all, surely the handlebar would be safe from the occasional thunderstorm visits and pigeon poop, right? Wrong!

Not only do bikes suffer the worse for wear, but choosing cheap and ineffectual covers cause more financial damage in the long run. Would you like to run to the garage and repair it now and then fix damages from the outdoor elements? No one would, and this is why you should invest in a premium quality motorcycle cover. Get the best motorcycle covers for outdoors at amazon today!

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5 Best Motorcycle Covers on the Market

Now that plastic has made incredible success; we can choose from various breathable, durable, polyurethane, and other vital materials to protect our metallic birds. A motorcycle cover is your best line of defense if you do not have the option to park your expensive bike inside.

These days, you can choose between various options. You might feel confused and incapable of selecting the best cover for your vehicle with so many variations. This is why we took the initiative to narrow down the search and have selected three of the best motorcycle covers in the markets right now.

You can find bike covers of varying styles and sizes, all tailored to suit your bike’s needs. They each feature excellent amenities such as liners for non-scratching purposes, UV protection, heat shields, rust inhibitors, and whatnot. All the protection your bikes lacked in the 19th century are now available at your fingertips in the 21st century. All thanks to technological advancements, of course.

Without further ado, let’s delve into their details to show you why these covers would be an excellent protective barrier for your bike.

1. WinPower Outdoor – Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

WinPower Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

You will find this motorcycle cover compatible with Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Harley Davidson, and all other motors. This cover has a 210D nylon construction with incredibly high-tear strength.


It is also resistant to tree sap, heat, dust, and destructive UV rays. Hence, you can rest assured that your bike will remain in good condition under the safety of this cover. It has a unique design featuring reflective stripes for higher visibility and instant recognition. You also get anti-theft benefits with two lock holes in your cover so that you can lock up your bike whenever it is out of sight. The windproof buckle in this product ensures stability, while the material’s water-repellent fabric ensures safety against water damage.

You may find this product helpful, especially during tough weather, and can easily install and remove the cover.

Budget Benefits

Priced at just around $35.00, you will find this cover a steal for your bike.

  • Reduces the amount of deterioration that direct sunlight causes
  • Prevents machine abrasion, aging, and machine part of the adequate bike protection
  • Prevents acidic corrosion on your bike’s surface from snow or rain.
  • The cover is too big. It can be too large for a street bike.


This cover is helpful for those who do not have a garage space but own cruiser bikes. Consider giving it a try for excellent durability and protection from harsh weather elements.

2. MZS Motorcycle Cover

MZS All Season Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

The MZS motorcycle cover features a premium quality material. The fabric is 210D Oxford and is more powerful and tear-resistant than the 190T. It has a fade resistance of six degrees, is water repellent and sunshine-proof. This means you get a cover that is incredibly strong and will last for a long time.


The Oxford fabric’s technology uses a double wire connection for sealing. Your motorcycle will stay safe from snow, sun, heat, rain, and scratches under this cover with PU-coating inside and out.

The design also features a unique windproofing, owing to the elastic cord and windproof buckle. You can trust your bike to stay put and not blow away in windy weather. With the vent system design, your bike is safe against the balloon effect strong winds usually cause. Not only will your bike remain steady with this feature, but it will also experience moisture acceleration.

This cover also offers anti-theft benefits with its four reflective warning stripes. They reflect from both the left and right side to indicate the bike’s location and prevent collisions. You can also lock your motorcycle with the lock-holes and prevent thefts of your vehicle.

Budget Benefits

It is priced at just $49.99 and affordable to acquire all the necessary and added protection for your bike.

  • It has a universal fit to cover motorcycles of various sizes and styles with this product. It works well for Ducati, Yamaha, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson bikes and other off-road models.
  • Comes with a lifetime technical support
  • The cover is foldable and compact, so you can easily carry it in your storage bag
  • You must not cover your bike with this product before you have cooled it down completely
  • Might not be suitable for older bike models


If you are looking for a high-profile, durable, and multi-purpose motorcycle cover, you might find this product helpful.

3. Velmia Motorcycle Cover

Velmia Motorcycle Waterproof Cover

If you are looking for optimal protection and storing for your bike, consider using Velmia’s motorcycle cover. It offers protection from snow, dust, heat, rain, wind, sun, wet leaves, birds, and other harmful factors.


This cover has a specific design that even covers the exhaust pipes of your motorcycle. The added sturdiness and longevity ensures your bike gets maximum protection for a long time. The premium materials protect against adverse weather elements and work well in both outdoors and indoors storage.
With this cover, your bike remains safe from scratches and condensation too. It has double openings for ventilation and provides accelerated moisture flow. The soft material inside ensures no paint scratches as well.

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The design has an innovative enlarged window so that your bike’s license plate remains visible in public places.

Budget Benefits

Priced at $25 around, your pockets will this cost-friendly product quite useful.

  • The cover comes with two elastic hems and three adjustable securing straps. You also get added security with the two additional lock openings.
  • The cover stays in place with the securing straps
  • Taped seams ensure maximum protection for your motorcycle even during torrential downpours.
  • Reflectors above ventilation openings provide clear nighttime visibility.
  • Do not pull the securing straps too tightly: the cover can tear as a result.


You may find this product useful for protection against extreme weather elements, especially rains, and the most optimal fit, especially for your Harleys.

4. Dowco Guardian

Dowco Guardian 50004-02 Indoor and Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Dowco is certainly not a new entrant in the market. The company has become synonymous with quality motorcycle accessories and the best motorcycle covers are part of their flagships. Guardian Motorcycle Cover brings to the table a whole host of features that could safeguard your hard-earned investment.

Protect Your Bike

It’s a suitable cover for both indoors and outdoors while you protect your bike from the indoor or outdoor inclement elements.

For indoor use, the Dowco Guardian can protect your bike from the dust or accidental spillage of liquids in your garage. Any invasions of dust in the components can affect performance, so this cover is a good consideration even when you park the motorcycle in the garage.

If you are going to leave your motorcycle parked outside for a long time, you can also rely on Guardian Motorcycle Cover. Featuring the ClimaShield Plus Technology, the cover is engineered to withstand harsh environmental elements such as storms, heavy downpours, and damaging UV rays. It makes it applicable in all-weather settings whether amid summer’s hot sun or winter’s frequent rainfalls.


The cover is made of 300D polyester fabric which is waterproof as well as breathable. This means a downpour will not be a match to the cover. It is waterproof with double taped seams to ensure that no water drops penetrate the cover to the components.

If you leave it under hot temperatures, the ClimaShield Plus Technology will shield against the sun’s UV rays from damaging the bike. The rays can discolor the bike and if combined with water, they can leave water spots. The windshield is protected by soft cotton which minimizes the scratches from the cover.


Dowco Guardian comes equipped with a heat shield to protect it from the exhaust heat that could melt it if installed immediately after a ride. So you don’t have to wait for certain minutes before installing this cover.

There’s no chance of other motorists bumping into the bike at night because it has reflections for nighttime visibility.

While it may not deter thieves from stealing it, the cover’s elastic shock cord provides a snug fit and the grommets provide a way to fasten it. This will help in deterring wind blows. Furthermore, in preventing wind blows, the cover has a polyester webbing belly strap.

By fully covering the motorcycle, thieves may not spot the motorcycle with ease. The company offers the Cover Alarm System to help deter criminals.

Designed in Wisconsin, USA, this product comes with a lifetime warranty that reassures you that the company is committed to high-quality products. For transport purposes, it comes with a compression bag.

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Quality vent system to reduce moisture build-up
  • Heavy-duty and durable 300D polyester
  • Aluminized coating for heat resistance
  • Doesn’t deter criminals


This Guardian Motorcycle Cover by Dowco is a real deal for outdoor and indoor use by motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s high-quality with a broad range of features that everyone would wish for when leaving the bike parked outside for a long time.

Its breathability, heat resistance, and waterproof are on par. The extra features such as elastic lining and soft cotton also play a huge role in making it a perfect choice. I would recommend this product if you want a versatile cover suitable for all the climatic conditions and environments. No need to wait a long time before installing it because the aluminized coating will protect the cover from the hot exhaust fumes.

5. Badass Moto Gear – Best All-Weather Motorcycle Cover

Badass Moto Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Yet another product of America, this motorcycle cover brings you the comfort you need to safeguard your investment. It fits a variety of motorcycles from small cruisers to the large sportbikes 800cc and more. Badass Moto Gear could be what you’ve been looking for.

What sets this cover from other counterfeit ones is the heavy-duty 300D polyester fabric known for its superior waterproofness, and the double vent system to enhance breathability.

Great quality at an affordable price

The cover is durable and attractive with the affordable price tag that everyone can afford if serious about protecting his investment. It can be used for indoor or outdoor use. The elements such as rain, mildew, dust, dirt, snow, and storms will not be a match to the cover.

When applied in the outdoor setting, this cover has the night reflections to alert other motorists of its presence so they don’t collide with it. It can also be a deterrent to criminal activities with the added pockets where you can hide alarms. The elastic hem at the bottom helps in securing the cover tight so that the wind doesn’t take it off. There’s also the buckle added for extra security.


The installation will be easy with the elastic hem although some people may find it tricky to take it off. Just make sure you bought the right size for your motorcycle.

As a mini-guide, the cover can fit small bikes and scooters up to 86” in length and 50” tall. Sports bikes up to 800cc and small cruisers up to 400cc can fit in. For medium coverage, it can fit medium cruisers, large sportbikes, bikes with side bags, and adventure bikes up to 800cc. It can also cover large and extra-large XL Tourers, Victory, and Honda bikes. A wide variety of motorcycles fit in this cover.

Do not worry about the cover melting immediately after riding your bikes. It features a metallic heat shield to protect against such possible melting. That’s a plus advantage because with other covers you have to wait a few minutes for the motorcycle to cool before installing.


Given its wide of features in safeguarding motorcycles, I would recommend this product to any enthusiast. However, note that you still have to put an eye on your valuable asset because the cover cannot deter criminals. It does a good job of protecting against the outdoor elements.

From waterproof to breathability, it is a good product indeed with durable 300 denier polyester and double vent systems. The taped seams ensure that the motorcycle is properly protected. What I like is the versatility that you can also use it indoors.

6. XYZCTEM – Best Cover for Harley Touring

XYZCTEM XXXL Large New Generation Motorcycle cover

If you don’t have a garage, you may find a New Generation Motorcycle cover as the alternative to keep your motorcycle safe and protect it from UV rays, dirt, and other unwanted things. It is an impressive XXXL cover that is versatile and accommodative of a wide range of bikes with sizes up to 118 inches. Let’s see how its features unfold.


The first thing to note when buying the motorcycle cover is its fit. It wouldn’t help to purchase the cover that will still expose your bike to dirt, rain, or UV rays due to its size being insufficient.

Whichever size of the motorcycle you have, this XXXL cover should be large enough to cover it. It covers up to 118 inches. Your Hondas, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Harley Davidsons, and many more brands can benefit from this cover.


Imagine waking up to a dirt bike with tree saps, bird dirt, dust, or even rain on your seats. If you are in a hurry that can work to your disadvantage. Thanks to this cover to take care of all those inconveniences. It makes your journey stress-free by ensuring that the bike remains clean at all times.

Most notably, if you leave the bike outside, the paint could be affected by sun rays. With this UV resistant cover, you can preserve your paint. Also, the cover is waterproof, meaning no amount of heavy rain could penetrate it. To make your bike last longer, consider this cover.

Build materials

To ensure top-notch quality, this cover was made with soft anti-scratch heavy-duty fabric that will last you for a long time. You’ll return to the store after a long time as the cover will not crack or scratch anytime soon. Also included are 2 aluminum lock holes and 2 windproof buckles that keep it firmly to withstand storms.

The cover comes with the storage bag to store it when not in use. This becomes helpful when you ride the bike regularly, and also makes it easy to travel with it.


The manufacturer is offering a one year warranty for this cover. I personally wish it was somehow longer than 1 year.

  • Top-notch quality fabric materials
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • UV resistant
  • XXXL cover to cover many motorcycles up to 118 inches in size
  • Storage back included
  • Warranty information unimpressive
  • Only available in black color


Riding a motorcycle comes with huge responsibilities. Failure to care for your bike can lead to numerous repairs. This cover plays a significant role in protecting and preserving the quality of your bike if you often leave it parked outside. It protects against the damaging UV rays and water. Many customers are impressed with such performance and so am I.

7. Nuzari – Best Motorcycle Rain Cover

Nuzari Premium Motorcycle Cover

Nuzari is also a reputable brand on the market with high-quality motorcycle covers. The Nuzari Premium Motorcycle Cover is living proof of the quality craftsmanship the company offers. In a nutshell, it comes with a soft screen and heat resistant shields, lockable fabric, and is made of waterproof polyester.

With this cover, you can cover your sportbikes and cruisers to lengthen their durability in the outdoors. It fits motorcycles up to 90 inches in length and 50 inches tall. For large bikes, it fits up to 97 inches long and 57 inches tall while for large bikes it covers up to 104 inches long and 56 inches tall. A wide range of motorcycles can be protected by this cover.

What’s so special about this motorcycle cover?

If left in the parking lot, the reflective strips will do their work by preventing any collision from motorists. The soft cotton protects the sensitive windscreen from any scratches when you install the cover.

The cover is rated at 150 degrees, which is a good consideration considering the immediate installation immediately after a long ride. Motorcycle cover fabrics are susceptible to melting from the extreme heat from the exhaust pipe. The heat shield employed by Nuzari will compensate for that.

The fabric is lockable, meaning you can do your part in deterring criminals that take a chance of the unattended bike. But this cannot be a complete deterrent for serious thieves given ample time. It is nonetheless a good feature. The sewn grommets can be used to run through the wires, cables, and chains and protect your valuable bike. In fact, that’s also a good feature when you secure the bike amid strong storms. Furthermore, securing the cover, it comes with the luggage strap and the elastic bottom for a snug fit. Strong winds will not be a match to it.

What else?

Let’s not forget the main feature of the cover, which is waterproof. Nuzari has employed a waterproof and breathable fabric on the cover to deter the harsh elements. Many people buy these covers on the basis of having quality waterproof features.

The breathable air vents of this cover helps in regulating interior moisture. It’s a custom that waterproof fabrics develop some condensation inside. If not cared for, that can lead to mildew and insect infestation. Your bike’s seats can be affected and other components can be affected by the moisture.

  • Reflective strips for nighttime visibility
  • Soft cotton windscreen protector
  • Lockable fabric with grommets
  • Durable waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Heatshield
  • No lifetime warranty
  • Compression bag not included


For anyone with a motorcycle but without a garage, this cover is the best to consider. Obviously getting a garage is more expensive than getting the cover. The cover can withstand any treacherous weather conditions except serious theft.

8. Oxford Stormex – Motorcycle Cover for Outside Storage

Oxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover

If you haven’t got a garage and you store your motorcycle outside, you’ve got to get over that. Oxford Stormex Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover actually did the job of storing the bike outside.

Why it’s good?

First of all, it’s a ventilation holes. You’ve got constant air getting into there. So, there is no moisture buildup. Secondly, this cover has a transparent pocket that you can use for putting a solar panel charger, which will then get energy from the sun rays into your battery. This is pretty cool.

Another good feature about this it has reflective stripes around. So, it can be easily seen at night which is very good if you park your motorcycle on the road. Then, at least you know nobody’s going to hit it, saying “they haven’t seen it” because they will. In addition, on the rear side, they placed another transparent area, which could be used for instance for displaying your reg plate or whatever you want to put over there which is very, very good.

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The inner side of the cover is made of the heat-resistant lining which is very soft. So, there isn’t a risk of damaging the paint. But keep in mind, that doesn’t mean the cover is heat-resistant at all. It prevents only momentary contact with the exhaust pipe. So, you need to wait about 15-20 minutes after turn off the engine until the pipe has cooled.

In the end, I’ll tell you that it also has an adjustable strap and elastic band at the bottom so you can make sure it’s not gonna be taken by the wind. It means the whole cover really adheres nicely to the motorcycle.

  • Reflective stripes increase visibility at night
  • Soft heat-resistant lining
  • Ventilated to reduce condensation
  • Front transparent pocket for a solar panel charger
  • No heat shield


Oxford is a name that we all know and love. They’re also associated with quality, usability, and durability and this one is no different. The Stormex ultimate all-weather bike cover has a tough outer layer that helps to protect against knocks, and of course the weather.

It has a soft, heat-resistant lining which helps to protect against scratching. Reflective panels are great for increasing visibility which is perfect, especially if you park on the road at night. It also has strategically placed holes, which means that you can facilitate the use of a lock.

9. Nelson-Rigg Defender – Best Cover for Money

Nelson Rigg DE-400-02-MD Defender Motorcycle Cover

With Nelson-Rigg Defender Motorcycle Cover you get a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. This somehow reflects a long-term investment in case it gets torn. Meanwhile, it will be protecting your bike from destructive elements such as UV rays, rain, storm, and snow.


The Tri-max polyester is used in designing this cover. It combines with the heat-sealed seams that offer 100% waterproof. You can remain assured that no matter how long it pours, the motorcycle will be protected. Both UV rays and the rain will be deterred from causing water spots on your finish.

With the cover, you can cover all the components including the windscreen. But, to avoid hazing and scratches, the soft windshield liner can be installed.

Although it comes with the aluminized heat panels that protect against the hot exhaust pipes, the manufacturer still recommends waiting for about 5 minutes for the bike to cool off. In addition to the waterproof feature is the 24/7 ventilation that keeps moisture levels at bay. When applied, the cover will not let in water and at the same time condensation will be building if breathability is inadequate. The result of moisture build-up could be mildew development which can also impede performance eventually. Because the air vents are provided the cover will have enough air circulation.

Additional Features

Even a beginner should manage to install this cover. It has an adjustable elastic hem which provides a snug fit to ensure that strong winds do not pull it off. As long as you have picked the right size for the right motorcycle, it shouldn’t be difficult to install. The security grommets help in inserting the ropes and ties for improved security. This cover is available in four sizes.

For storage purposes, the Defender comes with a free compression bag. That’s an added convenience of traveling from one part of the country to the other. The cover itself is lightweight, so it should be easy to transport it even on foot. When storing it, put the cover in the compression bag and pull the compression bag straps to get going.

  • UV treated Tri-Max polyester
  • Electronically taped seams for 100% waterproof
  • Free compression bag
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-theft inadequate


I would recommend the motorcycle cover to any serious investor. Its lifetime warranty ensures that the company is serious about premium quality. The other impressive features are the adjustable elastic hem and the security grommets. All these combined; provide a snug fit as well as a moderate anti-theft.

Tips and FAQs

Best Motorcycle Cover

The process of buying a motorcycle cover is not as easy as you may think. You need to do your research. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an unreliable cover and wasting your money. Here are a few things you must consider before you decide on a particular cover.

Outdoor or Indoor

A motorcycle cover must provide maximum protection against rust, fading, and weather elements. If you plan to park your bike inside a garage, then look for a dust-proof cover specifically. For outdoor parking, you must search for a waterproof, heavy-duty cover.


You will find motorcycle covers in a large variety because they cater to various sizes, styles, and models. As a buyer, you must know the size of the cover your motorcycle needs and measure before purchasing this. A more oversized cover is always better than a smaller one. Compare your measurements with the sizing charts for the best idea.

While measuring your bike, you must determine its height, length, and width. It’s best to do this twice for accurate estimates. Calculate the height from the ground to the tallest element of your bike, which usually the handlebar. The width differs by bike model, and you can measure the length from the front tire’s tip to that of the back tire.


The materials that go into the manufacturing of motorcycle covers always differ in protection, thickness, and weight. The premium quality covers usually consist of polyester material that is waterproof, lightweight, and expensive. If you want the water to bead on contact, maximum resilience, and protection, choose a premium quality cover.

You can also find covers in thicker fabrics. But then, be prepared to tackle their weight. Heavier fabrics are not too compact, making them challenging to store conveniently.

Final Thoughts

Across the world, bikes are the most convenient forms of transport. They make commuting time and cost-efficient for many people. Sadly, not many pay due attention to the proper protection gear, especially when owners have to park in the streets due to a lack of garage space.

With significant innovation and unique designs, you can now select from a wide range of motorcycle covers for your vehicle. Whether or not you have an indoor parking space, your bikes now get protection from harsh weather and outdoor elements at all times.

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