The Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth – Reviews

Do you wonder what a Bluetooth helmet is and what purposes can it serve other than safety? Adding a Bluetooth feature to helmets makes them a lot more useful, something you may have never guessed before this article.

For many years, we all recognized helmets as an essential piece of safety gear for bike riders. Its primary purpose has been to protect motorcyclists from severe or fatal head injuries in the event of an accident. As years advanced, along with other innovations, we saw many modifications occur in this safety gear.

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5 Top-rated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Today, just like Bluetooth dominates a large part of our tech-savvy lives, our helmets enjoy this technological blessing. Primarily, Bluetooth adds a communication system to your health. Bluetooth came into our lives as a revolutionary evolution: first eliminating the need for wire connections for two devices. Then it helped us pair devices to transmit documents easily.

Bluetooth helmets today offer the convenience of rider-tor-rider communication. It offers the availability of a GPS to connect and stream music. All of the innovations that have come about with the advent of the Bluetooth communication system blend into harmony in the product we are discussing today.

1. GDM Ghost Mark II – Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

GDM Ghost Mark II Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

This Bluetooth helmet has an aerodynamic shell design. It uses lightweight and advanced Polly-allow shells and washable and removable liner, interchangeable shield, and cheek pads.

This particular design provides maximum comfort and safety as you navigate streets, road networks, and even highways. The single button control means riders can call, answer, reject incoming, listen to music, and whatnot.

The product features a noise-canceling, wind-resistant microphone and built-in stereo speakers. So you can use multiple actions while your hands remain free to navigate the bike as you go.

A fully charged battery will provide you twelve hours of talk time and a hundred and ten hours of standby.

Budget Benefits

You can purchase this helmet for around $160 and make use of multiple features for better riding experiences.

  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • The helmet weighs on the heavier side


If you are looking for a Bluetooth helmet that will offer extended talk time and longer battery life, you may consider the GDM model. However, it might not be too compatible for those riders who prefer lightweight helmets.

2. Sena Cavalry CL-MB-S Bluetooth Helmet

Sena CAVALRY CL-MB-S Matt Black Bluetooth Helmet

This Bluetooth helmet comes in matte black, composite, and half shell fiberglass. It has a low profile and aerodynamic removable visor with a nylon strap and D-rng retention system. You get a 4.1 Bluetooth with this model and a hands-free profile.

This helmet works conveniently for street and sport motorcycles and comes complete with ear plates, ear pads, cavalry helmet pouch, data cable, and USB power.

Budget Benefits

It comes at an approximate cost of around $170 and is suitable for most riding experiences.

  • The integrated and seamless spears provide loud and clear audio
  • It offers versatile capabilities with versatile connectivity
  • Gives optimal fit and look
  • You cannot use this product while it is charging
  • The music lasts only three hours of drive time, so you will not have music streaming beyond three hours if you have a longer journey

3. FreedConn  – Best Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth

FreedConn BM2-S Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet encompasses one of the best Bluetooth technologies in the motorbike industry. It makes communication with two more riders a cinch where you can update each other about directions or sudden plan changes. The voice quality it produces is crystal clear as long the other riders are within the maximum range.


The 500m range is an adequate line of sight for a small group of riders to have efficient communication with minimal interference such as winds. What’s interesting with this helmet is that it features noise suppression and echo cancellation. However, at high speeds over 70mph, the audio quality can be affected.

The helmet’s Bluetooth headsets come pre-installed, and so users should not worry about installations. It features Bluetooth 3.0 that can make connectivity an absolute breeze.

Not only will you be able to communicate with fellow riders, but also use the helmet as a multimedia device to enjoy music. Isn’t that great? Well, considering how boring it can get to ride for many hours with only highway noise irritating your ears, I consider that a great feature.

The maximum talk time is 12 hours with the phone and 9 hours with the intercom. And when standby, it can last up to 120 hours. The technology is powered by a powerful polymer rechargeable 600mAh battery.

Connectivity with other devices

Moreover, you can enjoy GPS transmissions via your helmet with the Bluetooth capability. If your GPS system is compatible with Bluetooth, which I think is, you can sync with the helmet to get a live transmission, even the voice prompts for total hands-free operation. Again, you can enjoy a hands-free selection of songs while also increasing the volumes with ease.

That’s not all: the helmet can also make it easy to answer, redial, or reject calls. With a simple button control, all these are achievable. It also features a blue LED. One can also enjoy favorite radio stations with the built-in FM tuner to listen to the news or get traffic updates live. There’s actually more to this helmet. For safety reasons, it has DOT and ECE certifications.


Aside from Bluetooth features, FreedConn BM2-S has superb features of a traditional motorcycle helmet. Design-wise, it has a durable ABS lightweight shell. Included with the shell is the ventilation that ensures that there is enough air circulation to get rid of moisture build-up. The interior lining, such as the cheek pads, are removable to clean.

More on the design, it is sunproof and waterproof. That said, riding in the sun or amid heavy downpours will not be a problem for you. Bluetooth handsets are water-sensitive, so choosing a waterproof helmet should be a priority. Thanks to this durable plastic injection molding technology for the waterproof features. The built goggles will play a significant part in providing a 95% protection against sun rays.

Other worth considering features include the frequency of 2.4Ghz and the total weight of 4.05 pounds. Again, the helmet is available in a variety of colors.

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In your package, you will get the helmet bag, microphone & speaker, USB cable, Bluetooth helmet, and user manual. However, the adapter has not been included, but any phone’s adapter can be used.

  • Intercom for 3 riders
  • Latest Bluetooth version
  • Waterproof, lightweight and sun-proof helmet
  • Audio affected at high speeds
  • Adapter not included


This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has what it takes to make one’s riding a pleasurable moment. From the latest Bluetooth version to the unique engineering design with waterproof and sun-proof, it combines a whole host of great features which I would recommend to every enthusiast out there. However, its 500m range is more suited for a small group of 3 riders.

Its capabilities of synchronizing with the GPS system for live transmission of navigations made it worth an investment. There will no longer be road accidents caused by distractions. You can also talk via phone or intercom. And again, it has a durable polymer battery of 600mAh that can last for 12 hours talk time over the phone and 9 hours over the intercom. I think that’s a plus advantage.

4. HJC CL-MAXBT II – Best Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL MAXBT-II Modular Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

HJC motorcycle helmet is a Bluetooth-capable motorcycle helmet that is best suited for tech-savvy riders. Available in matte black and medium size, it’s an aesthetically appealing helmet with a durable injection-molded polycarbonate shell. With the use of CAD technology, it fits snugly and comfortably to make your ride enjoyable.


With just a single button you can control the face shield and get protected from 95% of UV rays. This makes it a cinch to ride in the sun. Again, it gets hot when riding in the sun and so sweating becomes a daily order. That could be bad for your installed Bluetooth. Nonetheless, the helmet features an advanced channeling ventilation system to get rid of moisture and minimize heat.

Recommended Bluetooth Headset

Don’t forget that this is a Bluetooth-compatible motorbike helmet, meaning it does not come with Bluetooth headsets but has to be purchased separately. The best compatible model is the ChatterBox XBI2-H, which comes with a broad range of Bluetooth technology features you would find in high-end helmets.

This recommended Bluetooth headset comes with the wireless intercom for efficient communication with up to 16 riders. It’s rare to find such a capability. In addition to this model, the headset is also compatible with SY-max3 and CL-Max II helmets, in case you existing ones. The Bluetooth is version 2.0 which comes with A2DP and AVRCP profiles.

Aside from communicating with other riders, you can also sync your MP3 players or smartphones to play music via this Bluetooth technology. While it can get relatively harder to listen to music on a highway, this helmet comes equipped with a noise suppression feature to minimize that. Even the intercom comes with the Advanced Audio Distribution Channel to continue getting a clear sound. The headsets come with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which you can also replace if it gets damaged.

Bluetooth Installation

Installing this Bluetooth shouldn’t be difficult at all with the user manual provided. If you’re still struggling I suggest you get a professional to help you out. Any improper installation can make the helmet look unattractive with components awfully placed outside thus exposed to raindrops.

  • Comfortable fit with CAD technology
  • Headsets installed separately to customize your helmet
  • Compatible Bluetooth comes with wireless intercom to connect 16 riders
  • Bluetooth headsets sold separately; thus extra cost


This is a good choice for those who like customizing their helmets. You have to purchase the Bluetooth headsets separately and install them. My recommended Bluetooth has great features with intercom communication to connect up to 16 riders. You can answer calls, navigate hands-free, or even sync it with your iPhone devices to stream music.

If you are a newbie with little or no knowledge of installing Bluetooth headsets on motorcycle helmets, I don’t think this could be an ideal helmet for you. Perhaps consider the aforementioned product where the Bluetooth technology comes pre-installed.

5. Sena Savage – Open Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Sena Savage Open Face Helmet with Bluetooth

This is the Sena Savage released in 2018, which is the evolution of Sena’s product line. Now, for those of you that are new to Sena, they’ve been really the lead dog in the Bluetooth universe. So, that’s communicators that link with your phone, with your music, rider to rider, rider to passenger, intercom systems. They’ve been doing this for a while.

Design & Features

Here’s what I like about this helmet. This thing is 2.5 pounds. That is unbelievably lightweight actually, and what it also has in it is a Sena 10S, which gives you up to four riders full-duplex, a week of standby, 11 hours of talk, great noise canceling, pre-integrated speakers in each ear, and microphone with noise canceling.

So, it covers many of this next level of Bluetooth bases, but the biggest downside that I see with this helmet is that the price. Essentially, you’re buying a very lightweight, premium three-quarter helmet, and then you’re buying a mid to high-end communicator that’s pre-integrated, so you put those two together, you’re probably still saving some money there.


The other thing that’s great about it, we talked about the noise canceling factor and it’s also Bluetooth 4.1 which has three benefits. One is that it’s going to be low energy usage. Two that the 4.1 allows you to upgrade, so it’s firmware upgradeable, and three is you can get the app downloaded and configure this via your smartphone, iOS, or Android so that you have the ability to not have to go through clunky pairing steps by holding buttons down and hoping it pairs with the right helmet.


The helmet is DOT rated. If we look at the guts, everything can be removed, can be washable. You really don’t have any ventilation because it’s a three-quarter helmet, and it comes stocked in the box with a McQueen shield and lower profile shield. So, again, depending on how you want to rock it, you’re going to have the ability to have these three snaps and integrate a visor of your choosing.

  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Lightweight
  • 11 hours Uptime
  • DOT certified
  • Price


My biggest drawback with this helmet was it gets a little pricey at the $400 mark, but again maybe in future iterations, we’ll see Sena come down a little bit in price, but right now from an integration, technology, and lightweight helmet side of things, it is kind of leading the pack within the industry.

5. MOPHOTO Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

MOPHOTO Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

As is shown in the product’s title, it has great Bluetooth connectivity that can be linked to any smartphone in your possession.

Connectivity features

This shouldn’t be any problems no matter if it’s an iPhone, Android, or an off-brand model that no one knows about. You can also use Bluetooth to connect with other riders that have a helmet with the same features. It works similar to a two-way radio in this regard, whereby you can communicate with up to two people on the bike.

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Of course, this must be done through your mobile for it to work properly. But when you’re not talking to other people on the bike with you, feel free to navigate your way to unfamiliar destinations with voice control over the headpiece via GPS. You can keep your eyes on the road this way and never look down at your phone to know where you’re going. And when you’re done with that, put on your favorite music and jam as you ride.

No More Fog in The Lens

As for the physical features of the device, the fog lens is outstanding. It does exactly what it says, which is to prevent your view from being obstructed during periods of rain, snow, or dew. And when the helmet is ready to be changed, it’s not a guessing game to figure out when the process is complete.

A light indicator will show when the power is full. The fit is very snug, having no looseness or movement when placed over the head. However, there’s still room for glasses to be worn so don’t worry about things being too tight around your periphery.

Like most helmets with earpieces built into them, you won’t be able to make out the audio well when moving at a high rate of speed, or on the highway. This isn’t a problem for anywhere else. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on touring. Furthermore, the charging cable is quite fragile. Be careful how you handle it to avoid anything breaking.

  • Has Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone that allows communication with two other riders (2 max)
  • Supports music and GPS navigation (via Bluetooth)
  • The fog lens prevents cold and moist air from obstructing the rider’s view
  • Has a light indicator to inform users when charging is completed
  • The sun visor is large enough to fit over glasses without grinding against them
  • Difficult to hear audio from the earpieces at high speeds
  • The charging cable is very frail and can be broken easily if handled poorly


Other than these small hiccups, the Mophoto helmet is great for riders that want to modernize how they interact with their smartphone (and other passengers) when on the road.

6. Torc T14B – Best Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Built-in

TORC T14B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet

Torc T14B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet comes equipped with a wide range of features that stand out from the crowd. One could say it’s worth every single cent of the price tag. On standby, it lasts for 600 hours, and on talk time it can last up to 24 hours. That signals the strength and durability of its lithium battery. Once depleted, the power charger can recharge the battery.

Connectivity with other devices

With this helmet, you can enjoy intercom communication with other riders or your passenger to avoid distractions. Other helmets may not pair properly with the iPhone, but this one is compatible. Both your GPS and your phone can be synchronized with the helmet to get navigations. Calls can be answered with ease or rejected without getting your hands off the handlebars.

When communicating via intercom, your other riders should be within a line of sight of 400 meters. While this isn’t the best on the market, it still offers a crystal clear, quality sound with minimal interference. The helmet features a dual stereo speaker to optimize your audio experience. Gone will be the boredom of riding for hours with no music. Thanks to the built-in anti-noise microphone that intercom or normal calls are a cinch.


Design-wise, the helmet is also impressive with the advanced thermoplastic polymer shell. This shell can absorb impact to protect you. It is also waterproof to ensure that your Bluetooth technology is protected from precipitations. If the inner liner is dirty, you can easily remove to wash it using the machine.


Because of the ECE and DOT certifications, you should feel safe using this Bluetooth-integrated helmet. Its radio waves are not harmful at all as they resemble the ones our smartphones use. Most of the components are not in direct contact with the head, so, either way, the wave signals shouldn’t be a concern. The other safety feature is reinforced by the smooth lock drop-down visor that protects against harmful UV rays.

The other notable features of this helmet include the dual-density EPS system and laser contoured comfort. They make it stand out in its class. Moreover, Torc Mako T14 is a lightweight helmet that will not cause strains on your neck no matter how long you ride your bike.

  • Integrated advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Hands-free calls and GPS navigation
  • Long talk time and standby hours
  • 400 meters range is not the best in the industry
  • Audio quality compromised at high speeds


If you want the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet without breaking your bank, I think this could be the best bet. It comes with integrated Bluetooth technology, so no need for installation hassles. The price is inclusive. You can be sure that you will remain focused while GPS navigation transmissions are heard via the helmet. The talk-time of 24 hours is something to boast about because a very little number of helmets actually spend that long. The standby time is 600 hours, which also gives reassurance that the battery is powerful. You can recharge or replace it.

I recommend this helmet to newbies. While it is not a high-end Bluetooth helmet, it is still a worth considering model for the experienced as well. Intercom is made possible within a line of sight with a range of 400 meters. Well, I wish that the range was a bit longer.

7. ILM Modular Helmet – Best Bluetooth Helmet for Money

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet

With ILM Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet you get the Bluetooth version 3.0 that is capable of advancing the technology in the motorbike industry. It is coupled with dual speakers on either side of the helmet to provide quality sound. Whether you are answering calls on your phone or intercom, this helmet can make that absolutely easy.

However, the downside of the helmet is that it only facilitates intercom communication between riders with ILM brands only. If your fellow riders use a different brand then bad luck to you.


The talk-time of this Bluetooth technology reaches 8 hours, which is not the best because I have already reviewed the helmet with 24 hours of talk time. Likewise, the standby is 110 hours; also not a high-end performance. Nonetheless, it is still worth considering the Bluetooth motorbike helmet.

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Connectivity with other devices

If you receive calls, the music player, GPS, and the intercom will instantly stop. Although you need a similar brand for intercom communication, GPS and phone calls can work on any Bluetooth-compatible device. With just one touch control, you can reject, redial, or answer calls with ease. The helmet features the DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology which optimizes the audio quality even at relatively high speeds. Meanwhile, DOT and ECE safety standards are met or exceeded.

How about using this helmet as an entertainment system? Of course, you can! Listen to the music via the MP3 player that is compatible with Bluetooth. A simple smartphone can be synchronized too in order to stream music. The helmet has voice prompts that can be used for GPS navigation or music controls. Do not worry about treacherous weather conditions as it is weather resistant to safeguard your valuable Bluetooth technology. If it gets too hot, the ventilation system is in place to wick away moisture buildup.


Note that the visor is not fog proof. Therefore, you should avoid driving in fog with this helmet. For an anti-fog visor, I recommend getting the Replacement Anti-Fog Visor Face Shield for ILM Bluetooth Helmet.

One other note is that the size of this helmet is smaller than the normal helmet size. The manufacturer is prepared to send a different liner should you encounter difficulties with regard to the helmet size.

The design of this helmet is also on par. It embraces quality and sturdy construction that will last for many years to come. For more information about this helmet, consult the user manual that will be shipped to you.

  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Quality construction with wind proof and weather resistance
  • Quality audio via GPS navigation, intercom or phone calls
  • Intercom only compatible with same brand helmets
  • Visor not fog proof


Although the intercom is only compatible with ILM brands, I still find this attractive. It is a good Bluetooth-integrated helmet that can make hands-free communication and entertainment an absolute breeze. It embraces the latest Bluetooth version. This can pair smartphones and GPS systems. And when answering calls, just a one-touch control can answer, redial or reject calls. I am optimistic that if riders were to opt for such wireless controls many accidents can be curbed.

One thing I need to improve though is the visor. It is not fog proof, and so you might have to purchase a replacement visor as I recommended above. The talk-time of 8 hours is also not the best on the market but great in its class. Despite other downsides, I recommend this helmet because its pros outweigh the cons.

Buying Guide & FAQ

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Review

Bluetooth Helmets – How they Work?

The Bluetooth technology in helmets employs piconets to replace wires. The piconets are short-range networks that enable devices to connect without wires. Once a connection forms and a network activates, you can master all the devices linked to your primary source.
Soon after this feature came into existence, bikers rushed to get their hands on Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. You can judge how much it enhances the riding experience by the vast number of people using this product today.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular benefits:

Safety and Comfort

To avail of a Bluetooth motorcycle network’s benefits, riders have to use a third party to establish a connection. With an in-built system now, riders find more safety and comfort in their vehicles and travel with ease.


Riders find it thrilling to chart unfamiliar roads. With the popularity of home deliveries and other channels like FoodPanda, Uber, etc., more and more people are making this approach a means of earning.

For this very reason, they need a sound GPS navigating system that would help them find locations they are unfamiliar with. With a Bluetooth helmet, a rider can connect to their phone’s GPS and follow commands to reach their destination. It makes maneuvering traffic and roads easier and faster.

Music Streaming

Commuting is all the more fun and relaxing when you have your favorite tunes accompanying you. Earphones did give us the facility of enjoying music while flying or driving, but Bluetooth helmets go a step ahead.

Riders now get to pair their MPS players or their phones with their helmets and cruise to the beats of their favorite songs. No hassle of wires and headphones means safe yet enjoyable bike rides.

Hands-free Handling of Your Phone

Smartphones give us the option of operating our phones virtually, with our voice command. So when a rider pairs their phone with the helmet, they can use many phone apps and features while speaking through their helmet’s microphone.

You get to multitasking without taking your hands off the handlebars or losing focus from the road.

Receive and Respond to Messages While Riding

These particular helmets give you the option of receiving and responding to emails, texts, and other messages while you ride. If you switch on the audible alerts, the notifications will keep sounding. Your modern smartphone will read your message aloud and takedown dictation while you ride. What more could one ask for than communication in real-time?

What to Consider when Purchasing a Bluetooth Helmet?

When you’re looking to purchase a Bluetooth helmet, here is what you must consider pre-purchase.


Wireless technology is the reason why we lay more emphasis on the range. Chances are high the personal area network (PAN) for Bluetooth will come with significant coverage restrictions. The is the network that determines what the maximum range of your Bluetooth product is. It can vary from 33 feet to 2300 feet. Hence, you must bear your typical riding setup in mind while deciding on the range.


It is best to start with a budget range instead of a set price. There are several variations in Bluetooth helmets, dependent on the type you need and the price you can afford. If you want the bundled deals, you must prepare for higher costs.

Brand New of Pre-loved

This is the recycling era, so pre-loved goods are as much in demand as the brand new ones. If you don’t mind using a second-hand Bluetooth helmet in good condition, you must look for it in the secondary market. However, if you only want a brand new product, you look at the more prominent brands.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth helmets yield significant advantages. They enhance every biker’s journey and improve the commuting quality of motorcyclists. The widespread benefits include using the phone virtually with voice command, connecting with other riders in a network, music streaming, and whatnot. Apart from instant communication and hands-free usage, your Bluetooth helmet also serves as a multimedia source en route.

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