Motorcycle Chaps for both Men and Women in 2022

Riding a motorcycle comes with lots of caution because it is highly likely that you may fall to a concrete or asphalt. What will happen in case you are just wearing jeans? You may be exposed to catastrophic injuries because they are less efficient in protecting your body. Usually, riders would wear leather pants to protect them.

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5 Top-rated chaps for motorcycle riders

However, these become very uncomfortable in warm weather. The Motorcycle Chaps become very useful and the best alternatives to leather pants on warm riding days. It sounds as though it is quite easy to get a pair of these chaps. Given plenty of them online, one may spend the entire day looking for the best product. So, to make things easy for you, I have personally handpicked the best Motorcycle Chaps for you. After a lengthy search, evaluation, and assessment of potential motorcycle chaps, I have chosen 10 (for men and women).

Best Motorcycle Chaps for Men

Motorcycle Chaps for Men Reviews

1. Viking Cycle Men’s Plain Motorcycle Leather Chaps

Viking Cycle Plain Motorcycle Leather Chaps For Men

Who doesn’t know who the Viking Cycle is? Well, this is a renowned brand synonymous with premium quality motorcycle products. Bike chaps from this brand reflect that quality. Let’s see how these items feature among others.


Viking Cycle Men’s Leather Chaps are undoubtedly made of high-quality material that can last you many years to come. You’ll enjoy an abrasion-free ride with the cowhide material used in these chaps. There are different types of leather and not all types offer the same protection. The quality of leather depends on how it was processed. Cowhide or buffalo hide are commonly known best-quality materials used in motorcycle chaps.

If you were to get into an accident while wearing these chaps, you will surely survive many injuries. The items look stylish yet durable and abrasion-resistant.

Adjustable belt

To have a perfect fit, you need an adjustable belt. Often, these chaps are worn over trousers, and so you need a super-comfortable one. This product comes with an adjustable belt for maximum riding comfort at the front and a lace closure at the back. Furthermore, the sides are braided. All these make it easy to wear the items.


Regardless of having additional storage on your bike, easily accessible pockets on chaps are a must-have. You can store your valuables and access them easily anytime you need them. There is no need to unpack your gear looking for a small item while these chaps come with deeper pockets for storage.


Comfort is also an indispensable feature to consider when buying these items. The product is abrasion-free, and so you will ride peacefully and comfortably. It gives you the needed warmth ad breathability. There is an outer seam zipper and snap bottom closure. All these add to the comfort and the convenience of taking off these items.

  • Made of high-quality cowhide material
  • Easy to put with the seam zipper and snap closure
  • Adjustable belt and lace closure for a proper fit
  • No abrasion
  • Costly
  • Can get too warm at the legs, but you have no choice to put them for your protection


For any man looking for the best motorbike chaps on the market, this product ticks the boxes. It is a premium-quality product worth considering. It will not scratch you and let you regret your ride. Adjustable belt and lace closure at the back makes it easy to put on and take off the chaps. I recommend this product.

2. Nomad USA Elastic Leather Chaps

Nomad USA Elastic Motorcycle Chaps

With over 100 reviews, these chaps earned over 4.5 stars! Is this not evidence enough that many customers are impressed with their performance? Let’s see how the features hold.


Made of the top grade, quality, cowhide leather, Nomad USA Chaps are bound to last you many years to come. At first sight, you will confirm this quality material I am talking about.

If you happen to fall from your bike, you will be saved from abrasions that could be caused by rough terrains. We know that falling off the bike is a likelihood for all bikers, even the experienced ones. Having this cowhide material as your leather chaps adds more protection and durability.

Adjustable belt

Never make a mistake with an adjustable belt! Most chaps seem to have this feature. The idea is a superior fit without restricting your movement because you will be wearing these items over your regular pants. Adjustable belts help you adjust the sizes accordingly.

This product comes with a belt with a buckle that can be adjusted to different sizes. At the back, it has the lace closure and snaps closure at the bottom in addition to the belt.


If you often travel with multiple valuable items, this product could be just what you were looking for. It comes with zippered deep side pockets where you can conveniently store your items. If your items are water sensitive, then feel safe because these pockets are water-resistant for your storage.


Talking about comfort, these chaps are among the best comfortable ones on the market taking into account their elastic patch in the inner thigh. Whether you are riding or walking, you will feel the cushion, without any abrasions or scratches.

To enhance this comfort, always make sure you choose the right size. Use the thicker part of your thighs to accurately measure their circumference. This will help avoid tight chaps that will only make your ride a nightmare. Remember you still have to wear them over regular pants. They are not like regular leather pants but are alternatives.

  • Made of cowhide top-grade quality
  • 2 zippered pockets for storage
  • Elastic patch for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable belt with buckle and lace closure at the back
  • Seam zipper and snap closure
  • No removable liner during warm weather


Are you looking for a stylish yet functional pair of chaps? This product could be ideal for you. It has all the features the biker needs to stay protected from both the elements and accidents. I recommend this product; it is worth the value of money. It gives you enough storage with two zippered external pockets.

3. Milwaukee Men’s Classic Braided Chaps

Milwaukee Leather Men's Braided Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Milwaukee retains its reputation in providing top-grade quality products. These motorcycle chaps are proof of that with their detailed braiding at the front, back, and leg. Should you consider these chaps?

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Milwaukee Classic Braided Chaps come with a thick naked cowhide material made to last you a long time. Motorcycle gear should be rugged and sturdy enough to withstand the conditions we’re exposed to. Milwaukee meets the requirement of providing high-quality materials you can rely on.

Should you fall off your bike to a rough surface, it will not be a match to your thighs and legs. The naked cowhide has passed the test of protecting riders against such accidents. It will also protect against the weather elements. Imagine a material as thick as 1.2 – 1.3 mm! It is thick enough.

Adjustable belt

Is the belt adjustable enough for a proper fit? This a typical question you should be asking yourself before buying these chaps. Well, luckily, Milwaukee is one of the premium brands with no compromised features. This product comes with an adjustable belt with a buckle. You can adjust it accordingly to match your size for a proper fit.


Unlike the above-mentioned products, this one comes with a single front coin pocket. It is most suitable for your coins, as the name says. You may have to find alternative storage if you wished to have external pockets. However, since you get to wear the chaps over your regular pants, then you can rely on them for pockets.


Lined with a soft mesh inside, these chaps are super comfortable. You will enjoy riding or walking while wearing them. No abrasions or scratches will bother you.

The inside zipper buffer prevents the liner from snagging in the zipper. That’s an added advantage to the comfort.

The other comfort is determined by the perfect fit. Always ensure that you buy the right size. Measure your thighs while wearing your normal riding jeans. This will give you a perfect measurement!

  • Top-quality naked cowhide
  • Detailed braiding at the front, back, and leg
  • Adjustable belt and snap closures
  • Fully lined with soft mesh lining
  • Only one pocket not ideal to store plenty of small items


If you are into top-quality material over other features, then this naked cowhide material is yours. The chaps are durable with braiding details to last you years to come. Falling off your bike while wearing these chaps will not expose you to traumatic injuries. Other features like the pockets are not that impressive but are not really the drawbacks.

4. Xelement 7550 ‘Classic’ Black Unisex Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Xelement 7550 Unisex Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Xelement 7550 ‘Classic’ are stylish yet functional chaps you can choose for your needs. Although I list them under chaps for men, they are versatile and qualify to be described as ‘Unisex’.


You’ll never go wrong with the quality material for these items. These Xelement chaps come with a textured leather finish to resist scuffs. That is actually great to protect you against outdoor elements.

Like others I have reviewed, this product is made with quality cowhide to last you many years to come. It also has strong silver hardware visible. Not only does this make it look more stylish but it also reinforces its durability.

Adjustable belt

An adjustable belt is included for anyone to fit perfectly in these chaps. There are buckles through which you can adjust the belt. Laces are used at the back to also tighten the items.

As much as the belt is adjustable, you need to be vigilant of the size prior to ordering. Always measure the thickest part of your thighs while wearing your regular pants. I have seen some customers complaining about returning the product because they found them either small or too large. Avoid that by having exact measurements and comparing it with the dimensions given: 10.9 x 12.8 x 2.4 inches.


You may have to find alternative storage, which should be your regular riding pants over which you will have worn these chaps. I couldn’t spot the pockets included.


These chaps are super comfortable. All thanks to a full line up through to the snap closures. The textured cowhide leather is soft and flexible, and so riding in these chaps shouldn’t be cumbersome at all. The same with getting in them, it is easy given the zip and the snap leg closures. The extra strong silver hardware adds to the durability of the chaps.

  • Textured cowhide leather for durability
  • Extra strong silver hardware
  • Zip and snap leg closures
  • Adjustable belt and lace closure at the back
  • No pocket for storage


Given its strong hardware and textured cowhide leather, I am convinced this product deserves your investment. It gives you much-needed protection when riding your motorcycle. Adjustable belt, zippers, and snap leg closures are some of the indispensable features you should find in a typical chap.

5. Milwaukee Performance Men’s Textile Chap

Milwaukee Men's Textile Chaps

Milwaukee brand is synonymous with great quality. If you recall this is the second product from this brand I reviewed. I am impressed by its premium quality although there are some downsides.


Milwaukee Performance Men’s Textile Chap is made of textile polyester cloth. Unlike the aforementioned products, I have reviewed, which are predominantly made of cowhide leather, this item is made with polyester, which is also durable. The downside I have with a textile polyester is a lack of breathability. Fortunately, these chaps come with huge side vent zippers to compensate for the lack of breathability.

Moreover, the product comes with reflective piping and stripes for your safety at night. Very few chaps consider this safety of including the stripes.

Adjustable belt

The product comes with an adjustable belt at the front and a lace closure at the back. It is easy to adjust for a perfect fit. You also get the thigh and backstretch for a perfect fit every time. However, always make sure you order the right size to avoid the inconvenient process of returns. Of particular importance are your thighs, whose circumference you need to measure.


What I like about this product is the inclusion of two front zippered pockets. If you have plenty of small items you need along the way, you can store them with ease in these pockets. If you are walking in the wilderness, you can also use the pockets as hand-warmers.


Milwaukee didn’t leave out the comfort feature in these chaps. They come with a thermal liner with mesh underneath. That said, no coldness would be a match to your chaps. If it gets too warm, the side vent zippers can do you justice by letting in the fresh air.

  • Reflective piping and stripes
  • Two front zippered pockets
  • Thigh and backstretch for a perfect fit
  • Thermal liner with mesh
  • Made of textile polyester cloth instead of cowhide leather


The chaps have decent features to protect you against accidents and outdoor elements, although not as effective as the cowhide leather. Nonetheless, they are perfect and I would like to recommend them. Milwaukee does not compromise on quality regardless of the type of material chosen.

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Best Motorcycle Chaps for Women

Motorcycle Chaps for Women Review

1. Xelement 7553 Women’s Black Comfort Leather Chaps

Xelement 7553 Women's Leather Chaps

To have a wonderful ride on your motorcycle, Xelement leather chaps could be your best buy. They give you the much-needed protection while also enhancing comfort and usability.


These women’s chaps were made with premium high-grade cowhide leather. This leather reassures you that you are buying a durable product that will last you many rides to come. You won’t be stressed with possible tears after a short period of time.

Not only are these chaps stylish but also high quality and durable. They will protect your body from any scratches should you fall in an accident.

Adjustable belt

An adjustable belt is indispensable in these products. Xelement comes with buckles through which you can adjust the belt for a perfect fit.

Along with an adjustable belt is a lace closure at the back, which helps tighten the belt. Your ride will be super comfortable with a proper fit. Nonetheless, because you predominantly purchase these products online, you need to be vigilant with the sizes despite them being adjustable.


You get a single pocket at the front for your storage. Well, a single pocket is not that impressive when given the majority of chaps that come with dual deep pockets. Women are accustomed to holding plenty of small items, and so a single pocket may not be sufficient. Alternatively, you may have to rely on your regular pants worn underneath the chaps.


Thanks to the dual comfort system that this product has. The inner front size is elastic while the backside has zipper closures. Moreover, the chaps are fully lined to give you warmth should you ride in unfavorable conditions.

You also get zipper leg closures for ease of putting on the items. These closures have chrome snap buttons. Undressing the snaps should be an enjoyable task of your ride.

  • Made of top-notch quality cowhide leather
  • An elastic front and zipper closures at the back
  • Adjustable belt for a proper fit
  • Fully lined to give you warmth
  • A single pocket


This is one of the most impressive chaps you can find on the market. It has all the features you will need. However, if you are a fan of pockets then you might be disappointed with the single pocket included. Nonetheless, it is not really a drawback because the normal pants underneath the chaps are expected to be having pockets.

2. Harley-Davidson Women’s Deluxe Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Harley Davidson Women's Premium Leather Motorcycle Chaps

We know how renowned Harley-Davidson is in motorcycle products. These women’s chaps are evidence of this continuous provision of quality products in the industry. If you are looking for a premium product, this could be your best buy.


Made with cowhide leather and polyester, these chaps provide you with maximum protection and durability. There is no doubt that the material will withstand the treacherous weather conditions. The polyester lining extends to the knee while the chaps are largely made of leather. You can see at first sight the appearance of leather.

Adjustable belt

You get adjustable lace closure and the buckle at the front. The front belt has a hold through which you can adjust for a perfect fit. The back lace closure helps tighten the chaps so you can right comfortably.


If you are into multiple pockets, this could be your go-to product. It has hip pockets and a zipped thigh pocket. Imagine that ride in the rain while having your valuable handsets with you. These pockets will surely give much-needed protection while riding. They are quick to access, and so there is no need to rely on the pants underneath the chaps.


The comfort feature can be subjective; however, it largely depends on the lining of the material and how soft the material. Leather is generally soft to touch but can be quite hot in warm weather. This product has a stretch fabric at the inner thigh that enhances its comfort. It is flexible and mobile. A double zipper at the leg gives you a versatile fit with snaps.

Comfort also relies on a proper fit. In such cases, I wish to emphasize that please check the correct sizes before making your purchase. Measure the thickest part of your thigh to get a good measure of the circumference.

  • Multiple pockets for storage
  • Made of high-quality cowhide leather and polyester
  • Protect against the elements and accident injuries
  • Embroidered graphics
  • Stretch fabric for comfort and proper fit
  • Adjustable back lacing and buckle closure
  • It is quite expensive but worth it though


If you are looking for top-notch quality without fear of breaking your bank, this is the right product to consider. While it feels expensive, its features feel premium. You get multiple pockets in these cowhide-made chaps. For a proper fit, you get adjustable back lacing and buckle closure. Also, you get snap closures at the legs. I recommend this product to enthusiastic women riders.

3. Milwaukee Ladies Biker Chaps

Milwaukee Leather Ladies Chaps with Laces

With laces at the back, Ladies Biker Chaps will give you a proper fit when riding your bike. Ladies can enjoy the comfort of riding with these chaps while staying protected from the elements.


The product is made of the naked cowhide leather material. What comes to mind when I see naked cowhide I see a thick product. Weighing 3.95 pounds, this product is heavy. You are therefore faced with a bulky product. When accidents hit, you seldom think of bulky materials but your safety. Naked cowhide leather is generally thick and it is good for your protection.

Adjustable belt

The product comes with an adjustable belt. You also get laces at the back of the thigh. Such detailing at the back of the thigh increases the tightness of the product when riding. Combine that with snaps at the leg, they make it easy to put on.


For your storage needs, you get front pockets to store your valuables. In addition, the back pockets of your riding jean are exposed, and so you’ve got plenty of storage at your disposal.


The chaps are fully lined to improve the warmth and thus the comfort. Whether you ride in cold or warm weather, you will feel super comfortable with these fully lined chaps. Comfort also lies in the convenience of putting on these items. Thanks to the metallic, snap closures at the bottom leg. The laces on the back also add to the convenience.

  • Made of naked cowhide leather
  • Laces on the backside of thighs
  • Adjustable belt
  • Snap closures
  • Price


Women riders can find solace in these chaps. They are super comfortable and durable with the naked cowhide leather. All the features you can think of, from pockets to lace closures, the product has them. And so, why wouldn’t one consider the product? I recommend it.

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4. Jamin’ Leather Women’s Leather Chaps

Jamin Leather - Premium Leather Chaps for Ladies with Fringe

At first glance, you’ll notice this is an exclusive lady’s product with 6” fringe running from one leg to the other at the back. Such a stylish appeal is impressive yet also functional.


This Chaps is made with original and natural leather. For this reason, expect top-grade quality that will last you many years to come. In case you encounter accidents, you will be saved from injuries by this premium cowhide leather.

The top grain leather is 1.3 mm thick. Added to that is a 6” fringe from one leg to the other at the back. This adds a stylistic appeal while also remaining functional.

Adjustable belt

If unsure about your waist size, you can rely on the adjustable belt these chaps come with. The belt has buckle holes through which you can adjust the size accordingly. At the back, you get lace closure, which is also adjustable. That said, I do not doubt a proper fit with this product.


For your storage purposes, the product comes with a single pocket at the front. If there’s one thing I wish the brand changes, it will be the pocket. I wish for two deep pockets. Riding with valuables is an indispensable task for every rider, especially women. There’s no need to elaborate on the kind of valuables you can hold in such pockets because you know them.


Talking about comfort, al thanks to the soft nylon mesh lining in these chaps. The lining improves comfort and makes your ride worth taking. The 6-inch fringe will add to the warmth and comfort of your gear. The fringe makes this product unique among others I have reviewed already.

  • Made of 1.3 mm thick cowhide leather
  • 6-inch fringe to add warmth and comfort
  • Adjustable lace closure and buckle
  • 1-year warranty against defects
  • Relatively expensive
  • One small pocket


If you need a unique product, Jamin’ Leather could be your best buy. It has a 6-inch fringe that extends from one leg to the other to add more warmth. Moreover, the chaps are stylish with 1.3 mm thick cowhide material. You’re guaranteed top-grade quality. The only downside for me is the small single pocket at the front. I wish they were two and deep. Other than that, the product is perfect for a woman rider.

5. Milwaukee ML1186-M-BLACK Women’s Leather Chaps

Milwaukee ML1186-S BLACK Women's Leather Chaps

Milwaukee has outdone itself with this product. It is so impressive at first glance, and its stylish buttons on the thigh show it’s an exclusive product for women.


Like other Milwaukee chaps, these ones are made of a thick buffet soft cowhide leather, with a thickness ranging from 1.2 to 1.3 mm. No amount of scratches will be a match to this thickness. Imagine wearing normal riding jeans and these items: the thickness will double and you will have proper insulation against accident injuries.

Adjustable belt

These motorbike chaps come with double buckle leather belts, which are adjustable for a perfect fit. You should therefore not worry too much about the waist fit. Buying online presents such challenges whereby you come across different waist sizes. If the pant is not adjustable at the waist, then you are bound to return it. Thanks to the adjustable belt and lace closure in this product.


There are pockets to store your valuables. Ladies will find this very helpful, as they are accustomed to traveling with their small items, which they often fit in their small handbags. Riding with a handbag is impractical; rather opt for pants with deep pockets.


The inner part of the pant is fully lined to give you the best warmth. This contributes to your comfort. You have stylish snap closures that make it easy to put on these chaps. Also, you have double buckle leather and lace closures. All these are comfort features to make your ride super enjoyable.

  • Stylish buttons
  • Made of premium quality buffet soft cowhide
  • Pockets for storage
  • Double buckle leather
  • Expensive


Milwaukee brand is well established. That said, quality is prioritized, and for this reason I find these chaps to be durable that any rider would love them. I do recommend them. They are stylish and exclusive deals for women who are into motorcycles.

What to look for when buying motorcycle chaps?

Leather Chaps for Motorcycle Riding

Buying motorcycle chaps is not as easy as just picking a trouser and wearing it to your next destination. You have to bear in mind the functionality of these products. Typically, whichever brand you choose must be made with top-grade materials to protect your body against not only the outdoor elements but also the accident injuries. Imagine falling onto a rough asphalt or concrete and waking up with bruised thighs. This could be traumatic. So, what to look for?


Are the chaps made of poor leather or polyester? Can they really last you for a long time? Is the leather used buffalo or cowhide? These are typical questions you should ask yourself whenever buying these chaps. The leather must be of the highest quality.

All my handpicked chaps are of premium quality. I was prioritizing the kind of leather when choosing them to make sure that you have proper protection. Normal and naked cowhide are predominantly used in them. What matters is the thickness, which often ranged from 1.4 to 1.8 mm.


Is the waist adjustable? Is the belt included adjustable? This will help you with a proper fit. You find most chaps with buckle belts with holes through which you can adjust the waist sizes. Also, you find adjustable lace closures at the back and even on the thighs that have adjustability. Prioritize such features when making your purchases.


Are you a fan of riding with valuables? Where will you store them? Chaps with deep pockets are worth considering. Among my picks, I have noticed some with single small pockets, which I found unimpressive, although that’s not a drawback to buy them. You may find alternative storage in case you are accustomed to traveling with plenty of small items.


Are the chaps comfortable and warm? Others are fully lined with soft mesh to boost their warmth and the comfort of wearing them. How you put them on also adds to the comfort. In such cases, you will find snap closures with silver or chrome buttons on the leg.

Final Thoughts

I have reached the end of my comprehensive review of motorcycle chaps. The buyer’s guide above should help you pick these products. It is tough to actually pick the best when given a plethora of products online.

In my list, I have chaps for men and women. Others are unisex, and so either gender can wear them.

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