Best Motorcycle Half Helmet [2023] – Top 10 Reviews, Feedback, Buyer’s Guide & More

We understand that it’s really difficult to find a satisfactory helmet. Especially one that is comfortable, visually appealing, and fits the shape of your head.

Hence in this post, we will provide you with a list of the best motorcycle half helmets. All of which have been vigorously tested and will provide you with an amazing experience.


The Cavalry half helmet will appease readers that want a helmet that provides all the latest features a helmet can offer. This helmet is something we’d confidently recommend to anyone as it can easily satisfy a broad category of users with its diverse array of features and premium build quality. Check on Amazon

Bell pit Boss

The Boss half helmet caters to those looking for something classic, extremely rigid yet light-weight. This helmet has the highest impact resistance out of any helmet on our list and should satisfy readers that care for protection above all else. Its lightweightedness is unparalleled and should serve as a god-sent to people with chronic shoulder or neck pain.
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Biltwell Bonanza
This open face helmet comes in a variety of colors and we’d recommend it to individuals looking for something that stands out and can appease a vast amount of style preferences.
We thought that the helmet’s most notable feature, that makes it a worthy buy is the internal padding that allows for comfortability even on extremely long drives..
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Let’s get you started. 

Best Motorcycle Half Helmets – Top 10 Reviews

#1: Best All-Round Motorcycle Half Helmet – Sena CAVALRY review

The Sena Cavalry Bluetooth helmet is one of the most well-received smart helmets by the manufacturer. 

This helmet comes equipped with Mesh Bluetooth technology, which supports the use of a built-in intercom system. 

Moreover, the Bluetooth system is mounted externally, is water-proof, and can be replaced as well. This means that users can go through their daily routines without worrying about water damage. 

Moreover, the Sena cavalry helmet also comes with an ANC (active noise cancellation) system which works well to reduce wind noise. 

Overall, the Sena Cavalry provides every smart function a user would expect and does not compromise safety.

Factors to consider before you buy the Sena CAVALRY motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The cavalry helmet is a value purchase as it is DOT approved and is in accordance with all US safety requirements.

Smart features: The Bluetooth mesh technology allows for an almost unlimited number of users to connect and communicate wirelessly. In our testing of seven users, the helmet provided an uninterrupted communication experience.

Detachable components: The Sena CAVALRY allows for the removability of the Bluetooth receiver, liner, and cheek pads. All of which users can easily replace if need be.

Built-in speakers: The helmet comes with speaker pockets that can house almost any pair of portable Bluetooth speakers. The pre-installed speakers are of fairly high quality. These, in our experience, provided punchy yet clearly audible sound.

Comfortability: This helmet, in our experience, provided a comfortable experience. Even in our prolonged sessions of testing, the helmet did not cause any noticeable discomfort or pain.

Extended Warranty: The Sena CAVALRY provides its user with a warranty that lasts for the duration of one year.


  • Bluetooth Support
  • GPS, MP3, Intercom, noise cancellation, and voice control
  • DOT certified
  • Fits all head shapes and sizes


  • Limited color options
  • No neck-curtain

Best All-Round Half Helmet

The best all-around half-helmet is Sena CAVALRY Helmet because it provides you with style and functionality, and keeps you connected and protected at all times.

#2: Best Secure Half-Helmet – Bell Pit Boss Review

The Bell Pit Boss helmet is easily available in most parts of the world. This helmet comes in an XL size preset with a dial positioned on the exterior of the helmet for adjusting.

In our testing, the dial worked perfectly and adjusted to every head size we used it on. Moreover, we found the carbon-shell interior extremely comfortable even though the material is generally quite rigid due to its high durability. 

This helmet comes with a preinstalled drop-down visor and neck curtain, which we consider to be a welcomed addition. Lastly, at high speeds, we found that the aerodynamic shape of the helmet tremendously reduced wind noise.

Factors to consider before you buy the Bellpit Boss motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The Bell pit Boss helmet is constructed from the most durable carbon shell and polystyrene. Hence, users can rest assured regarding its durability as it comes with DOT certification.

Smart Features: This helmet does not come with any smart features and we believe the lack of these may disappoint some users considering the price category of this helmet.

Detachable components: The Bell pit Boss helmet comes with a removable neck curtain and drop-down sun visor. In our testing, we found that both of these can be easily removed and replaced at your convenience.

Built-in speakers: Although the helmet does not feature smart functionality. We noticed that there are two speaker compartments that easily allow for the installation of your own Bluetooth speakers.

Comfortability: The helmet, despite its dual-layered interior shell provided a comfortable wearing experience. In our opinion, users should not encounter any problems pertaining to head strains through continuous use.

Extended Warranty: This helmet provides its users with an extended warranty of up to five years. We believe that this is a great factor to consider in regards to the longevity of the helmet.


  • Internal sun visor
  • Five-year warranty
  • DOT certified
  • Dial that can adjust to all head sizes
  • Includes detachable neck-curtain


  • Lack of preinstalled Bluetooth devices
  • Lacks preinstalled wires in the speaker compartment
  • Lack of color variation

Best Secure Motorcycle Half Helmet

The best secure half-helmet is the Bell Pit Boss helmet because it provides you with unparalleled safety and the option of installing your own Bluetooth receiver. 

#3: Best Lightweight Half-Helmet – Biltwell Bonanza Review

The manufacturer Biltwell already maintains a profound reputation when it comes to providing high-quality helmets that maximize safety. 

In our experience, this helmet far exceeds its advertised characteristic of being the most lightweight yet durable helmet. The finish and materials used on the helmet scream premium. 

The liner of the helmet is removable and the rugged steel construction of the strap handle sets it apart from the competition. Moreover, we noticed that the lightness of the helmet dramatically helped minimize neck strain from extended use.

Lastly, the helmet supports its own custom drop-down sun visor which exponentially reduces eye strain in comparison to a standard visor.

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Factors to consider before you buy the Biltwell Bonanza motorcycle helmet

High Protection: This helmet comes with DOT certification which is expected from premium helmets. Moreover, even with its lightweight shell, the helmet still boasts a rugged frame for adequate impact protection.

Smart Features: The Biltwell Bonanza helmet strictly prioritizes its lightweight and user protection features. As a result, the helmet lacks any form of smart features and does not contain any compartments for the installation of Bluetooth devices.

Detachable Components: In our experience, the helmet’s liner and cheek pads can be removed, washed, and easily replaced. Thus, this helmet can easily last users for a longer period of time in comparison to most helmets.

Built-in speakers: As the Bonanza does not support any form of smart features, built-in speakers are also not included in this helmet.

Comfortability: In our testing, the helmet’s interior was comfortable enough. The lightweight of this helmet also further helped in making the wearing experience comfortable.

Extended warranty: The Biltwell Bonanza provides its users with a warranty period of two years, starting after the date of purchase.


  • Detachable liner
  • Extremely lightweight
  • DOT certified
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Supports bubble-shield
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lack of smart features
  • No neck-curtain
  • No pre-installed bubble-shield visor

Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

The best lightweight helmet is the Biltwell Bonanza helmet because it provides you with comfortability and solid protection without breaking your budget. 

#4: Best Durable Half-Helmet – LS2 Rebellion review

The LS2 Rebellion helmet comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This helmet features a dual-layer of kinetic polymer alloy which dissipates direct impact and significantly reduces overall damage. 

The most notable feature of this helmet is its larger-than-usual sun-visor and quick-release chin-strap. These, when used together give the helmet its advertised look of regular full-face helmets. We have the best guides on all sorts of motorcycle helmets for anyone looking to weigh in their options.

Even though the cheek pads and sun-visor are detachable, we observed that the pre-installed sun-visor is easily prone to get scratched. 

In our opinion, this helmet may be more suited for users who are on the verge of wanting something affordable without compromising their safety.

Factors to consider before you buy the LS2 Rebellion motorcycle helmet

High Protection: We believe the LS2 rebellion helmet with DOT certification and its dual kinetic polymer technology makes it an assuring purchase. Its aerodynamic design easily disperses incoming forces and negates impact damage.

Smart Features: This helmet does not come equipped with many smart features such as Bluetooth, GPS navigation, or voice control. It is a traditional half-helmet that focuses solely on providing impact protection and ensuring safety on the road.

Detachable components: The rebellion helmet features two detachable parts. These are the visor and the cheek pads, both of which users can easily remove and wash.

Built-in speakers: The helmet does not support Bluetooth functionality. The possibility of having built-in speakers is also unavailable.

Comfortability: We found the LS2 Rebellion’s internal polymer layer comfortable enough. The added protection of dual layers is something we can see a lot of users standing by, even if it brings a slight amount of discomfort in prolonged sessions. We attributed this discomfort to the dual layers as opposed to the single-layer we usually see in helmets.

Extended warranty: The LS2 rebellion comes with a warranty of two to five years. The warranty depends on the time and location of purchase.


  • Detachable sun-visor
  • Dual-Layers Kinetic Polymer Protection
  • DOT certified
  • Comes with a reasonable variety of colors and vinyl designs
  • Replaceable cheek-pads
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lack of smart-features
  • No neck-curtain

Best Durable Motorcycle Half Helmet

The best durable full-face designed yet half-helmet is the LS2 Rebellion. It is one of the most safety-packed and fairly priced premium helmets you can buy.

#5: Best Smart Motorcycle Half-helmet – Sena SPH10H Review

The Sena SPH10H is similar to the CAVALRY in many aspects, but where it shines is the extra features it comes packaged with. 

This helmet features the Mesh Bluetooth technology found within the CAVALRY but makes it even better. The helmet in our testing boasted clearer and louder audio transmission when using its intercom system. Moreover, the helmet truly shined when testing its ANC and sidetone functionality. 

In comparison to the CAVALRY, the SPH10H negated all wind noise with its superior noise cancellation and the sidetone feature allowed us to clearly hear our own voice as well.

Factors to consider before you buy the Sena SPH10H motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The Sena SPH10H is DOT certified and the composite fiberglass half shell stood firm when faced with our moderate to severe impact tests. Therefore, users can rest assured regarding the helmet’s protection capability. 

Smart Features: The SPH10H is a top-of-the-line helmet. It comes with the latest version of Bluetooth and voice commands. Hence, we faced no problems when attempting to pair this helmet with any of our mobile devices.

Detachable components: The SPH10H is similar to the CAVALRY in many ways. Hence, the liner, cheek pads, and Bluetooth receiver, all can be removed and easily replaced. 

Built-in speakers: This helmet comes with dual-stereo Bluetooth speakers. The primary feature here aside from clarity is the sidetones. The helmet in our testing provided crisp audio feedback and returned our voice adequately despite traveling at high speeds. 

Comfortability: The interior of the helmet consists of a polystyrene construction and provided us with an extremely comfortable wearing experience. Hence, we are confident that users will be satisfied with the wearing experience.

Extended warranty: The SPH10H comes with a warranty period of two years. Therefore, users can rest assured regarding the reliability of their purchase.


  • Bluetooth support
  • Extended warranty
  • DOT certified
  • The strap adjusts to all head sizes
  • Pre-installed sun-visor
  • Sidetone audio technology
  • Pre-installed dual stereo speakers


  • Limited color options
  • Premium price-tag

Best Smart Motorcycle Half-Helmet

The best smart motorcycle half-helmet is the Sena SPH10H because it allows you to connect to your Bluetooth without any hassle.

#6: Best Detachable Half-Helmet – Bell Pit Rogue Review

The Bell pit rogue helmet looks like something that is straight out of a sci-fi movie. Aside from looking visually distinct, the helmet also comes with a versatile array of features.

The most notable feature of this helmet in our opinion is the inclusion of a removable muzzle. 

This detachable muzzle covers a majority of the user’s face to keep them secure and is well ventilated. The bell pit rogue also features speaker compartments which we found to be very convenient and easily accessible while installing our own set of Bluetooth speakers.

Moreover, given the size of this helmet, we found it to be surprisingly lightweight.

Lastly, the helmet also provides users with a five-year warranty to ensure their contentment with the purchase.

Factors to consider before you buy the Bell pit Rogue motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The helmet is DOT certified and is constructed from a carbon shell, similar to most Bell pit helmets. Hence, in our experience, we felt that the helmet provided adequate protection.

Smart Features: This helmet does not come with any form of smart features such as GPS, Voice control, or Bluetooth. The absence of such accessories or features may disappoint some users given the helmet’s hefty price tag.

Detachable Components: The helmet contains a detachable muzzle and lining. We observed that the helmet also comes with magnetic cheek pads; though this feature was not mentioned in the product description.

Built-in speakers: The helmet does contain pockets for speakers, which in our experience were easily accessible and took minimal time when installing our own set of Bluetooth speakers.

Comfortability: This helmet feels lightweight in relation to its style. Though we found the helmet for normal usage. We did experience slight discomfort due to its unequal weight distribution.

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Extended warranty: The rogue helmet comes with a warranty of five years. This should provide buyers confidence regarding their helmet’s reliability.


  • Detachable muzzle and lining
  • DOT certified
  • Magnetic cheek-pads
  • Speaker pockets
  • Lightweight


  • No sun-visor support
  • Unequal weight distribution
  • No smart-features
  • Premium price-tag

Best Detachable Motorcycle Helmet

The best detachable motorcycle helmet is the Bell Pit Rogue motorcycle because of its one-of-a-kind visual design. It is a premium constructed half-helmet with zero compromises on safety, which is why we highly recommend it to you. 

#7: Best Low-Profile Half-Helmet – TORC T55 Spec-Op Review

The TORC T55 Spec-Op helmet by torque is one of the more lowly-priced helmets on our list. Though the helmet is lowly-priced, it does not compromise on its own list of unique features.

The T55 half helmet features a low-profile design and an overall oval shape. Hence, the helmet looks decent enough when worn. Aside from this, the helmet’s construction consists of two outer shells that support an aerodynamic riding experience. 

In our use, we noticed that the low-profile construction allowed for an accurate fit. Lastly, the helmet has a natural ventilation system which helps tremendously on hot summer rides.

Factors to consider before you buy the TORC T55 motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The T55 half helmet is DOT approved and meets all federal safety regulations. The helmet displayed adequate durability for a cheap, budget helmet and should protect users in case of unforeseen accidents.

Smart Features: As the helmet is so lowly priced. It should be obvious that it lacks any form of smart features such as GPS, Bluetooth, and voice commands.

Detachable components: This helmet comes with an internal drop-down sun visor which can be easily removed and replaced.

Built-in speakers: The T55 is a traditional motorcycle helmet and lacks any pre-installed speakers and does not contain speaker compartments as well.

Comfortability: This helmet feels quite comfortable when used by individuals with an oval head shape. Aside from this, any other head shape resulted in an unpleasant wearing experience.

Extended warranty: Even though this helmet is lowly-priced. It still comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Lightweight
  • DOT certified
  • Replaceable dropdown sun-visor
  • Natural ventilation system
  • Two outer shells
  • Budget-friendly
  • Detachable and washable cheek pads


  • Limited color options
  • Tinted pre-installed sun-visor
  • Tight fit for head shapes other than oval

The Best Budget-Oriented Low Profile Half Helmet 

The best budget-oriented low-profile half motorcycle helmet is the TORC T55 Spec-Op because it provides comfort and protection at a great price. 

#8: Best German Style Half-Helmet – AHR RUN-G Review

The AHR RUN-G is a vintage-style motorcycle helmet. If any of our readers are looking for a classic-looking helmet, this is the best choice for them.

When reviewing the AHR RUN-G, the most notable feature was its high-quality ABS shell and high-density buffer layer. This allowed the half helmet to effortlessly pass all our durability tests.

In addition to this, the ABS shell also enables the helmet to be extremely lightweight. Moreover, the inclusion of the D-ring strap should ensure that users are protected from chin injuries as well.

Lastly, the helmet boasts comfortable interior cushioning and earflaps. In our testing, the cushioning material kept the interior cool and provided ample comfort.

Factors to consider before you buy the AHR RUN-G motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The helmet stands out due to its low price tag, yet maintains DOT certification and the premium ABS shell provides ample amount of protection and impact reduction for users.

Smart Features: As the RUN-G is aimed toward maintaining a vintage design, the helmet does not come with any form of smart features. It is a traditional helmet, through and through.

Detachable components: This helmet lacks any form of detachable components. The only adjustable part of this helmet is its chin strap.

Built-in speakers: The half helmet does not come with any pre-installed Bluetooth speakers. It also does not provide users the option to install a speaker set of their own.

Comfortability: In our initial testing, the helmet felt somewhat comfortable. Though users should note that the internal foam began showing some wear after a few days of use.

Extended warranty: The AHR RUN-G provides its buyers with a thirty-day warranty and returns policy. It isn’t much but should be enough for users to test the product and draw their own conclusion.


  • Lightweight
  • Chin and D-ring strap
  • Earflaps
  • DOT certified
  • Budget-friendly


  • Single color option
  • No ventilation
  • Low-quality interior foam

Best German Vintage-Style Motorcycle Helmet

The best German vintage-style half motorcycle helmet is the AHR RUN-G because it provides a classic German helmet look and gives sufficient protection.

#9: Best Portable Helmet – ILM Helmet Review

The ILM helmet is targeted toward audiences looking for something easily adjustable and portable at the same time.

The helmet falls towards the lower end of the price spectrum but provides decent enough protection. Hence, it is included on our list.

The helmet comes with a retractable sun visor and an interior liner. The most notable feature of this helmet was its lightweight and adjustable quick-release chin strap. In our testing, the chin strap slider worked perfectly and accommodated all head sizes we tested it on.

Lastly, the helmet’s lightweight and compact form factor allowed it to be easily stored away in a bag and under the bike seat.

Factors to consider before you buy the TORC T55 motorcycle helmet

High Protection: The helmet is DOT approved like every other helmet on our list and should provide you with reliable impact protection. However, we were disappointed as to how much and easily the exterior finish of the helmet begins to wear away.

Smart Features: The T55 helmet does not support any form of smart features. Hence, there is no GPS, Bluetooth, or intercom system within this helmet.

Detachable components: The TORC T55 comes with the added support of a removable visor. Hence, users can easily replace the visor at their leisure.

Built-in speakers: This helmet does not come with pre-installed speakers and we were disappointed with the lack of compartments to install our own.

Comfortability: While keeping in mind its pricing, we found this helmet to be comfortable enough for daily usage. Though our users should keep in mind that it does cause some comfortability issues during long wearing sessions.

Extended Warranty: The manufacturer provides its buyers with a warranty of one year. Which we’re sure, like us, many buyers will consider a welcomed addition.


  • Chin-strap with adjustable sliders
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Internal sun visor
  • Accommodates all head shapes and sizes
  • DOT approved


  • The exterior finish is not durable enough
  • The material of the visor lacks firmness
  • Chinstrap sliders sometimes jam when overused

Best Portable Half Helmet  

The best portable half helmet is the ILM helmet which provides you with the most amount of portability. It also saves users the hassle of finding the perfect size as it can be adjusted to accommodate heads of all sizes.

#10: Best Affordable Motorcycle Half-Helmet – Raider Deluxe Review

The Raider Deluxe Helmet is one of those rare gems that you have to dig around for a long time to find. This helmet provides you with decent protection and options, even with its ridiculously low price tag.

Moreover, the Raider Deluxe is less than half of the price of other helmets on this list, yet it easily competes with them. 

Aside from that, it’s built firmly enough to provide you with great impact protection. Lastly, the detachable visor and removable neck curtain make this a tempting buy.

Factors to consider before you buy the Raider Deluxe motorcycle helmet

High Protection: In view of its low-price tag, the helmet surprisingly meets the criteria for DOT certification. Though readers should keep in mind that the external build quality isn’t on par with the premium-priced helmets on our list. 

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Smart Features: The helmet does not come with pre-installed smart features. Though, it does contain space for the manual installation of your own communication system.

Detachable components: The Raider Deluxe comes equipped with a detachable visor and neck protector, both of which can be easily removed.

Built-in speakers: The helmet allows for the installation of your own communication system, but does not come with pre-installed speakers.

Comfortability: The Raider Deluxe’s interior, in our experience, was well padded and provided a comfortable wearing experience. We found it comfortable enough, even when testing for prolonged sessions.

Extended warranty: This helmet is the most low-priced helmet you can buy and unsurprisingly enough, it does not come with a warranty. The absence of a warranty may turn away some users.


  • Dot certified
  • Detachable visor
  • Supports installation of a communication system
  • Removable neck protector
  • Budget-friendly


  • Comparatively lower build quality
  • No warranty

Best Affordable Motorcycle Half Helmet 

The best affordable half helmet is the Raider Deluxe because it will satisfy users who are looking for a helmet that ensures their safety instead of giving them an array of fancy features.

Buyers’ Guide

half helmet

High Protection

The very purpose of getting a helmet for your motorcycle is to ensure your safety on the road. Hence, we believe this should be a no-brainer for almost everyone. 

When you’re deciding on which motorcycle helmet you should buy, we would advise getting a helmet that is DOT approved. 

This means that the helmet is in accordance with all US safety measures and will provide you with adequate impact protection in case of an unforeseen accident.

Smart Features

In today’s world, our mobile devices are such an integral part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine someone not using them. This section of the guide is more oriented toward people that need to constantly take phone calls, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Therefore, if you’re a person that needs to use your phone all the time. You should consider getting a helmet that provides smart features such as voice control and Bluetooth mobile connectivity. 

This way you can focus on the road instead of dwindling with your phone while you ride.

Detachable Components

Though not an immediate requirement, it is one we’ve found to be beneficial in the longer run. The option of detachable components should allow buyers to clean parts of their helmets or even replace them in the case of a malfunction or accidental damage.

This not only minimizes expenditure in case something is damaged. It also allows buyers to easily replace these parts with those of their own liking while increasing the longevity of the helmet. CLICK HERE for more information on motorcycles and helmets.


The helmet we buy is sure to go through daily rounds of use for the rest of its life. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the helmet you buy is comfortable enough to wear.

Sometimes, the internal material of the helmet is composed of cheap fibers which end up straining the skull when used for prolonged time periods.

Hence, we’d advise our readers to ensure the helmet they buy has a soft and premium internal construction. This will save them from having an uncomfortable riding experience.

Extended Warranty

This should also be a top priority when making a purchase decision. In most cases, companies that are less confident in their products will provide none or very short-term warranties to buyers. 

Therefore, we would like to advise our buyers to look for helmets that offer longer periods of warranty; preferably a year or longer. The existence of a longer warranty will assure buyers that they are choosing the right helmet to fulfill their long-term needs.

This will also enable buyers to thoroughly use the helmet and to get a replacement unit in case any problems do present themselves down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a good motorcycle helmet consist of?

Every helmet consists of four main components: the outer shell, the impact-absorbing liner, the comfort padding, and the retention system. 

A fiberglass shell is the go-to for strength and it’s lightweight too. Carbon fiber is also very lightweight and a popular choice for racers.

Is it okay to buy a cheap motorcycle helmet over an expensive one?

It makes no difference what the price is. Look for optimum airflow and a comfortable fit. Customers are assured that each helmet provides equal protection. The size, however, may vary. 

You should select a helmet that is comfortable for you. Although each helmet serves the same objective, the level of comfort varies from one helmet to the next.

Does a new helmet need time to adjust?

Yes, new helmets require some break-in time. 

This is largely determined by how frequently and for how long you ride your bike. When used every day, the average time taken is roughly 2-3 weeks.

After how long should I replace my helmet?

Helmets usually require replacement immediately after a crash, no matter what, even if it’s just a slight deformation. 

Your helmet should be replaced every five years on average, but this can vary from person to person depending on the kind of crash and severity of the injury.

Are there laws regarding motorcycle helmets?

They do, in fact. You could face a variety of charges if you don’t wear a helmet on the road. If you ride a bike without a helmet, the traffic cops may even leave you with a hefty fine.

Is there any specific helmet that I should buy?

You should choose a helmet that allows for the most airflow.

It is also important to examine the helmet’s construction as well. There are various low-cost helmets constructed of less effective materials. Such helmets should be avoided.

Choose the one with the greatest safety rating, fit, and ventilation to keep you alert while riding.

Can wearing a helmet during an accident lead to neck injuries?

In fact, wearing a helmet during an accident protects your neck. It also lowers the risk of brain injuries.

Does wearing a helmet limit your vision?

In most cases, all helmets give a great level of visibility. Also, buyers should test if the amount is higher than the government’s regular limit. 

You should put on your helmet and observe if you can see the surroundings comfortably. Take a test drive and make an informed decision.

Will wearing a helmet impair hearing?

Not in the least. In fact, wearing a helmet lessens the engine’s noise. 

This will allow you to hear noises from the surrounding environment without being distracted by motor noise. As a result, it will also elevate your bike riding experience.

Do I need to use a full-face helmet or a half-helmet?

This decision mainly comes down to personal preference. As most people enjoy feeling the wind on their faces as they ride their motorcycles. While others prefer to cover up their face to avoid the wind and dust that comes along with it. 

Hence, we believe this to be a preferential decision that can vary for each individual.

Best Motorcycle Half Helmet – Conclusion 

All of the motorcycle helmets we reviewed in our round-up are capable and provide features that can attract different categories of consumers. 

After rigorous testing, we’ve concluded that the best motorcycle half helmet in this round-up is the Sena Cavalry. This is because compared to other motorcycle helmets, this helmet simply offers an abundant number of features with a reasonable price tag.

This makes the Sena CAVALRY a compelling choice and an overall package that shouldn’t be skipped out on. 

However, we have also mentioned some other great half motorcycle helmets for you to choose from. 

Do let us know which one you choose in the comments below.