How To Change Visor On Motorcycle Helmet – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, Tricks, & More

Motorcycle helmets are an essential piece of safety that protects your face and head. You can avoid serious injury if you have them on when you ride on a motorcycle. 

The visor protects your face from debris. Like most parts, it may need to be changed after a while. 

There are different methods you can follow for this purpose. 

Quick Summary

By the end of this article, we will go through:

  • How can you change the visor of your motorcycle helmet?

Let’s take a look into it. 

How to Change the Visor on a Motorcycle Helmet?

As discussed above, motorcycle helmets protect your face from injury or any kind of debris. This includes smoke, pebbles, and mud. Bugs also don’t come at your face if you have a helmet on. 

Some motorcycle helmets don’t have a visor in them. These are called open-faced helmets. However, many designs incorporate a visor. It is an essential part as it has a coating that prevents internal fogging

However, your visor can easily get damaged. If you drop your helmet even by a few inches, you can waste your visor. However, the cost of changing the visor is much lower than the cost of a new helmet.  

When you want to change the visor, you must follow some steps. Let’s take a look at these:

Step # 1 – Get a New Visor and Prepare the Workstation 

First, you must get a new visor for your helmet. You need to check the model of your helmet and get the same visor as before. We recommend that you go to the shop with your helmet and then get the visor. 

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Remember, if you notice a crack in it, you must immediately get one. Consider getting other useful motorcycle accessories whilst you’re at it as well.

You also need to prepare the workstation before you start to change the visor. Make sure that you place some soft material on the counter for the helmet to rest on. For this, you can use either a towel or a piece of cloth. 

Step # 2 – Remove the Sun Shield 

You have to check if your helmet has a sun shield. If it has one, you need to replace it as well. 

For this, you must first raise the sun shield as far up as it goes. Then, you need to pull the tabs that keep the shield in its position. Then, you can remove the sun shield by pulling it towards you. 

Step # 3 – Remove the Visor

There are two methods you can use to remove the visor. Let’s look into both of them:

Method # 1 

You must lift the visor as far up as it goes. Then, you can push the release. This may be in the form of a button or a tab. You need to press them one at a time. After you have released them, the visor will be loose and you remove it. 

Method # 2 

Here, you first have to remove the pivoting mechanism. The mechanism lets you raise or lower the visor. They should be covered by a cap. You can simply pry them off with your fingers or a screwdriver. 

There is a spring clip under these, which can be pulled out. Then, you can remove your visor. 

Step # 4 – Install New Visor 

After you have removed the mechanisms and the old visor, you can move to install the new visor. It is an easy process, and you just have to follow the reverse order. 

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First, you have to slide the visor onto the helmet. Be sure that it is in the open position. 

Then, you can lock the pivoting mechanism to lock your visor in place. After this, you can remove the plastic cover that is on your visor. 

Step # 5 – Replace the Sun Shield 

Similarly, you can replace your sun shield. You must place the sun shield at the top of your helmet and then slide it in place. Then, you need to slide the pull tabs back in place to lock the sun shield in place.

Step # 6 – Clean the Visor

This is an optional step. But we recommend that you clean your visor. There may be smudges left by your hands. 

To clean your visor, you need a microfibre cloth, some water, and a cleaning solution. Once you’ve made sure that you have these with you, you can clean your visor. 

helmet visor

How to Wash a Visor?

As discussed earlier, visors have a coating over them. This coating prevents fogging. If you try to clean your visor like the rest of the helmet, you can harm this coating. Therefore, it is important to clean your helmet.

We also recommend that you don’t use any tough chemicals or other abrasive material

And, remember that you should never dry wipe your visor. This can leave scratches on the visor. We recommend that you always use a microfibre cloth soaked in a cleaning solution and water. 

What are some cleaners for a visor?

If you want to clean your visor, you should use a cleaning solution or just water. We don’t recommend that you use oil-free sprays, or else there may be smudges on the helmet.

They are dangerous and can distort your view, especially when you travel at nighttime. But eucalyptus-based sprays are suitable for visors.  

When you clean your visor, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Firstly, soak the microfibre in water or a solution mixed in water. 
  • Then, leave your soaked cloth on the visor for a few minutes. The reason behind it is that it will dislodge any dead bugs and hard stains on the visor. 
  • Then, remove the old cloth and get a new, clean piece of microfiber. You need to rinse it with some water and put a small amount of cleaning solution on it. A lot of the solutions may be abrasive.
  • Afterward, you need to rub the cleaning solution on the visor with some cloth. Each part of the visor must be reached at least 3 to 4 times. Also, you need to keep the visor in a closed position for this step. 
  • Then, rinse this soapy cloth with water and clean the visor with it. Do it until all the bubbles disappear.
  • To clean the interior side of your visor, you can use some shampoo. Rinse the cloth with water and then add shampoo to it. It is an effective cleaner, as the inside has a protective layer. 
  • Scrub the visor with this cloth. You have to do it in a circular motion. This will cover each portion of the visor. 
  • After this, you have to rinse the visor. This can be done with tap water.
  • Lastly, you let the helmet dry for some hours.
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Wrapping Things Up…

Visors in helmets protect your face from all kinds of debris. They are also coated with a special material that prevents fogging. However, they can also be damaged easily if the helmet is dropped. 

Luckily, changing the visor is an easy job. You can do it by following the instructions above. With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to change visor on a motorcycle helmet?”.

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