Best 3 4 Motorcycle Helmet – Best 8 Picks, Feedback, FAQs & More

Motorcycle helmets come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most prominent designs is the open-face or 3/4 design. People prefer it for its ventilation and ease of use. 

However, there is a sea of options you can choose from. So, finding the right one can be a little time-consuming. This is why we are reviewing multiple open face helmets. 

In today’s post, we will discuss the pros and cons of eight open-face motorcycle helmets and their unique features. 

Let’s see our top 3 picks for 3/4 open face helmets.


Daytona DC1-B

You would be glad to know that this helmet is made from a highly durable exterior shell. It has soft inner padding and a sweatproof interior shell. Moreover, this helmet has removable straps and visors as well.
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Scorpion Exo Covert

Scorpion’s Exo Covert is a hybrid between full-face helmets and 3/4 motorcycle helmets. You can use remove the mouthpiece to access the open face utility. Moreover, it comes with a tinted visor.
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BELL Broozer

BELL has designed their helmet with modern specifications. It comes with a memory foam padding and multiple air vents, which is great for long distance travels. Besides that, this helmet comes with a removable chin bar.
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Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – Top 8 Reviews

#1: Best Overall 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – Daytona DC1-B Review

Daytona is one of the top brands in the motorcycle helmet market. We picked this open-face motorcycle helmet because of its outer shell. It is made from a polycarbonate composite. 

We must mention that it features a matte black finish. You can pair it with casual or formal attire with ease. Moreover, it comes with a padded chin strap to counter the pinching problem. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Daytona DC1-B

Durability: This helmet has a highly durable outer shell. It is designed to be crack and shatter-proof. You should also note that the DC1-B is DOT-certified. 

Visor: We noticed that the DC1-B features an overhead visor to protect your eyes from the sun. You can choose different sizes to fulfill your needs.  

Air Vents: The DC1-B doesn’t have any air vents. However, it keeps the helmet cool with the slight room near the cheek pads. It helps to circulate the air inside your helmet.  


  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Comfortable chin strap
  • Open-face helmet design
  • Soft inner shell
  • Decent protection for head and ears


  • Not suitable for rainy weather

Best Overall 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best overall 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the Daytona DC1-B because you can wear it with comfort and keep yourself safe on long rides. It has a decent ventilation system and comes with the highest DOT-approved ratings. 

#2: Best Stylish 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – Scorpion Exo Covert Review

We picked this helmet because of its dual utility. You can remove the chin guard to turn this full-face helmet into an open-face helmet. This comes in handy on hot summer days. 

Moreover, it has a tinted sun visor. It acts as a face shield against UV-rays and other elements like dust. The helmet visor can retract and completely disappear inside the inner shell.   

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Scorpion Exo Covert

Durability: The exterior shell of Exo’s Covert is made from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell. It can easily handle direct impacts up to 250 lbs without cracks. 

Visor: As we have mentioned, the visor of Exo Covert is designed to protect you from UV rays. Other than that, it is made from hard plastic resin for scratch resistance. 

Air Vents: We noticed that Covert comes with multiple air vents. You can close or open the vents with the help of a slider. It also has a top vent for proper air circulation.  


  • Retractable tinted sun visor
  • Modular helmet design
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Durable face shield


  • Chin straps are not adjustable

Best Stylish 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best stylish 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the Scorpion Exo Covert because you can wear it to give your style an edge. It comes with multiple air vents to counter sweat problems. Moreover, it has a tinted sun shield.

#3: Best Durable 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – BELL Broozer Review

It would be unfair to talk about open-face helmets and not mention BELL. We picked this helmet because of the high-pressure thermoplastic technology used to produce the exterior shell. 

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You can use even use this helmet as an open-face helmet or a full-face helmet. Moreover, it comes in five different sizes for kids and adults. CLICK HERE for more guides on different motorcycle helmets.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy BELL Broozer

Durability: The BELL Broozer is a DOT-approved helmet. It can easily handle direct impacts up to 200 lbs without any signs of cracks or streaks. 

Visor: This helmet features a twin shield system. The helmet visor is transparent from the outside and tinted from the outside.  

Air Vents: We noticed that Broozer features two large vents on the top of the helmet. These vents help the interior stay at an optimal temperature on hot days.  


  • Modern helmet style
  • Unisex helmet
  • Dual sun visor system
  • Easily fits different head shapes
  • Removable face mask


  • Inconvenient to carry around

Best Durable 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best durable 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the BELL Broozer. You can wear this helmet for enhanced head protection. It comes with a removable snap-on visor that enables you to switch visors with ease. Moreover, it has multiple vents for proper airflow. 

#4: Best Soft-Padding 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – TORC T50 Review

We handpicked this helmet from TORC because it has soft memory foam padding inside it. The internal padding is also covered with suede to prevent sweat problems. 

Other than that, you can easily remove the suede covers with help of a button located on the backside. This helps you keep your helmet clean and good as new. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy TORC T50

Durability: We tested and found that the outer shell of the T50 is made from an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene composite. It can easily survive 250 lbs of force impact.  

Visor: Unlike other open-face helmets, this helmet doesn’t feature a visor. However, you can install your own custom visor on the area above your eyebrows.  

Air Vents: This open-face helmet from TORC doesn’t feature any air vents. However, the soft padding makes enough room for air to circulate and easily eject from the helmet. 


  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Comfortable EPS liner
  • Durable outer shell
  • Available in multiple vinyl designs
  • Easy to clean


  • No visor or face mask

Best Soft-Padding 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best soft-padding 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the TORC T50. This is because you can easily remove the inner fabric and clean it. It helps you keep your helmet in its original shape and free from bad smells. Moreover, it has a padded chin strap for comfortable rides. 

#5: Best Budget 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – BELL Scout Air Review

Open-face helmets can climb in price pretty quickly as you go over various brands. This is why our team picked this open-face helmet from BELL. It features all the utilities at an affordable price. You can easily attach many accessories with these helmets as well.

You can use this helmet for casual and formal purposes. We must also mention that it features a unique BELL composite material for enhanced protection.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy BELL Scout Air

Durability: We tested the Tri-Matrix composite material under different conditions and found it to be highly durable. It can easily resist cracks and shatter impacts.

Visor: The Scout Air comes with a removable visor. You can easily install any overhead visor of your choice. Simply remove the bracket and screw in your visor.  

Air Vents: Since the Scout Air is a half helmet, it doesn’t have any air vents. BELL counters this problem by small openings around the padding.   


  • DOT-approved helmet
  • Easy to carry 
  • Lightweight
  • Removable visor
  • Durable helmet shell


  • Not good against dust

Best Budget 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best budget 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the BELL Scout Air. You can buy this helmet at a reasonable precise with all the main features of an open-face helmet. It comes with adjustable chin straps and comfortable inner padding. 

#6: Best Design 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – Daytona Cruiser Review

Helmet designs and vinyl are a cool way to represent yourself. This is why we picked the Cruiser open-face helmet from Daytona. 

You can select from a variety of different designs and vinyl patterns. It comes in multiple colors as well. We must also mention that you can also get a custom text or design on your helmet. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Daytona Cruiser

Durability: We conducted multiple tests on the outer shell of this helmet and found it to be quite tough. It can easily handle direct and angled impacts without any cracks.

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Visor: The Daytona Crusier features an overhead visor. You can install small or large visor shades. Moreover, it also enables you to completely remove the visor as well. 

Air Vents: We found that the Daytona Cruiser has no air vents. It circulates the air in the helmet shell with the help of small openings.     


  • Easy to wear
  • On
  • Durable helmet shell
  • One-click removable chin strap
  • Half helmet design
  • Available in different colors
  • Budget-friendly


  • Hard to carry around due to weight

Best Design 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best design 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the Daytona Cruiser. You can select multiple colors and designs for this Daytona open-face helmet. Besides that, it has comfortable padding to keep your rides fatigue-free. 

#7: Best Vintage 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – TORC T502 Review

We picked this model from TORC because it features a vintage design with all the right modern tools. It has a round shape and no visor in front. 

You can choose the helmet in 7 different sizes for kids and adults. Besides that, the padding is made from moisture-absorbent material to keep your face and head free from sweat. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy TORC T502

Durability: As a half helmet, the exterior shell of the T502 is made from high-pressure thermoplastic technology. It can easily survive a direct impact of up to 200 lbs.

Visor: The T502 comes without any visor but it has the brackets and screws. You can easily use this bracket to install a visor of your choice.  

Air Vents: There are no vents installed in the TORC T502. You can make an air channel with the help of removable cheek pads.      


  • Modern design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to wash
  • UV-resistant
  • Soft padding


  • Poor ventilation system

Best Vintage 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best vintage 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the TORC T502. It features an old-school design and color. You can use it for on and off-road purposes. Besides that, it has suede padding for comfortable long rides. 

#8: Best Multi-Weather 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet – BELL Mag-9 Review

Open-face motorcycle helmets are limited in their use. We picked this helmet because it can be used in different weather conditions like fog and rain. 

You can use this open-face helmet in dusty conditions as well to keep yourself safe. Furthermore, it is also compatible with BELL Bluetooth devices. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy BELL Mag-9

Durability: This open-face helmet is made from polycarbonate resin. We tested it under various conditions and found it to be quite resistant to shatter and crack damage. 

Visor: Unlike other open-face helmets, this helmet features a full-face transparent shield. You can even retract and lock the visor with the help of sliders located on the sides.

Air Vents: Even though the Mag-9 falls in the open-face helmets category, it still matches the ventilation system of full-face helmets. It keeps your head cool and sweat-free with the help of two main vents. 


  • Hybrid design
  • Easy to carry
  • Transparent visor
  • Memory foam padding
  • Budget-friendly


  • The visor cannot be removed

Best Multi-Weather 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

The best multi-weather 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the BELL Mag-9. Unlike other helmets, you can use this open-face helmet in different weather without any worries. Moreover, it comes with a wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision.

Buyer’s Guide


Motorcycle helmets are of many types and each has its own unique features. There are some factors that can help you find the right motorcycle helmet for day-to-day use. Let’s check them out one-by-one. 


Helmets are designed to protect you from serious harm. This is mainly achieved by a number of aspects. However, the main component behind it is the quality of the build material.

Some manufacturers use polycarbonate composite, thermoplastic resins, or carbon fiber and fiberglass mixtures. All these materials are exceptional against strong impacts. 

What sort of durability should I look for?

First of all, you should look out for the DOT certification. If a helmet is DOT-approved, it is suitable for on-road use. 

Secondly, we recommend that you get a helmet with carbon-based materials. For example, polycarbonate and carbon fiber are very strong materials.

How are they different from other materials? 

These materials are better than their counterparts because they are used in a layered pattern. Instead of one giant block, layers add extra protection.

Besides that, carbon fiber and polycarbonate composites are specifically used to make lightweight helmets.


A lot of people think that visors don’t go with open-face helmets but that is certainly not the case. Visors are important to keep your eyes safe from direct sunlight exposure. 

You can choose different types of visors to go with your open-face motorcycle helmet. We suggest that you get a helmet with at least a small sunshade. 

How will a sunshade help me?

It will keep your eyes in shade and safe from direct sunlight. Even with sunglasses, direct exposure can damage your eyes. 

On the contrary, we recommend that you buy an open-face motorcycle helmet with a tinted visor. They are specifically covered with UV-resistant materials. 

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What size should I get?

We suggest that you get a visor that fits your helmet. Otherwise, it will block your peripheral vision and make your motorcycle drive difficult. 


There is usually any difference in the design of open-face motorcycle helmets. However, you can get modular helmets to get the best of both worlds. 

Modular helmets can be used as full-face helmets and open-face motorcycle helmets. You can remove the chin bar or the mouthpiece according to the weather conditions. 

Are modular helmets durable?

We must mention that modular helmets provide better protection compared to open motorcycle helmets. They are made from the same materials as any other open motorcycle helmets. 


When it comes to the price tag, you’ll get better helmets as the amount goes up. However, there are still multiple options that can save your budget. 

We recommend that you get a helmet that is moderately priced with all the necessary features. The two main things you should keep an eye out for are build material and durability. 

Why are these two factors important?

They are important because mostly the cheap motorcycle helmets lack performance in these areas. Since they are the most important parts of a helmet, you should never compromise on them. 


Comfort can be an issue on long rides. Low-quality padding can settle down and lose its touch if you use your helmet on a daily basis. 

We highly recommend that you search for half helmets with memory foam padding. It provides comfort all around and especially at the pressure points like your forehead. 

Why is memory foam better?

Memory foam returns to its original condition once you remove it. This way, your helmet’s padding can endure and survive for multiple years of constant use.

Inner Fabric

Sweat can cause many problems including a bad smell. 3/4 motorcycle helmets are usually lined with moisture-absorbent fabric that is suitable for moderate temperatures. 

If you live in a hot geographical location, we suggest that you look for motorcycle helmets with hollow fiber. It is highly efficient at absorbing moisture and keeping the interior cool at the same time. 

What type of material should I look for?

Cotton and cotton-line materials are your go-to options. This is because cotton is lightweight and can be washed easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions we gathered from around the web.

Is an open-face helmet better than a full-face helmet?

It depends on your personal use. If your daily rides are within a city or town then 3/4 motorcycle helmets are convenient to use. However, if your rides are usually on highways then full-face helmets are the best option.

What type of color should I get for 3/4 motorcycle helmets?

Black is the most used color for 3/4 motorcycle helmets. However, black can also heat up very quickly. To avoid this, we recommend buying a helmet in light colors like blue and white. It’ll provide decent protection against direct heat.

How often should I clean the inner fabric?

It is best to clean the fabric after a couple of rides. If you live in a hot area, we suggest that you clean after every ride or two. It will keep your helmet fresh and soft. 

How can I change the visor on my open helmet?

You can change the visor with the help of the screws located over the forehead area. Simply use a Philips screwdriver and install your new visor. Make sure to secure the screws properly so the visor is even along the curves. 

How should clean my helmet?

Any surface cleaner can be used to clean the exterior shell of your helmet. Just make sure it doesn’t have any strong chemicals that can damage the paint job or the integrity of your helmet. Besides that, use a soft fabric to clean so that you don’t get scratches on the shell.

Should I get a helmet with vents?

Air vents are absolutely necessary when it comes to 3/4 helmets. Even though they are open from the front, the tight padding can cause sweat and overheat on the inside of the shell. Vents can mitigate both of these problems with fresh air.

What type of strap is the best?

Buckle-lock and button-lock are the two most used straps used for motorcycle helmets. We suggest that you get the straps you are most comfortable with. Buckle locks are hard to operate but durable. On the other hand, button locks are convenient but lack durability. 

Final Thoughts…

After trying and testing multiple 3/4 motorcycle helmets, we have concluded that the DC1-B Daytona open-face helmet is the best 3/4 helmet.

You can use this helmet for casual on-road and off-road purposes. It comes with a polycarbonate composite shell for enhanced protection against direct impacts. Besides that, it has a dense EPS liner for comfortable and enjoyable motorcycle rides.

With this, we come to the finish line of our article on the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets. We hope this post helps you make a better decision. 

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