Best Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – 13 Tested, Reviewed, Compared with Guide, FAQs, More

Safety is a prerequisite to help make you and your motorcycle cruise on the road comfortably.

An enjoyable, secure ride is what every motorcyclist needs.

But to swim through the sea of cruiser helmets is a tiresome and long task.  

Well, you need not worry! 

We provide you with the top choices based on testing and experience to help you choose the ideal helmet. 


Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Based on our research, this helmet might just be the perfect fit for all your adventures, due to its noise cancellation feature and aerodynamic nature. It has full-face protection along with a sturdy structure.
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Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet

Cruiser motorcyclists require maximum head protection and the Qualifier full face helmet fills that gap, in our opinion.The ergonomic style of the helmet will give you an overall cozy and comfortable experience.
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Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet

Addition of the drop down sun visor adds to the cool look of the helmet. This helmet, undoubtedly, protects you from all kinds of debris without compromising on safety.
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Now that we’ve put forward the best 3 helmets, let’s look into detailed reviews of each one to help you pick a helmet that checks all the boxes for you!

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets – Top 13 Reviews

#1: Best Exquisite Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Shoei Neotec II Helmet

If you’re looking for an exquisite helmet for your cruise, we highly recommend this helmet. 

Topping off its predecessor, SHOEI Neotec’s II modular feature works great, it’s easy to unlock, and when it’s flipped up it won’t flip down accidentally. 

Ultimately, the improved aerodynamic structure with integrated noise-reduction features yields a more user-friendly product.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Ventilation: We noted the maintenance of balance between the airflow and silence for the rider’s ease. The new adjustable exhaust outlets and the large lower vent shutter optimize airflow. This product is a well-ventilated helmet.

Visibility: The product’s test brought us to the conclusion that the helmet’s built-in sun shield gives the rider optimal vision protection. Moreover, the raised forehead area of the outer shell of the helmet makes the road visibility sublime for the rider. 

Comfort:  We gathered upon tests that all the parts of the helmet are of washable material, result eliminating any chance of grogginess. Furthermore, the helmet also includes an adjustable micro ratchet chin strap with an interlocking system.


  • Fully ventilated structure 
  • Removable and washable inner padding
  • Comes with an anti-fog visor insert
  • Noise reduction capabilities
  • Stopper function on the sun shield
  • Easy to wear with glasses


  • Not the lightest modular helmet 
  • The front vent does not stop water from coming inside during rain

Best Exquisite Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best exquisite cruiser motorcycle helmet is the SHOEI Neotec II because it gives the rider full head protection with a complete aerodynamic shell that aids ventilation. 

#2: Best Modish Helmet for Cruiser Motorcycle – Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet

From among cruiser helmets, the Bell’s Qualifier full face helmet comes in various colors and finishes to provide you with a diverse range to choose from. They have designed the helmet with speaker pockets that provide a slot for earphones. 

Style and legacy kept in alignment, this helmet not only gives safety and functionality but is also comfortable to wear. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet

Ventilation: We saw that through the four exhaust ports on the back of the helmet, plenty of air can be allowed inside. Breathability in humid weather is also ensured because of the padded wind collar. 

Visibility: Essentially, dust, sunlight, and fog require good visibility while on the ride, and the Qualifier gives you just that! Built-in anti-fog and anti-scratch technology of the shield guarantee a clear riding experience. 

Comfort: Adjustability of the contoured cheek pads helps you find the sweet spot with respect to the fitting of the headgear. Furthermore, the helmet’s washable interior caters to the buyer’s hygienic concerns. 


  • Click release face shield system
  • Sufficient number of air vents and a wind collar
  • Washable interior padding
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Integrated speaker pockets for music


  • Does not come with a tinted visor 
  • Bit noisier than average on high speeds 
  •  Not suitable for people who wear glasses

Best Modish Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best modish cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Bell Qualifier because it gives you an easy-to-operate face shield system. Moreover, the strong chin locking system ensures risk reduction during an accident. 

#3: Best Versatile Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet

Obviously, you aim for an easy-to-use helmet with multiple features but it is made perfect when accompanied by a sleek and futuristic design. In that case, according to us, this 3-in-1 lightweight helmet should be your pick.

Everything in the helmet is designed to offer a comfortable and practical riding experience without compromising on functionality while making you look badass!

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet

Ventilation: While we tested this helmet we were surprised by the 3D airflow that the two vents on the helmet offer. Furthermore, the additional face mask provides you with extra mouth vents that aid ventilation. 

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Visibility: This being a ¾ face helmet, naturally, offers better visibility than a full-face helmet. Easily switchable tinted and clear visors are easy to attach and detach and your eyes don’t take time to adjust. 

Comfort: The experiment proved that even with the full face shield the wind noise is still noticeable. The comfort can be felt due to the all-around soft padding which can be made sanitary before every trip.  


  • Retractable tinted visor
  • Detachable and washable padding
  • Customizable looks
  • Lightweight structure 
  • Sleek looking design


  • An additional full-face lid might be needed
  • Noisy due to it being open-faced

Best Versatile Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best versatile cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Scorpion EXO Covert helmet because of its 3-in-1 structural nature and upholds the rider’s comfort. 

#4: Best Evocative Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Torc T1 Retro Full-Face Helmet

With this helmet, you’ll find the perfect balance between retro and cutting-edge modern design. It perfectly covers your entire face to keep your head protected without feeling heavy over it. 

The helmet features a fiberglass shell, which makes it lighter as compared to other helmets. Additionally, the vintage, unique vibe and the variety of colors that Torc T1 brings with it are not to be missed! 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Torc T1 Retro Full-Face Helmet

Ventilation: After the experiment, we concluded that the rear exhaust and front chin vents allow the interior of the helmet to remain cool. Sufficient ventilation through front vents also keeps the visor mist and fog-free. 

Visibility: Helmet’s wide facial opening gives the rider copious visibility. The front face shield being scratch and fog-resistant provides extra clear vision. 

Comfort: Upon test of the product we noticed that the soft faux suede material keeps comfort in check. The dark and clear shields are easy to switch between to adjust according to the time of day. 


  • Front chin and rear exhaust vents promise great ventilation 
  • Full head protection 
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog shield 
  • Comfortable sizes for people with big heads


  • Chin bar might hinder peripheral vision 
  • Padding on the forehead presses in sometimes

Best Evocative Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best evocative cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Torc T1 Retro Full Face helmet because of its numerous modern features available in a vintage, retro look. 

#5: Best Simplistic Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – LS2 Bagger Helmet

Most open-face helmets are not suitable for rides in winter, but the special feature that this helmet offers is the zippable and detachable neck skirt. Additional credit to its fiberglass composite shell that keeps fatigued out of question. 

It offers great practicality in terms of locking and unlocking. Moreover, it makes you feel like a part of the ’70s and 80’s biker gang! 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy LS2 Bagger Helmet

Ventilation: Upon riding with the helmet on, we noticed that the helmet being fully open-faced offers great ventilation. Apart from that, the vents on the front of the helmet’s liner keep the rider extra cool. 

Visibility: In no way does this helmet limit one’s visibility be it on dark highway rides or sunny valley rides. In addition to that, it comes with a sun visor which can easily be attached and detached. 

Comfort: The large ear flaps keep the neck and ear warm and comfortable in the absence of a front and face shield. Furthermore, the integrated wire pockets for your mp3 or speakers are a plus. CLICK HERE if you’re looking for motorcycle helmet guides.


  • Neck skirt suitable for three kinds of weather
  • Integrated pockets for speakers or earphones
  • Removable and washable neck lining
  • Sun visor for added sun protection
  • Quick D-ring locking system


  • Noise on high speed 
  • Not good for off-roading

Best Simplistic Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best simplistic cruiser motorcycle helmet is the LS2 Bagger helmet as it offers maximum visibility and ventilation even for your long motorcycle rides.

#6: Best Old School Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Building on the features of the original Bell 500 of 1954, this helmet gives you the perfect throwback look whilst giving you all the safety features of the 21st century. 

Its handmade fiber shell makes it so lightweight that you won’t feel there is something sitting on your head. Moreover, the padded chin strap gives extra security to the cruiser riders.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Ventilation: By virtue of the three-quarter style, great ventilation is provided along the edges of the helmet without extra vents in the helmet. The wind noise is also considerably dampened compared to other helmets. 

Visibility: The absence of the full front face shield and chin bar is covered by the wide view that the Bell Custom 500 gives the rider. 

Comfort: For oval-shaped heads, this helmet is the perfect pick. Using the fake leather material is a smart move on Bell’s behalf as original leather tends to make the rider’s head stuffy and sweaty.


  • Padded chin strap
  • Lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Efficient noise reduction
  • Comes in 5 different sizes 
  • Comfortable multi-density lining


  • Sits too low on the head
  • Extra face protector is required

Best Old-School Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best old-school cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Bell Custom 500 Helmet due to its classic look with all the latest features to meet the requirements of cruiser motorcyclists. 

#7: Best Practical Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Shoei J Cruise Helmet

To give you all the features of a full-face helmet in a ¾ is what this helmet offers. Although it is a bit heavy for an open-face helmet, the extra protection from padding and attached sun visor covers for that. 

SHOEI provides great structural composition combined with comfort in the J cruise helmet making it a convenient and instant choice for cruiser motorcyclists. It is also easily paired with various motorcycle accessories.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shoei J Cruise Helmet

Ventilation: As unique as the helmet itself is the ventilation system with optimal airflow. Cool air enters through the front vents and hot air can easily be released from the rear exhaust vents and the neck vent.

Visibility: With the experiment, it was proved that the rider has a wide front, below, and peripheral vision through the front shield. The speedometer and other instruments on the fuel tank are also visible while riding. 

Comfort: We tested the helmet for its comfort and noticed the moisture-wicking features of the internal lining which makes riding wholesome. On top of that, the helmet feels quite over your head due to close to no noise through vents. 

Best Practical Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best practical cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Shoei J Cruise because it provides protection and comfort at the same time. So you won’t have to compromise on either whilst going on your motorcycle cruise.

#8: Best Lightweight Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Vega Warrior Motorcycle Half-Face Helmet

Generally, half helmets are not considered safe for riding but Vega takes helmet safety to another level for cruisers. 

Due to its lightweight shell structure, the helmet lessens the chance of fatigue and strain for the rider. 

What adds to its operable nature is the quick-release chin strap. In addition, it also comes in a design with the US flag graphic that will surely make you inclined towards getting it!

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Vega Warrior Motorcycle Half-Face Helmet

Ventilation: Being an open-face helmet, Vega Warrior naturally has a great airflow capacity that keeps the rider cool and well ventilated during rides. 

Visibility: Upon riding with the helmet, we noticed the great eye protection the drop-down sun visor offers on extremely sunny days. 

Comfort: We found this helmet really easy to use and it sits on one’s head perfectly. The moisture-absorbent lining keeps the rider’s discomfort and uncleanliness out of question. 


  • Moisture absorbing lining 
  • Padded quick-release chin strap
  • Great ventilation through the open front
  • Its lightweight shell sits well


  • Does not come with a clear visor
  • Difficult to adjust to for new riders

Best Lightweight Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best lightweight cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Vega Warrior Motorcycle half-face helmet because of its retro feel along with the practical handling that it allows.

#9: Best Functional Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet

In this helmet, you’ll get an aggressive design like that of a racing helmet but a fully functional system for a cruiser motorcyclist. 

As we dive into specifics, the build of the shell from a tri-composite material makes it light and does not fatigue the rider. 

Let’s discuss some of its features in detail. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet

Ventilation: Even on the hottest days, the Mod Bandit stays fog-free through the four mesh slits on the chin bar. Moreover, the two upper vents and the rear exhausts produce terrific airflow throughout. 

Visibility: Upon testing the helmet what most caught our attention was the integrated sun lens that keeps visibility maximum on bright days. Furthermore, the pin lock system allows for a quick swap between the clear and tinted visor. 

Comfort: Inspection proves that Simpson does not compromise on the rider’s hygiene, the washable and removable inner lining is evidence of that. In addition to that, the headgear also comes with built-in space for a Bluetooth system. 


  • All-round ventilation 
  • Badass look 
  • Amongst the lightest modular helmets
  • Comes with 3 styles of Pin Lock ready visors
  • Easily installable Bluetooth system


  • No
  • Visor only has four positions above open
  • Roundheads don’t fit well

Best Functional Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best functional cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet because it gives the rider great value along with a slick and modern look while on the go! 

#10: Best Comfort-Oriented Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Shark RAW Blank Helmet

If you’re just going for aesthetics, this helmet might not be an instant pick but with the numerous features it offers, it becomes desirable. 

In terms of building, Shark is known for making well-protected helmets, and the ¾  thermoplastic resin shell clads your head wholly. 

Furthermore, the helmet’s shield does a handy job of keeping dust and bugs out of your face. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shark RAW Blank Helmet

Ventilation: To keep the rider cool and sufficiently ventilated, this helmet offers the perfect fiber interior along with multiple vents and diffusers. 

Visibility: After testing the product, we noticed that the helmet comes with an integrated pair of goggles that can easily be attached and detached. In addition to that, there is no visual distortion due to fog. 

Comfort: Appreciably, the lightweight shell is lined with a wicking material that keeps one’s head cool and comfortably in place. 


  • Dual vents on top 
  • Fog and scratch resistant shield
  • Lightweight thermoplastic resin shell 
  • D-ring closure ensures safety


  • No noise regulation

Best Comfort-Oriented Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best comfort-oriented cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Shark RAW Blank Helmet because of its aerodynamic construction and sufficient ventilation, which makes it an exceptional choice for cruisers. 

#11: Best Resourceful Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet

Compared to the other half helmets the IS-Cruiser is more practical in terms of use. One gets style, comfort, and safety, all in this single piece of headgear. 

The strong yet light structure of the shell is easy to plop onto your head and gives you an ergonomic and cozy fit overall. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy the HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet

Ventilation: Apart from the helmet being an open-faced one, it also has two vents that optimize airflow for the cruiser. 

Visibility: One of the reasons you might want to get your hands on one of these, is that it comes with an integrated sun visor. However, without the shield, the helmet offers better visibility. 

Comfort: Through experiments, we confirm that the helmet’s moisture-wicking liner keeps the head comfortable while riding. Moreover, the nylon chin strap throws any face scratches out of question. 


  • Comfortable inner padding
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell 
  • Nylon chin strap
  • Great ventilation 
  • No distortion in visibility


  • Not suitable to wear glasses with

Best Resourceful Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best resourceful cruiser motorcycle helmet is the HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet because the integrated visor along with the comfortable plush liner makes this helmet very comfortable to use. 

#12: Best Olde Worlde Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – Biltwell Bonanza Helmet

Owing to their legacy to produce nostalgic designs, Bitwell features a hand-stitched interior which makes this helmet sit perfectly on the wearer’s head. 

The open-face helmet helps keep the rider’s face cool throughout. You would be glad to know that the leaner design by the company makes the helmet lightweight and more comfortable. 

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Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy the Biltwell Bonanza Helmet

Ventilation: A test of the product revealed that the cruiser’s face remains fully ventilated during the ride as the helmet is open-faced. 

Visibility: Being an open face, ¾ helmet, this helmet gives the rider great front and peripheral visibility. In addition to that, you can attach a bubble shield that keeps your eyes protected from sun rays.

Comfort: Upon riding with the helmet, we noticed that the thick padding keeps extra noise out. Moreover, the lightweight shell does not make the helmet weigh on your neck. 


  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Works great in hot weather
  • Variety of colors and sizes 
  • Sliding chin strap 
  • Lightweight shell


  • Currently unavailable on amazon
  • Bubble shield is sold separately

Best Olde Worlde Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best olde-worlde cruiser motorcycle helmet is the Biltwell Bonanza Helmet because of its nostalgic design along with the lightweight, breathable shell.

#13: Best Durable Helmet For Cruiser Motorcycle – YEMA YM-627 Open Face Helmet

This YEMA helmet proves to be a bike head-cover without forcing you to step outside your comfort zone. 

In addition to that, the washable and removable interior along with the durable shell, adds largely to the comfort of the rider. Meanwhile, functionality is credited to the quick release dual D-string buckle system of the helmet. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy YEMA YM-627 Open Face Helmet

Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is guaranteed due to the three intake and exhaust vent ports in the helmet. Moreover, while on the cruise the helmet prevents the rider from feeling claustrophobic through the constant airflow system. 

Visibility: An integrated removable sun shield in an open-faced helmet is what one can wish for and this helmet gives you just that. Furthermore, on sunny days the sun visor will protect you from harmful UV rays. 

Comfort: Being well padded with odor and bacteria-resistant material on the inside. Additionally, the visor is suitable for everyday use also in humid and hot weather. The structure of the helmet being made out of durable ABS material makes it lightweight on the head and shoulders. 


  • Hygiene is ensured by removable washable interior 
  • Scratch-resistant sun visor 
  • Efficient airflow mechanism 
  • Lightweight and durable shell
  • A rider can wear glasses comfortably


  • Extra space in the helmet might disturb the rider 
  • Sizing chart is a little misleading 
  • Currently unavailable on amazon

Best Durable Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The best durable cruiser motorcycle helmet is the YEMA YM-627 Open Face helmet because of the spectacular features it offers while being manufactured in high-quality. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Before you pick the best motorcycle helmet for your needs, it is crucial that you vary the features to understand which one you should get. 

We suggest that you read this section thoroughly so you can pick out a helmet that meets your personal and professional needs. CLICK HERE for more expert content on helmets and motorcycles.

To pick the best one for yourself you must keep the following points in consideration: 


For a helmet to become a great helmet, ventilation is the key feature. Through vents on the front or top parts of the helmet, airflow is optimized for the rider to have a wholesome riding experience.

Cool air should enter in an adequate amount and exhausts for hot air must be present in the helmet you choose. In case there isn’t ample ventilation, the helmet might become a greenhouse for the rider’s head. 

If you want to know how to keep your head cool in a motorcycle helmet that doesn’t have proper ventilation, CLICK HERE.


Safety ensured another very important feature that must be kept in check is the visibility the helmet offers. For bike riders to have ample front and peripheral vision being on the cruise is necessary for their safety. A helmet with a drop-down visor or a retractable sun visor might prove to be the perfect choice to guarantee sufficient visibility on sunny rides. 


Motorcycle cruisers must keep comfort at the top of their requirements list whilst they purchase a headgear. What warrants a comfortable helmet, is a soft, padded interior and a lightweight exterior. Moreover, the helmet preferably should have a removable interior so that it can be washed and kept hygienic.

Materials of the inner padding must also be suitable for weather conditions and refrain from making the helmet stuffy or humid on the inside. 

Apart from all these pre-requisites of buying, the care with which you handle your headgear after the purchase is equally important too. 

Both the interior and exterior require proper maintenance regularly.

Tip: If your motorcycle helmet seems small for your size, you can break it in before use. Find out our guide on how to do that by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How long does it take to break in a cruiser motorcycle helmet?

With time the foam will continue to wear and deflate even more to improve the position against the contour of your face. Typically, a new helmet can be broken in as few as 15-20 hours of riding.

How do I know if a helmet is really DOT certified?

All DOT-certified helmets must have an inner liner about one inch thick. In addition to that, manufacturers are required to print if a particular model meets the DOT’s standards on the helmet’s exterior. 

Do helmets loosen over time?

Pertaining to the natural life cycle of a helmet, yes, they do wear to a certain degree. Additionally, the inner padding loses form from temperature, friction, and degradation. 

Do motorcycle helmets expire?

Generally, manufacturers recommend replacement after 3-5 years of regular wear. Depending on your usage, you’ll know yourself once the inner lining becomes uncomfortable. 

What do you do with old motorcycle helmets?

The answer to this question would surely be a donation. You can donate to organizations that collect bike helmets or to emergency services. The helmet can also be sent to recycling for proper disposal. 

Where is the best place to buy helmets for cruising adventures?

If you want to try it on before use, a local motorbike shop might be the right place. Otherwise, amazon offers great deals and discounts on top brands to ensure that you get the helmet you want without paying a premium. 

Final Verdict

Now that we have reached the end of this guide we hope it is easy for you to understand which helmet best fits your needs. 

In our opinion, the SHOEI Neotec II stands tall as the best among cruiser motorcycle helmets. 

No other helmet offers such wholesome and efficient ventilation and comfortable hygienic padding. 

We hope this guide was helpful, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.