Best Retro Motorcycle Helmet – Best 3 Tested, Reviewed, Compared with Guide, FAQs, More

Helmets are an everyday essential for a bikers’ gear. This is why motorcycle helmets should not only be classic but also affordable.

A common rider slang goes “how much is your head worth” ? which means how much is the cost of your helmet?

In this guide, we have listed our top picks for classic helmets that you can choose from. 


Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet
Our team came across this helmet which is DOT approved and comes with a five-year warranty from the company. This helmet will provide great protection and make you look classy at the same time.
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AHR Run-O5 Retro 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
We found out that this helmet is inspired by a vintage, pilot-style look, with a star and stripes pattern and a removable visor. If you are looking for a stylish and tough helmet, this could be your choice.
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Daytona Retro Helmet

Our team also had a detailed look into this helmet. It has nylon strap retention and a quick-release chin strap system. This helmet gives you very good ventilation due to its moisture-wicking inner fabric.
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Now that the best retro motorcycle helmets are shortlisted, let us have a detailed view of each.

Best Retro Motorcycle Helmet – Top 3 Reviews

#1: Best All-Round Retro Motorcycle Helmet – Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet Review

This is a perfect example of a vintage, half-faced retro helmet. Our team approves the protection level of this motorcycle helmet because it has an EPS composition and 3EPS lining. 

This will not only give you a clear view but also guarantee your safety.

You would be glad to know that the helmet is DOT certified and has a customizable visor. Furthermore, this retro helmet gives you a classic look with an easily maintainable interior. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet 

DOT approved: We have found that the helmet is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 standards. This retro motorcycle helmet is designed to protect your head specifically if an accident occurs. 

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Speaker pockets: This new design has integrated speaker pockets, with a genuine leather interior, and a removable, and washable interior. It provides hustle-free, easily accessible headphones, or Bluetooth pockets for on-ride communication.

Steel mesh vents: The helmet also has steel mesh vents like the ’70s classic vintage motorcycle helmets. It has a stylish body with very good ventilation and guaranteed airflow for you to keep it cool on warm days.

Safety: The team also came across that this motorcycle helmet has 3 EPS with a carbon fiber body, an EPS liner, and a cheek pad. This motorcycle helmet has put forth your protection as a priority. 

Visors: We also found out that not only does the visor come in two options of bubble or flat shield, it also has customized color options giving you the freedom of choice to customize your helmet, accordingly. 


  • DOT approved 
  • Padded and contoured cheek pad 
  • Mesh air vents
  • Adjustable and customizable visors 
  • Vintage helmet with a classic look


  • Relatively expensive  
  • Not a full-face helmet  
  • Size adjustment of cheek pads may vary

Best All-Round Retro Helmet 

The best all-around retro helmet is the Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet because of its high protection, vintage yet classic look, and very classic leather interior.

#2: Best Vintage Retro Helmet-AHR Run-O5 Retro 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

This vintage motorcycle helmet is inspired by a pilot-style helmet with a classic star and stripes print.

You should know that this is a half helmet, which means the ventilation is not going to be an issue.

Moreover, we found out that it comes with a replacing visor and sponge interior which is washable and super comfortable.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy AHR Run-O5 Retro 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

DOT approved: This retro motorcycle helmet is also DOT approved and meets the requirements of safety standards. Under any circumstances, this helmet ensures maximum rider protection due to its great resistance.

Speaker pockets: This vintage motorcycle helmet has no in-built speaker pocket hence on- ride communication might be difficult for you, probably due to air distortion. However, you can attach additional pockets. 

Steel mesh vents: Since this is a half helmet it has no steel mesh vents however it does provide you good ventilation because of its ¾ shell design.

Safety: Our team suggested this helmet for its EPS lining and hard ABS material providing you with maximum protection and reducing the chances of head injury during an accident.

Visors: This helmet has a removable visor with UV rays protection which is easy to maintain and replaceable. 

Best Vintage Retro Motorcycle Helmet

The best vintage retro motorcycle helmet is the AHR Run-O5 Retro 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet because it is styled on the vintage pilot look with a classic strip and star design, ensuring maximum rider protection and making a great style statement as well. 

#3: Best Classic Retro Motorcycle Helmet-Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet Review

Our team came across this remarkable product which is also a quality retro helmet designed with a nylon retention strap. 

It has excellent noise reduction technology, which provides easy communication and hassle-free calls while riding. 

We also noticed that this helmet has 2 shell sizes and 6 padding options to fit your head size properly. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Daytona Retro Helmet

DOT approved: This classic helmet is also DOT approved. It means that this helmet also ensures maximum rider protection under unfavorable circumstances.

Speaker pockets: It has no inbuilt speaker pockets for riders which is why it would be difficult for you to have clear calls. 

Steel mesh vents: There is also an absence of steel mesh vents however it provides you with moisture-wicking fabric for sweat-free rides.

Safety: This retro motorcycle helmet also ensures rider’s safety with its 3EPS lining and carbon fiber shell ensuring maximum rider security. 

Visor: The visor for this motorcycle helmet is also tinted, adjustable and removable. It does not provide you with a customized color option, as it comes in one color only. You can add accessories on your own as well.


  • Noise reduction technology 
  • Nylon quick release chin strap
  • 6 padding option from XS-2XL
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner
  • Dual layers EPS liner


  • No speaker pockets 
  • No customizable visor
  • No steel vents

Best Classic Retro Motorcycle Helmet 

The best classic retro motorcycle helmet is the Daytona Full Faced Retro Helmet because of its nylon quick-release strap. Moreover, it is incredibly comfortable for you to wear on rides during summers for its moisture-absorbing inner fabric. 

Buyers’ Guide

retro motorcycle helmet

DOT approved

DOT stands for Department of Transportation of the United States Of America. 

The minimum standard for any retro helmet includes absorbing shock impact, resisting impact penetration, and a retention strap that won’t stretch easily.

If you prefer to buy a helmet, we would suggest you buy only the ones approved by DOT, for better protection. 

Speaker pockets

These are usually built for half-faced helmets but are also sold as a pair and separately to be used by the rider as per their will. 

These are great for cold weather and reduce road noise. If you get frequent calls during a ride, these would be your favorite feature as they easily hold your Bluetooth set or headphones. CLICK HERE for more information on motorcycles.

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Now you would doubt if attachable speaker pockets are better than built-ins? 

No, attachable pockets are not better as adjustment and size are always making an issue for you, which can be costly, and time-consuming. 

Steel mesh vents

Vents are another great feature as you would always want a properly ventilated helmet. You need mesh vents for proper ventilation and breathing.

Steel vents do not oxidize quickly, which makes the product have a long life. 


The primary concern of our listed helmets is the rider’s safety. A helmet made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) is light-weight, durable, shock-absorbing, and easy on your pocket as well. 


Basically, a visor is a shield for the rider. Only mildly tinted visors are legal. Visors are adjustable and often removable making them easier to use. Visors are of various types and visors are customized to fit a motorcycle helmet. 

However, you should avoid dark visors, not only they are illegal but also have light issues at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need a visor on the helmet?

You need a visor on your helmet as it prevents accidents and crashes and keeps a focus on tracks. You can be easily distracted if your helmet lacks a visor and would continuously use it to deflect articles coming at your face. 

Are tinted visors legal?

The law states that 50% light should enter the visors so anything above or below 50% is not up to DOT standards. 

Why is EPS used in motorcycle helmets?

The EPS foam allows good airflow and attachment of essentials like a one-touch buckle, goggles, etc. EPS also shows good shock absorption hence it protects your head. 

What foam is used for helmets?

Expanded Polystyrene is used for helmets due to its closed-cell feature. It has great ventilation and also keeps your head sweat free during summers.

Which type of helmet is the best? 

A full-face helmet is best for your riding as it covers your face and gives maximum protection to your skull and face. It saves you from sustaining serious skull injuries.

Final Verdict 

In our opinion, the best retro motorcycle helmet is Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet that comes with all modern features. 

Our team recommends this helmet because of its integrated speaker pockets allowing easy connection of blue-tooth devices and headphones. 

However, if you want to consider some other helmet, we have also added a number of alternatives that you can choose from. For example, read about the best low profile 3/4 helmets.

We hope this guide was helpful, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.