Best Women Motorcycle Helmets – Best 5 Picks, Feedback, FAQs & More

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Riding a motorcycle demands safety measures irrespective of gender. So you will agree with us when we say that the most essential gear for a two wheeled-rider is a helmet.

Finding a perfect helmet is nothing short of a struggle. You would be glad to know that current techniques have paved the way for developing helmets with stringent safety features and performance qualities. 

In this post, we’ll round up some of the best women’s motorcycle helmets made for women that ensure protection with the best styling and features. 


Shoei RF-1400 Nocturne Helmet

We highly recommend this helmet for women as it is compact and lightweight. Moreover, it is DOT and SNELL approved with plenty of space for a Bluetooth earpiece, which we thought is great considering its price.
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Bell Vortex Monarch Women’s Helmet

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly helmet, you should know that the Bell Vortex serves you a strong shell with a NutraFog II shield. This product is a perfect fit for daily use with DOT certification.
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AVG K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is suitable if you’re looking for maximum protection on high-speed rides. The good thing is that it is DOT and ECE approved. However, the only drawback we saw was that it does not have a very good noise-canceling system.
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Now that we have looked at the top 3 helmets of the lot, let’s take a closer look at them.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women – Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet for Women – Shoei RF-1400 Nocturne Helmet Review

After testing out this product, we can say that this helmet is by far the most premium of the Shoei RF line. You can feel the quality and comfort of this headwear just by touching its exterior. 

However, this isn’t the best thing. After testing it out we noticed that despite its structure, it provides great ventilation.

Now let’s discuss some of its features in further detail. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shoei RF-1400 Nocturne 

Protection and Shell Structure: It is made up of layered fiberglass and organic fabric which makes it lightweight and absorptive for the wearer. You don’t have to worry about restricted airflow because the structure is compact yet airy. 

Shield and Visor: Firstly, this helmet is equipped with the latest CWR-F2 shield for you to get distortion-free vision and full protection from UV rays. Secondly, a wider pin-lock EVO is installed for the wearer to remove fog and get better visibility.

Ventilation: This design surpasses its predecessors in ventilation mechanisms. The 2 lower vents help air pass out of the lower chin so you won’t fog up even on humid days. The remaining 4 vents are located on the upper head allowing cool air to flow keeping you sweat-free. 

Interior & Comfort: We thought that one of the best features of this helmet is its interior. It is made of Max-Dry absorbing material which you can easily remove, wash, and adjust. Furthermore, you can easily remove cheek pads in case of injury. 

Quietness: The shell of the RF-1400 helmet comprises Vortex Generator technology which helps in controlling wind turbulence. 


  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Uses Vortex Generator Technology
  • Pinlock with helmet
  • Lightweight 
  • Stylish outlook


  • Not suitable for round shaped head
  • Expensive as compared to  competitors

Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet for Women

The best full-face motorcycle helmet for women is the Shoei RF-1400 Nocturne because it has extremely comfortable gear. The quality of structure and ventilation makes this product worth its price.

#2: Best Valued & Priced Motorcycle Helmet for Women – Bell Vortex Women Monarch Helmet Review

If you are looking for an affordable helmet with top-notch facets, Bell Star’s headwear is what you need. 

Bell Vortex Women’s Helmet is perfect for daily use and light-duty track. Moreover, this budget-friendly gear comes with DOT certification and a five-year warranty for its users. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Bell Vortex Women Monarch Helmet

Protection and Shell Structure: The uniqueness of this helmet is its composite polycarbonate alloy shell making it lightweight for female riders. Furthermore, the internal structure of the helmet is slightly narrow which makes it unsuitable for the round-shaped head. 

Shield and Visor: You will be glad to know that it comprises a Click-Release mechanism to swap your shield. The NutraFog II, an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield also protect the wearer from harmful UV rays.

Ventilation: After testing out this product, we can say with surety that this helmet is very cool and breezy. The velocity flow ventilation system releases the inside air through lowkey exhaust vents keeping you sweat-free. 

Interior and Comfort: As you put on this helmet, you can experience the comfort of soft stacked contoured foam. It also takes care of your hygiene as the lining is made of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial material. 

Quietness: Another amazing quality is its padded wind collar. With this, you can ride a motorcycle with minimal noise from wind and road conditions. Furthermore, the low-profile vents also control wind buffeting.  


  • Budget-friendly
  • Magnetic chin-strap
  • NutraFog II shield
  • Polycarbonate alloy shell
  • Fewer ridges inside
  • DOT approved


  • Not for round shaped head
  • Not suitable for off-road adventures

Best Valued and Priced Motorcycle Helmet for Women

The best valued and priced motorcycle helmet for women is Bell Vortex Monarch Helmet because it is stylish yet affordable.

#3: Best High-Speed Helmet for Women – AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Review 

Riders who know what they need in a high-speed helmet will appreciate AGV K3. This is because it provides all the quality features you might want in a helmet but at an affordable price. 

With this helmet, you can pierce through aggressive speed with minimum turbulence and wind resistance. Unfortunately, AGV K3 SV has poor noise suppression. 

It is a great adventure helmet. Let’s discuss some of the features of this helmet to give you a better insight. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy AGV K3 SV Helmet

Protection and Shell Structure: You will be surprised to know that this product is both DOT and ECE approved. For your safety at great speed, the shell of this helmet is constructed from a high-resistance thermoplastic resin. This strong material protects you in case of a crash.

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Shield and Visor: You will get a free additional value of the pin-lock anti-fog lens. Furthermore, this product is equipped with a drop-down sun visor which is super convenient for you to use. It also provides you full UV protection with a fine anti-scratch finish.   

Ventilation: Riding on hot summer days is fairly convenient with this helmet, thanks to its ESP channeling. Six exhaust vents and several wind tunnels work together to give you a smooth streamlined ride.

Interior and Comfort: After testing out this product, we came to appreciate the firmness of this helmet even with long hair. The interior is made from dry-comfort material. Moreover, this fabric is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial keeping you dry and comfortable under all circumstances. 

Quietness: This helmet lags behind its competitors in terms of noise isolation. Fast-riders face the problem of wind noise due to high ventilation inside the helmet. Besides this, AGV K3 is an excellent entry-level helmet. 


  • Suitable for high-speed
  • Aerodynamic
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Dry comfort interior
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Low noise isolation
  • Front vents can’t be closed
  • The shield might be dark for night riders

Best High-Speed Helmet for Women

The best high-speed helmet for women is AGV K3 SV because it provides strong protection and firmness on the supersonic.

#4: Best Affordable Women’s Motorcycle Helmet – HJC CS R3 Helmet Review 

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to buy a quality helmet. HJC CS R3 comes at an affordable price and has an amazing set of features with a stylish appearance, which is why we would definitely recommend it to you.

In addition to that, women riders love this gear because of its potential. Yet it won’t be wrong to say that the comfort level of CS R3 is on average as compared to rival helmets.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy HJC CS R3 Helmet 

Protection and Shell Structure: Not only the advanced polycarbonate shell makes the helmet lightweight, but also maximizes head protection for you. Sadly, finding a snug fit shell can be an issue for you as it comes in 2 sizes only

Shield and Visor: If you want a compact seal to avoid wind noise and moisture then you have to thank HJC for incorporating a 2-stage shield system. Furthermore, you can enjoy the tool-free replacement of the face shield through the RapidFire Shield Replacement System.

Ventilation: The best thing about this motorcycle helmet is the installation of an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (AC-S) at such an affordable price. Front-to-back airflow will keep you dry and cool during summer rides. 

Interior and Comfort: We experienced that the inner lining is quite breathable and moisture-wicking. You can easily remove, wash and replace the skull cap. The user of this motorcycle helmet might feel the pressure from the cheek pads. 

Quietness: This full-face helmet is rated average on noise isolation. You can hear the wind whistle at a high speed. Besides, this helmet provides all essential features at a low price. 


  • Advanced polycarbonate shell
  • DOT approved 
  • Budget-friendly
  • 2-stage shield closure system 
  • Adjustable vents


  • Bulky than some rival brands
  • Vents whistle on high-speed

Best Affordable Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

The best affordable women’s motorcycle helmet is HJC CS R3 because it contains a decent mix of all essential features at a budget-friendly price.

#5: Best Half-Face Women Helmet – ScorpionEXO Covert Unisex Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you’re looking for a helmet that will make you stand out from the crowd then we highly recommend the ScorpionEXO Covert helmet to you. This is because it is perfect for daily wear and street touring. 

Moreover, you can use it with different configurations and enjoy a 5-year warranty. Although this product ensures strength and style, it comes with a below-bar ventilation system.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy ScorpionEXO Covert Unisex Helmet

Protection and Shell Structure: You can feel the softness of the multilayered shell, made up of poly-resin fibers and KwickWick III fabric. Furthermore, it is constructed well, considering the 3 multiple configurations. Obviously, it does not provide you the same protection as a full-face helmet

Shield and Visor: We tested out this product to find an amazing EverClear antifog sun shield that protects you from UV-A’s and UV-B’s. A ClearView sun visor is installed but you can get Gold Mirror and Silver Mirror coatings with a few additional bucks. 

Ventilation: Although ESP channeling helps the airflow through the rider’s helmet, there still might be a chance of sweat buildup on the upper head. This helmet is not made for chin curtains but is amazing for open-air riding.

Interior and Comfort: You will be glad to know that these oval-shaped helmets are easy to fit around cheeks and temples and are available in several sizes. ½ helmet holds a breathable liner making it lightweight and more balanced. 

Quietness: We experienced that the lego structure and vacant lower of the helmet catch the air making it turbulent. Your ride can get noisy and uncomfortable because of the open lower part of the Covert 3-in-1 helmet. 


  • Dual-density ESP prevents head   injury
  • DOT certified
  • 3-in-1 adaptability
  • Bluetooth pockets
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • TCT multilayered shell


  •  Inadequate ventilation
  • Loud and turbulent
  • Expensive

Best Half-Faced Women Helmet 

The best half-faced women’s helmet is ScorpionEXO Covert Helmet because it gives you 3 unique looks according to your requirement. 

#6: Best All In One Women’s Helmet – LS2 Full-Face Stream Street Helmet Review 

Generally, when you pay less, you expect motorcycle helmets to be uncomfortable and edgy. Well, an LS2 full-face stream street helmet allows you to have a cozy ride with a low budget in hand.

This mid-ranged helmet has a twin shield mechanism with a fully removable liner. Above all, you can wear it all day long with the comfort it provides. 

Although it is equipped with all the essential features you want in a headgear. It does not provide you with the quality of a high-end helmet. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy LS2 Stream Street Helmet

Protection and Shell Structure: The shell of this helmet is composed of polycarbonate-alloy, which is durable. Unfortunately, it has only one shell. You may feel jerks as a single shell is not that shock absorbing. Furthermore, it passes DOT and ECE safety standards.  

Shield and Visor: The best thing about this helmet is that it comes with a twin-shield system. You can activate the drop-down face shield and sun visor by simply pressing a button. Additionally, it also has a pin-lock system by which you can swap shields in less than 15 seconds. 

Ventilation: You don’t need to worry about feeling stuffy and humid on a pleasant day. The top and chin vents allow smooth air circulation keeping your head ventilated. However, all 3 vents are not adjustable. You should think twice before wearing this helmet on cold days. 

Interior and Comfort: We tested out this product and found that the fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic. The liner is very easy for you to remove and wash.  Also, the chin strap may be sturdy but is easy to engage. 

Quietness: This full-face motorcycle helmet is rated average when it comes to quietness. Although it uses a breath deflector and Megna-tech liner, LS2 is still noisy because of its one-shell structure. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Twin shield mechanism
  • Comfortable interior 
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Anti-scratch coating on visor


  • Non-adjustable vents
  • Bulky as compared to rivals

Best All In One Women’s Helmet 

The best all-in-one women’s helmet is LS2 Full-Face Steam Street Helmet because it gives you all the key features of a helmet without breaking your bank.  

#7: Best Bluetooth Integrated Women’s Helmet – ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip-up Helmet Review 

Manufactured by blending in a new feature of Bluetooth connectivity, this helmet is perfect for daily commuters. 

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This modular gear can be used as a full-face helmet in cold weather and an open-face on warmer days. 

Furthermore, you can make unlimited calls without losing focus on the road. The Bluetooth integrated system makes it distinctive from ordinary helmets. 

Nevertheless, you may find it heavy as compared to other Bluetooth helmets. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip Up Helmet. 

Protection and Shell Structure: Our team experienced that the shell of this ILM is strong and aerodynamic. This feature prevents you from lifting and dragging, especially at high speed. It is DOT and ECE certified, hence it is impact resistant and keeps your entire head safe. 

Shield and Visor: This ILM model comes with both an internal and external visor. You can flip the external face shield while adjusting the internal visor with a side switch. It should be noted that the face shield does not have anti-fog properties. You need to be extra careful in smoky conditions. 

Ventilation: You will be glad to know that this helmet scores well at ventilation. A total of 3 vents are located at different positions for providing you with a sweat-free ride. In addition to that, it is a modular flip-up that can be used as an open helmet whenever you like. 

Interior and Comfort: The best things about this gear are the washable microfiber liner and restfulness. Adding on, this ILM model might run one size small due to the fitted Bluetooth module. You should definitely consider one size bigger than usual to get a comfortable fit. 

Quietness: A Bluetooth helmet equipped with FM, intercom, and GPS navigation audio does not allow you to hear the noise of the street. Most importantly, it comes with DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. Even if you are not using a Bluetooth module, the helmet is still noise-free. 


  •  Built-in Bluetooth 3.0 
  • Dual visor
  • Noise suppression technology
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Modular (flip-up)


  • Runs one size smaller 
  • Can fog up 
  • Might feel heavy

Best Bluetooth Integrated Women’s Helmet 

The best Bluetooth integrated women’s helmet is ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip Up Helmet because you can use it as an open or full helmet along with audio entertainment. 

#8: Best Stylish Women’s Helmet – Biltwell Lane Splitter Motorcycle Helmet Review

Not all women’s motorcycle helmets come with a badass retro outlook which makes you stand out from the crowd. You can choose the Biltwell Lane splitter if you’re looking for a helmet that is fashionable, sturdy, and comes at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, this product places style over function. However, it does have an average shield and airflow feature. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Biltwell Lane Splitter Motorcycle Helmet. 

Protection and Shell Structure: The shell is constructed from polycarbonate ABS and is both DOT and ECE approved. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy advanced safety features in this helmet.

Shield and Visor: You will see the shield doing its work just right without giving you any extra convenience. Moreover, to swap the shield, you will be needing a screwdriver.

Ventilation: The ventilation of this helmet is also reasonable. Big vents are located on the chin bar but are always open. They can make it hard for you to ride in rainy conditions.

Interior and Comfort: You will be glad to know that the liner is fully removable and washable. It comes with Velcro tabs to keep everything in place. Moreover, the shape of this helmet is designed to be neutral so you don’t have to worry about your head shape.

Quietness: Well, the Biltwell lane splitter is experienced to be a bit noisy, not deafening. Although the interior is very well padded, the huge open vents on the chin bar allow air to enter the helmet. You may feel turbulence at high speed.


  • Stylish retro-outlook
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Sturdy construction


  • Noisy via chin vents
  • Need tools to swap visor
  • No pin-lock

Best Stylish Women’s Helmet

The best stylish women’s helmet is Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet because it gives you a unique retro look with all the basic features at a reasonable price. 

#9: Best Multi-Purpose Women’s Helmet – YEMA YM-925 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you are looking for a helmet that can be used for sports as well as daily use. The modular structure with a matte finish allows you to ride in style. 

Additionally, the outer rugged shell of this helmet gives you maximum protection for every type of ride. You can also enjoy its ¾ configuration whenever you like. Furthermore, you might struggle with the vents of this YEMA model.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy YEMA YM-925 Modular Motorcycle Helmet 

Protection and Shell Structure: This helmet is DOT approved which gives you confidence in its durability. You can feel how lightweight this helmet is with the aerodynamic ABS material of the shell. Adding on, this technology gives your helmet more impact resistance.

Shield and Visor: You will love the rugged visor as it won’t flip up even if you leave it partially open at high speed. Besides this, you will also find a red switch on the side of the helmet which releases the visor down. You might find the shield fogging up a little.

Ventilation: This helmet comes with great ventilation mechanisms. The exhausts are located very technically to give you continuous airflow. Moreover, you might feel that the top vents are cheap because of the material it uses. Also, closing all the vents completely blocks the air which can cause you cold.

Interior and Comfort: After testing out this product, we can say that the interior is made up of premium quality. You feel comfortable with the fitting of this helmet as it is designed in a neutral shape. Furthermore, the liner is washable to take care of your hygiene.

Quietness: The quietness of this helmet is superb. The thick quality padding is installed to make it noise-free. Furthermore, closing out the vents blocks the outside air, making it more noise resistant. 


  • Can be used for all rides
  • Can be converted to ¾ helmet
  • Lightweight
  • DOT approved
  • Easy to swap visor


  • Visors might fog up
  • Outer material might feel cheap

Best Stylish Women’s Helmet 

The best multi-purpose women’s helmet is YEMA YM-925 Modular Motorcycle Helmet because it can be used for every type of rider with premium protection and style. 

Buyers’ Guide 

women helmet

If you are looking for some best women’s motorcycle helmets, there are several characteristics you should consider before making a purchase.

Without wasting time, let’s take a closer look at these key features.

Protection and Shell Structure

Motorcycle helmets are worn to ensure the entire head is safe in case of an accident. It should be noted that the motorcycle gear you are choosing complies with high safety standards and regulations. 

However, these safety regulations mainly come from the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE), and the SNELL foundation. 

Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to purchase a motorcycle helmet with a poor lid structure. It can be noisy in a street environment making you uncomfortable.

Also, a well-constructed shell will absorb the shock and easily protect your skull during an incident  


Next up, you need to look at the ventilation quality in women’s motorcycle helmets. No one wants to be humid and sweaty on a hot summer ride. Well, helmets with a number of exhaust vents can prevent this. 

Additionally, you should be able to control the air coming in and out. This comes in handy when you are riding in cold or rainy weather. 

Hence, consider women’s helmets with adjustable vents. 

Interior and Comfort

It is key that your motorcycle helmet is comfortable and has a snug fit. If you select a loose helmet, there is a high chance of it falling off and you being vulnerable to direct impact. 

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Secondly, if you are uncomfortable with your motorcycle helmet, it will be hard to fully concentrate on the road. 

Lastly, don’t forget that the right helmet is never too snug. It is when a well-padded helmet rubs against your skin. Wearing a tight helmet can cause neck strain and fatigue.

Apart from this, women’s helmets must have removable cheek pads and inner lining. You should be able to wash, dry, and replace them to get rid of clogged dust and dirt. 

Shield and Visor

Almost all motorcycle helmets come with a clear visor and a face shield. You still need to wear an appropriate helmet with an integrated sun visor. It will protect you from UV rays and keeps the glare off.  

Moreover, a clear visor will help you during rain. They will defog the shield and prevent raindrops from obstructing your view. 

In addition, you should also look into face shields if you want to protect your eyes from dirt, debris, stones, and mud coming at your face.

Also, any glass or plastic can block UV-A type. The real challenge for you is to choose a face shield that is specially designed to block UV-B type with maximum sun protection. CLICK HERE for more motorcycle accessories.

Full Face Helmet or Half Face Helmet 

You would not want to buy a half-face helmet and go on a sporty ride track. Always consider the type of motorcycle helmets according to your riding style.

However,  If you are a street bike rider then you should choose a  full-face motorcycle helmet. It will cover your skull cap going down to the chin and neck area. It will provide you with maximum protection during heavy traffic. 

On the contrary, Some women riders want to feel the wind blowing through their hair on seasonal long rides. If that’ is what excites you, a half-helmet is what you will need. 

Moreover, you can also pick an open helmet if you are claustrophobic. Additionally, these are also perfect if you’re a passenger and sitting behind your companion.


If you are a rider who is distracted by wind whistles and street noises, this feature should be of your top considerations

Most new helmets have noise isolation mechanisms but this key feature comes with a trade-off with ventilation. You can either enjoy excellent airflow or dampened street noise.

Well, you can always carry a Bluetooth earpiece with you. Most motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth pockets to make your ride soundless. 

Color and Design

It is important to consider the color of a face helmet to be visible on the road. As we know,  motorcycle riders are at a higher chance of road accidents as compared to car drivers.

Without a doubt, you should select a bike helmet with vivid colors. So that you call attention to your presence. If drivers can see you from a distance, the chances of mishap get low. 

You can also wear a unique color to differentiate yourself from fellow riders and build your style statement 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the safest type of motorcycle helmet?

The full-face helmets are the safest, irrespective of the type of motorcycle or track you’re riding them on. 

The solid construction of the shell protects your entire head along with jaws and neck. Your eyes are also safe with a full face shield.

How do I choose the right fitted women’s motorcycle helmet? 

You should use a measuring tape encircling your forehead for perfect measurement. 

The best way is to try it out at the store, if it moves when you shake your head, it is too big. In case you’re buying a helmet online, refer to the size chart.

Remember, you don’t want your premium helmet to be too tight, rather pretty snug. 

What is the difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle helmets? 

Technically motorcycle helmets for men and women have the same features and safety standards. The head size and shapes are also alike.

Nevertheless, women’s helmets come with contoured cheek pads to fit onto narrow facial features. In addition, they have a variety of colors and graphics as compared to men’s helmets.

What is the best type of helmet for a long ride?

For a long ride, you are recommended to wear a lightweight helmet which saves you from neck stiffness and fatigue. 

Hence, a full-face helmet is the best option. It will also give you protection from air, mud, dust, and debris at high speed.

Which one is the best motorcycle helmet safety standard?

In the USA, the standard of the helmet is certified by DOT whereas, in Europe, the standard of the helmet is certified by ECE. All the tests done by these departments are reliable

On the other hand, SNELL is a non-profit department. The safety tests conducted by them are far more tough and rigorous than those done by DOT or ECE. 

Hence, if you buy a SNELL-certified helmet, you will have maximum head protection in case of a bike crash. 

Can I use a football/skating or cycling helmet on a motorcycle? 

Apparently yes, you can use any other helmets on a motorcycle but it is not advisable. That is because all other helmets have not gone through safety tests.

They are not approved by DOT, ECE, or Snell. 

Furthermore, a football helmet protects you from mild impacts whereas you require strong head protection on a motorcycle to avoid greater impacts. 

How can I reduce the noise in my helmet?

You can easily do this by inserting additional padding inside your helmet. Some riders prefer wearing earmuffs to block wind and road noise. 

Moreover, you can also add foam or fleece above your cheek pads or around your ears to muffle the noises. 

Should a motorcycle helmet squeeze your cheeks? 

Yes, if a helmet fits you as it should you will feel the padding on your face. Usually, they push your cheeks up a little. 

Another way to check the fitness of a helmet over your head is by moving the chin bar, only your cheeks should move and not the helmet. 

Lastly, the interior of a helmet squeezing your cheeks is another reason to look for breathable, removable, and washable interior fabric.

How long does it take for a motorcycle helmet to adjust on your face?

On average, wearing a helmet for approximately 15 to 20 hours will make the lining adjust to your facial features. With more usage, the foam will deflate, which will further improve the fit. 

Is the face shield installed in a motorcycle helmet universal? 

Neither the face shield nor the sun visor installed in a helmet is universal. Every manufacturer has their unique quality face shield which they use in their line helmets. 

Additionally, if you buy a customized sun visor, it probably won’t fit in your differently manufactured helmet.   

Which color is the best to choose for a helmet?

According to research, white color is the best to choose for a motorcycle helmet. White helmets are considered the safest as they’re visible from a distance. 

Also, white-colored helmets have proven to be 24% less risky than black helmets. Hence, they make your ride much safer. 

For how long does a women’s motorcycle helmet last? 

Well, if your helmet is not cut or impacted in any way, It should last for 5 years. Although UV rays might affect the lifespan of the metal shell over the years. 

In case your helmet has seen an accident, we recommend you not to use it again. It is because it will not provide you safety up to the mark. 

Best Woman Motorcycle Helmet – Final Verdict

This brings us to conclude our best women’s motorcycle helmets review.

Clearly, Shoei RF-1400 Nocturne is a winner for us because it comes with all the quality features you would need in a helmet at an affordable price.

AVG K3 SV is right in the sweet spot for high-speed riding.

Out of all these best women’s motorcycle helmets, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below or visit our website HERE