Best Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Helmet – Best 9 Picks, Feedback, FAQs & More

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle, we have got you the best 9 picks that will make your travels much easy.

In this article, we’ll round up some of the best Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets. 

We’ll also talk about their pros and cons, and also, answer some of the most asked questions for you.


Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
After testing various products we came to the results that the Sena SMH10-11 is one of the best Bluetooth headsets available with a range of 980 yards and intercom functionality. The pro feature of it is that it comes with the best audio quality with noise cancellation. Moreover, it allows intercom functionality for 4 people. Check on Amazon

Fodsports FX6
After examining copious products we came to an outcome that the Fodsports FX6 is the best headset that supports 1touch blind operation control with an intercom system with a 500mah battery capacity. In addition to that, it ensures communication in bad weather with its waterproof property. Check on Amazon

BT-S2 Type-C
Scanning numerous Bluetooth headsets we concluded that the BT-S2 Type-C is a much cheaper option compared to the other Bluetooth motorcycle headset. It supports advanced DSP echo cancellation. And it is easy to operate even when you wear gloves. Check on Amazon

Now that you’ve had a brief overview of what our top 3 picks have to propound you. Let’s explore deeper and look at the products we’ve picked out for you.

Best  Bluetooth Headsets For Helmets – Top 9 Reviews 

#1: Best All-Around Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets – Sena SMH10-11 Review

When it comes to motorcycle Bluetooth headsets Sena SMH10-11 is an all-rounder. We’re not kidding when we say that it comes with everything you need for your drives on motorcycles. 

This is because of its 2 years warranty and of its 7 days standby time. 

While using Sena SMH10-11 we came across some of its impressive features including crystal clear sound quality. And by only saying any of the words of your own choice to attend or end the call. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy the Bluetooth intercom Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset. 

Pricing: The Sena SMH10-11 is assuredly more expensive than other motorcycle Bluetooth headphones but the features you get at this price are certainly worth it but it’s not an option for all the riders. 

Bluetooth v3.0 Wireless: The best feature it comes with is its intercom functionality in which 4 persons can connect with its audio multitasking technology. 

User Friendly: You’ll be glad to know that this Bluetooth speaker provides 8 hours of talk time and 8 hours of music play. Which is great for indoor and outdoor use. You can easily add different motorcycle accessories as well.

Compatibility: The SMH10-11 supports all the popular operating systems such as androids, iPhones.

Moreover has inbuild three flat buttons which are very convenient for answering calls. With the best noise cancellation technology. It is the right Bluetooth headset with HD-quality audio for you. 


  • Easy to use
  • Covers a distance of up to 900 yards
  • Powered by Bluetooth
  • Participate in a four-way intercom conversation
  • Cross-brand intercom compatibility


  • Extremely expensive

Best All-Around Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

The best all-around Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets is the Sena SMH10-11 because it comes with hours of talk time, intercom connections, voice commands, and above all 4 people at a time can be intercom communicators.

#2:  Best user-friendly Bluetooth headset for Motorcycle Helmets- Fodsports FX6  Review 

If you are someone who has never come across this motorcycle Bluetooth headset, Fodspoet FX6 is a must to try. This Bluetooth headset is extremely easy to use than other Bluetooth headsets. 

What we like about it the most is the build-in of CSR’s CVC tech to achieve up to 30DB noise control and a pro-wind-noise-proof mic. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy the most user-friendly Fodsports FX6 Bluetooth headset. 

Pricing: Fodsports FX6 is available in the market with an expensive price tag but it is worth the price with all the best features.if you need good quality should go for Fodsports FX6. 

Excellent noise control: The best feature after examining Fodsports FX6 we had is its best sound quality that uses CSR’s CVC tech that achieves up to 30Db noise control. It focuses on echo generated in the class to suppress various reverberation noises and it effectively reduces the noise created in the background.  

Extended battery usage: Fodsports FX6 will never compromise on your road trips with its intercom system of 500mah battery capacity. It gives you 10 hours of stream music play and hours of talk time it counts on the list of best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. 

Waterproof Bluetooth headset: you’ll be pleased to hear that this Bluetooth communication system comes with the feature of being waterproof. It ensures its an advantage in the bad weather too. 

Lightweight: Fodsports FX6 motorcycle Bluetooth headset comes with only 100 grams of weight that goes easy on your ears to lift the weight. 


  • Best voice commands 
  • Extended battery usage 
  • Waterproof, easy to go on with even on bad weather days
  • Lightweight with only 100 grams


  • It is on the expensive side

Best user-friendly Bluetooth headset for motorcycles  

The best user-friendly Bluetooth headset for a motorcycle helmet is the Fodsports FX6 because of its intercom system. Its crystal clear HD audio feature makes it the best of other Bluetooth headsets. 

#3: Best Low-Priced Bluetooth headset For Motorcycle Helmets – BT-S2 Type-C Review 

You’ll be glad to know that the best affordable Bluetooth headset is the BT-S2 Type-C. This is because it has excellent multitasking technology and is compatible with A2DP and AVRCP.  

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After testing it out for months, we noticed that you can even make mobile calls or listen to stereo music through its hands-free feature. 

This is the perfect Bluetooth motorcycle headset as it provides you with hands-free mobile calls and listens to stereo music.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy BT-S2 Type-C

Excellent voice command and noise reduction: You’ll be delighted to know that BT-S2 Type-C has put in place the advanced DSP echo cancelation. So if you are on a busy road and you want to enjoy and communicate with your teammates it’s the better cheap option.      

 Bluetooth communication: It is a communication device with 1000m. This Bluetooth technology uses a CSR Bluetooth Chip, which gives an intercom range of 80km/h-120km/h. 

Wireless streaming and hands-free Bluetooth: After experimenting on BT-S2 Type-C we came to the result that it supports incoming phone calls automatically. up and down of songs and with its best sound quality helps us enjoy FM radio.

User-friendly: We found it very user-friendly as a group of riders can communicate with each other with full-duplex communication technology. It supports 3 riders at a time 3 riders to pair and only 2 riders for intercom connection at the same time. 

Magnificent waterproof: BBT-S2 Type-C Bluetooth motorcycle headset is one of the best Bluetooth communicators that comes with waterproof technology made of silicone material. It causes no effect even on rainy or snowy days.


  • Excellent voice command and noise reduction 
  • Enjoy music and phone calls through A2DP
  • Built-in FM radio automatically selects the channel with the best frequency.
  • Offers best quality sound for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Excellent waterproof technology made of silicon material.


  • Designed to use in us only as the voltage and outlets differ internationally.

The best Low-priced Bluetooth headset for motorcycles

The best low-priced Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets is the BT-S2 Type-C despite its cheap price tag it provides you with premium Bluetooth headset qualities. It gives hours of talk time and is a waterproof technology made of silicon material.  

#4: Best outdoor sports Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets – Sena SPH10 Review 

Sena SPH10 an outdoor sports Bluetooth stereo intercom is all you need to listen to what you love because this motorcycle Bluetooth headset is best for your ears. 

You’ll be happy to find out that this Bluetooth headset has Bluetooth 3.0 technology. It introduced the capability of a four-way conference intercom and a two-way intercom up to 900 yards.  

After all the experiments we came to know that if you want to listen to music a delightful experience, go for Sena SPH10. It is safe for your ears with the integrated audio boost technology.   

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sena SPH10 

Intercom connections: You’ll be glad to know that Sena SPH10 has an intercom for up to 4 people with a distance of 900 yards. This Bluetooth device can connect you with its intercom range to other riders. 

Ergonomically friendly control: The Sena SPH10 with its versatile jog dial and large buttons on the boom mic makes it easy to use. This does not require any custom software to work. Its mesh intercom technology connects you with your loved ones even on your rides.  

Bluetooth technology: The Sena SPH10 has Bluetooth 3.0 technology that provides you the capability to listen to the music of your choice. With its best sound quality, this Bluetooth has automatic volume adjustment according to the background noise. 

Mobile phone connections: Sena SPH10 has Vox technology, that can automatically attend to and reject phone calls. It has the facility for simultaneous connection to two mobile phones. 

Simple to learn, optimized for life: Like most of the other Bluetooth motorcycle headsets this headset is also made of waterproof technology. the outdoor intercom system offers you up to 10 hours of talk time and 7 days of standby on a single charge. 


  • Stereo audio cable 
  • Rubber earpads 
  • Advanced noise control technology 
  • Removable boom and mini microphone 
  • Weather resistance and sturdy 
  • Echo reducing technology


  • Only wireless

The OutDoor Sports Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets

The best outdoor sports Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets is Sena SPH10  because it has an intercom for up to 4 people within 900 yards of distance. We came to know that it has individual volume adjustments for each audio resource.  

#5 Best Sound Quality Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets – Sena 50S Review

If you are a motorcycle rider, helmets are a must and to make the ride more enjoyable having the best Bluetooth headset is a plus point. Sena 50S is one of the best Bluetooth headsets that come with a dazzling intercom range of 8,000 meters.      

You’ll be glad to know that Sena 50S has the best feature of voice control that supports both Siri and Google assistance. It’s waterproof technology companies you even on the bad weather days.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sena 50S    

Intercom range: Just like the best Bluetooth motorcycle headsets Sena 50S comes with an intercom range of 1,300m using Bluetooth. It has cutting-edge technology, communication reliability, and Mesh 2.0 with audio clarity.                                                                  

Advanced and upgraded voice activation: Sena 50S introduces you to an upgraded voice-activation digital assistant. Siri and Goggle Assistant for voice commands are used. With redesigned HD speakers this Bluetooth marked an increase in volume, bass, and clarity.

Mesh intercom Antenna: This Bluetooth device has a mesh antenna that can pair up with three other Sena headsets. With its long battery life, it gives you hours of talk time.  

waterproof: You’ll be glad to know that this motorcycle’s Bluetooth is water-resistant. You can feel the highs and lows with these headphones even on bad weather days.  

Connectivity: it has 5 Bluetooth connections for your smartphone to get access to music, FM Radio, phone calls, GPS navigation. Smartphone for access to music, phone calls, GPS navigation.


  • 2.0 mesh technology
  • Upgraded voice activation
  • 1,300m intercom range using Bluetooth
  • Mesh intercom Antenna
  • Waterproof


  • Poor battery life

Best Sound-Quality Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Helmet

The best sound-quality Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets is the Sena 50S because it comes with the best sound quality. It has 2.0 mesh technology. Sena 50S set in motion the new upgrade voice activation digital assistant using Siri and Google Assistant. Its waterproof technology makes you stay tuned with the other world.  

#6: Best Mid-price Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets – LEXIN G16  Review

If you travel around on a motorcycle a lot, intercom Bluetooth is a must. Today we have picked the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset, LEXIN G16.

The LEXIN G16 allows 16 riders on the same track to contact each other up to a 2km has an intercom 5.0 Bluetooth. It is double times fast and gives four times faster than the 4.0 range. 

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Its sound quality is so majestic. The intercom is water and dustproof with integral LED light. The LED light is so helpful at night. You can easily check the potential issue and fix it. Its 15 hours of intercom talk time with 2 hours of recharge time is very impressive. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy LEXIN G16 

Battery life: LEXIN G16 proffer 15 hours of talk time, and 2 hours of recharge time. Its audio multitasking technology connects you to the other riders and you can drift away with the music. 

Userfriendly: This new Bluetooth headset is user-friendly and connects 16 riders with a claimed distance range of 2km. It gives fast streaming and built-in FM radio and sharing music to the ride fellows.

LED light: The intercom has LED lights which are useful for night riding. the rider can instantly check out the potential issues without removing headphones or finding a torch. 

Noise reduction: With its best noise cancellation LEXIN G16 helps you stay focused. Apart from noise cancellation, it connects you to other Bluetooth intercom systems. 

Water and dustproof: LEXIN G16 is water and dustproof, which means it ensures you its company in any weather conditions and connects you to your loved ones. 


  • 15 hours talk time 
  • Connection with 16 riders at a time.
  • LED lights 
  • Good noise reduction
  • Water and dustproof


  • More features could be added.

Best Mid-Priced Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmet

The best mid-priced Bluetooth headset for a motorcycle helmet is the LEXIN G16 because it allows 16 riders interconnection where they can enjoy music and talk to their loved ones. Its water and dustproof technology help you stay connected in all weather conditions. The LED light is a plus point that can help solve potential issues at night. 

#7: Best Robust Bluetooth HeadSet for a motorcycle helmet – Sena 30K Review 

Sena 30K is a device that comes with natural mesh technology. This Bluetooth device provides its riders with the best range and stability 

It comes with a maximum intercom range of 8 kilometers, the pro point is that 6 riders can talk simultaneously. Though the sound quality is not as best as other Bluetooth headsets it’s worth it when comes to the best intercom out there. 

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Buy Sena 30K

Robust Intercom Device: Sena 30K is a robust intercom device with natural mesh technology that performs incredibly well. You can connect to the world without any pause. You can enjoy the company of your fellows and interact with them directly without going through the internet.

Intercom Range: The Sena 30k offers the maximum intercom range of five miles. In which you can enjoy your companion’s company, enjoy sharing music, and listen to the FM radio. The catch is that six readers can communicate at one time.

Integrated Voice Commands: Our experience showed the results that Sena 30K allows integrated voice commands. That makes it user-friendly. only one voice command can perform your all functions.

Standby Time: It has a battery life of 15 hours of talk time. Its quick charge of 20 min can give you 5 hours of talk time. It’s made of a polymer battery. 

Multitasking Technology: Sena 30K provides you with communication and entertainment. You can switch music, intercom, streaming, calling, and navigation with ease. 


  • Fits in maximum helmets.
  • Best mesh technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ambient mode is an excellent addition. 
  • Integrated voice command.


  • Expensive
  • Non-waterproof

Best Robust Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets

The best robust Bluetooth headset for a motorcycle helmet is the Sena 30K because it has the best mesh technology that connects you with the world even on your ride around the world. Its 2.4Mhz wireless technology dynamically connects you to your loved ones. With its multitasking technology, you can switch to music, phone calls, streaming, and navigation with ease. 

#8: Best Affordable Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Helmets – Sena 10S Review 

You will be surprised to know that the results after exploring this Bluetooth device were incredible, Sena 10S comes with a communication system to call hands-free on your phone, listen to music. 

If you ever have to ride with other people, communication with them is a necessity. Sena 10S gives you a Multi-way intercom for up to four connections.  

Listening to FM radio while riding then this motorcycle Bluetooth headset is what you are looking for, it has a built-in FM radio tuner. which helps you to search and save radio channels. Its waterproof technology stays with you even on rainy days.   

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sena 10S

Bluetooth version: Sena 10S has a 4.1 Bluetooth version that also supports HFP/HSP, A2DP, AND offers you a range of 1.6km, in which you can connect with other riders. Enjoy and share music with them. 

Multiway intercom: The conclusions added that Sena 10S benefits you from its multi-way intercom for up to four connections.

Built-in FM radio: It’s your partner on long rides. These are the headphone that makes the music feel like a celebration. If you love listening to music. here is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset. 

Noise control technology: Its noise control technology makes sure that you get natural sound without any background distortion. 

Waterproof technology: Its waterproof technology confirms its long-term usage. And helps you to stay connected to the world in rough weather. 


  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Advance noise control
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Multiway intercom
  • waterproof
  • Crystal clear HD audio


  • Connection issues

Best Affordable Bluetooth Headset for motorcycle helmets

The best affordable Bluetooth headset for a motorcycle helmet is the Sena 10S because in a low price range it makes you enjoy all the pro features. It gives you the best crystal clear HD audio and waterproof technology. 

#9: Best Chic Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets – Cardo Packtalk Slim Review

Motorcycle headphones are the additional accessory you need for a better drive. PACKTALK Slim is the best headphones available in the market. These are small snugly that fit right on your ear. Just like other headphones, it connects you to music, phone calls, FM radio, and GPS through Bluetooth technology. 

After using various Bluetooth headsets, we came to the conclusion that it comes with all the pro features such as IP67 rating, Dynamic Meshwork Communication technology, VOX voice command technology, and JBL stereo speakers. 

The PACKTALK introduced two separate pieces, the main device, and the battery. Customized voice control, built-in Fm radio, and parallel audio streaming features make this Bluetooth headset a must-try. 

 Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy PACKTALK Slim

Two separate pieces: PACKTALK Slim comes with two separate pieces, one is the main part and the other is the battery.  The main device goes on the side while the battery side goes backside. Maintaining the stability of the helmet.   

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Parallel audio streaming: You would be glad to know that its JBL 40m speakers give you the best HD sound quality.   

Customized voice control: PACKTALK slim comes with sound navigation. Your system can work with only one sound by the digital assistant.

DMC(Dynamis meshwork communication): You can connect with up to 15 riders through the mesh technology that has a range of 1600m. Moreover, it has 16 hours of Talktime.


  • Two separate pieces
  • Low-design profile
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • DMC technology
  • Noise-cancelling technology
  • waterproof


  • Average built quality
  • Difficult to set up

Best Chic Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets

The best chic Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets is the PACKTALK Slim because of its DMC technology which helps you communicate with 15 riders at the same time.

Best Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Helmets – Buyers’ Guide

bluetooth helmet

If Bluetooth headsets aren’t for you, consider investing in a Bluetooth helmet. We have listed some of the key features for you to keep in mind before buying any of the best Bluetooth headsets for your motorcycle helmet.

Number of riders  

Using a Bluetooth headset is meant to interact with a group of riders. Prefer a Bluetooth device that depends on the number of riders you want to communicate with on the ride. 

Some Bluetooth headsets have only rider to passenger communication mode and others mention the number of riders required. If you want to communicate with your passenger, go for a headset that comprises a rider to passenger function.

If you want to enjoy the group riding safely then you should consider the number of riders you want to communicate with.     


The distance of the ride is something to put into consideration as the Bluetooth devices aid to communicate at the furthest distance. 

To ensure a great reception on the road, check the distance of the headset for a clear sound without cutting the communication line. Be sure you go for a Bluetooth device that works at the furthest distance.  


Bluetooth headsets are meant to be compatible with different headset brands. This helps to connect with different riders who carry different headset brands. To ensure wide connectivity go for a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with different headset brands and various devices.   

Battery life

The battery life is essential in motorcycle riding, as on long trips you need long-lasting battery life. To search for the best Bluetooth headset for your ride is to check the battery life the device has to offer. Pick the one with the best battery life.     

Sound quality

The sound quality is the main buying guide when looking for a Bluetooth headset. great sound quality is essential as the sound should work in the noise and wind when riding at high speeds. 

Clear sound quality means a clean signal in which many headsets have noise cancellation technology that helps to cancel the noise for a clear sound. To ensure a safe and clear signal is to go for a Bluetooth headset that has great sound quality. 

Hands-free function  

The hands-free function is the most advanced in Bluetooth headsets as this feature helps to control the device without pressing buttons. This helps to ride safely without any distractions coming your way. 

If you are one of those riders, who wants to operate the device without using your hands is to go for a headset that comprises a hands-free function. 

Voice prompt 

The voice prompt is the most popular feature in Bluetooth headsets as the voice control helps to deliver instructions and the voice command does the rest. This helps to ride safely without fumbling the buttons. Different headsets offer various voice commands such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. To find a headset for your ride is to consider the voice prompt. 

Easy to install

A Bluetooth headset should be easy to install in all helmet types and should be easy to access the headset on the go. Some Bluetooth devices specify certain helmet types that install only that certain type of helmet. Find the one that is installed in all kinds of helmets.


The durability of the headset is important, as the device should last a year or two. This is where the long battery life and other factors come into play. 

To buy a long-lasting headset is to check the warranty the product has to offer. This will give you an idea of how long the battery drains during the ride. To buy the best Bluetooth headset is to consider durability.  


The Bluetooth headset is exposed to different weather conditions that damage the device. With the advancements in technology, more and more headset has added waterproof to prevent the device from getting wet. Even in the heaviest rain, the headset would not cause single damage. If you ride in the rain often is to go for a waterproof headset. 


Just because a headset offers, a very cheap price does not mean it will have a long-lasting group ride. Whether you communicate with your friends or listen to your favorite music, a good Bluetooth headset should not judge based on price alone. To enjoy the ride peacefully is to look for a headset that offers a decent price.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth getting a Bluetooth helmet? 

Bluetooth helmets provide an expensive range of advantages to a motorcycle rider, such as hands-free communication with other riders, the ability to stream music, and the ability to navigate. Bluetooth helmets are not that much more expensive than regular motorcycle helmets.

Can you wear headphones in a motorcycle helmet?

While many riders enjoy listening to the audio on the road, some ways are safe and better than others. You should never wear headphones or regular earbuds while riding.  Make sure the system supports activation so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. The helmet should recognize your voice in every situation.

Can you listen to music with a Bluetooth motorcycle?  

Yes, the headset inside of a Bluetooth helmet connects to your smartphone, so you can play your favorite music, and FM radio or you could connect to another device such as a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player.  

What is a Bluetooth-ready helmet?

They use piconets to form a network with your devices without using any kind of wires. The Bluetooth in these helmets is electrified by a small battery that does not fail to provide you with a stable connection. Easy Bluetooth Pairing. Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets. Bluetooth Ready Helmets. 

Final Verdict 

With that, we conclude our best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmet review.

To choose the best Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet, you’ll have to curb the different Bluetooth headsets and find that will suit your budget. 

We hope that you will find the best Bluetooth for yourself with the help of this post. CLICK HERE for more motorcycle helmets and accessory guides.