Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet – Top 10 Reviews, Feedback, Buyer’s Guide & More

The greatest adventure helmet, unlike other helmets, must have a safe yet powerful face shield.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a street rider or an adventurous biker, you’ll need protective gear that doesn’t compromise comfort or vision.

We’ve put together a list of the best motorcycle helmets, and we want to help you choose the best one.


Klim Krios Karbon

If you’re looking for a helmet that has a big view glass, we highly recommend the Adventure Helmet by Klim. This helmet has ventilation ports on the chin, forehead, and back, as well as a focus on quiet design.
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Helmet Arai Tour XD4

We notice that Arai Tour X4 Helmet has a Double D lock system. Inserts for Pinlock visors are included. To release the cheek pads, use the emergency tab. Fully machine washable and detachable. We thought this is great in comparison to other helmets in the same price range.
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Pioneer Helmet LS2

After thorough research we noticed that Pioneer Helmet comes with an interior sun visor. Ratcheting chin strap The liner may be removed and washed completely.
Quickly releasing cheek pads

It has a very fair price tag.
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We spent a lot of time and effort compiling a list of the top adventure helmets so you can get the most bang for your budget.

Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet – Top 10 Reviews

#1: Best All-around Motorcycle Adventure Helmet – Klim Krios Karbon 

After testing this product out we noticed that the Krios is a visored full-face peaked adventure helmet. It is composed of carbon fiber and claims to be the lightest adventure helmet ever built. 

The helmet can be easily converted into four riding styles: adventure, dual-sport with goggles and shield still attached, off-road with goggles and shield removed, and street with the peak removed. They are safety helmets that protect you during your journey.

We also noticed that It’s antibacterial, moisture-wicking, soft, and comfortable all at the same time. It fully loaded adventure lid featuring DOT and ECE certification, plus lots of high-quality custom.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

Ventilation: it has excellent ventilation, this helmet is ideal for riding in extreme circumstances in a hot region.

Visor: The range of vision is amazing and extremely broad so that you can enjoy the scenery.

Interior: The internal liner of the Klim Krios helmet is removable and posh.


  • Super Lightweight
  • Capable of wearing goggles
  • Good ventilation
  • Transitional lense
  • Wide opening


  • The visors and shields are fragile
  • Noisy

Best All-around Motorcycle Adventure Helmet 

The best all-around adventure motorcycle helmet is Klim Krios Karbon because it’s super lightweight and is very comfortable to wear.

#2: Best Premium Quality Motorcycle Adventure Helmet – Arai Tour XD4 

We have the Arai XD4 helmet, which is very popular due to its outstanding and incredible qualities.

The interior of the Arai XD4 is detachable, replaceable, and washable. It comes with a comfort lining and 5mm peel-away cheek pads that allow riders to customize the fit.

The chin has three vents, two for the forehead, two scoops on top, and exhausts at the back.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Arai Tour XD4 Helmet

Ventilation: It has excellent ventilation. The chin has three vents, two for the forehead, two scoops on top, and exhausts at the back.

Visor: Even in the most extreme wet conditions, the visor is effectively prevented from misting and fogging. It is simple to clean and replace.

Interior: The Arai XD4 has a washable interior and is completely removable and replaceable. By removing this helmet from your face, you can clean dirt in a short time.

Best Premium Quality Motorcycle Adventure Helmet

The best premium quality adventure motorcycle helmet is the Arai Tour XD4 Helmet because of its quality and excellent safety protection. 

#3: Best LightWeight Adventure Motorcycle Helmet – Pioneer LS2

After testing the LS2 Pioneer helmet we noticed that it looks like the real deal when it comes to high-performance, off-road, and dual-sport helmets, with scoops, divots, angles, and ventilation on the front and sides.

The back of the helmet has a 3D mesh bubble comfort liner. So, if you’re riding forward, this lining keeps you comfortable while creating a microclimate along the back of your helmet.

We noticed that LS2 Pioneer comes with plenty of vents and exhausts but only the chin bar can be closed.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pioneer Helmet LS2

Ventilation: It has excellent ventilation, with five front-facing vents and a large exhaust vent that allows for excellent cross-flow of air.

Visor: The LS2 Pioneer has both a drop-down internal sun visor and an external roost guard. It  can also be removed, and is compatible with goggles 

Interior: The cheek pads and inner linings are removable and are wonderfully soft and smooth. It gives a very comfortable wearing experience.


  • Internal sun visor
  • Reasonable price
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • Non-removable peak

 Best LightWeight Adventure Motorcycle Helmet.

The best lightweight adventure motorcycle helmet is Pioneer Helmet LS2 because of its internal sun visor and reasonable price.

#4:Best Durable Adventure Motorcycle Helmet – FX41 FR-GY/N-OR LG

The Helmet FX41 FR-GY/N-Or LG features a hollow space for most speaker systems. It also has a thermoplastic composition, which facilitates airflow. You will not suffocate while wearing it.

This adventure helmet has an excellent strap mechanism that allows it to fit perfectly on your head. this helmet absorbs a lot of impacts Because it is composed of polycarbonate, 

The inside shell is made of EPS and has nineteen holes, making this helmet even better for airflow.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Helmet FX41 FR-GY/N-OR LG

Ventilation: The inside shell is made of EPS and has nineteen holes so it has excellent ventilation, this helmet is ideal for riding in extreme circumstances in a hot region.

Visor: The range of vision is amazing and extremely broad so that you can enjoy the scenery

Interior: The FX41 FR-GY adventure helmet has a very nice strap system that allows it to fit perfectly on your head..


  • It feels quite good on the head
  • It has an excellent ventilation system
  • A clear coat finish protects the paint and graphics


  • Expensive

Best Durable Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

The best durable adventure motorcycle helmet is Helmet FX41 FR-GY/N-OR LG because it feels comfortable on the head and has excellent ventilation.

#5: Best Large Outrigger Adventure Helmet – Scorpion EXO-AT950 

Scorpion’s EXO-AT950 adventure helmet has an EverClear anti-fog face shield which is scratch-resistant and protects you from UV radiation and fog. 

This protective shell offers excellent protection while remaining lightweight. Inside the shell is an EPS dual-density liner. 

Moreover, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 has a dedicated speaker pocket for easy installation of your Bluetooth device.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet

Ventilation: This helmet has a large chin vent that will provide adequate airflow for your mouth while also preventing fogging on the face shield. The helmet has an aerodynamic ventilation system that pushes air from the frontal intake vents to the inner EPS of the helmet and then exhaust vents on the back

Visor: This helmet is equipped with an external peak visor. You’ll not have to have a fixed visor. and  It is also simple to remove.

Interior: The interior of Scorpion EXO-AT950 is designed to wick away the sweat from the head and the interior of the helmet can be easily removable and washable. 


  • Meets all safety requirements
  • A comfortable viewport with a large field of view
  • Washable padding
  • The sun visor is dropped from the inside


  • Expensive
  • Noise issue

Best Large Outrigger Adventure Helmet

The best large outrigger adventure motorcycle helmet is Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet because it has excellent safety protection.

#6: Best Affordable Adventure Helmet – Bell MX-9 

After testing The Bell MX-9 Adventure helmet we noticed that it is lightweight and the interior can be easily removed and washed.

The Bell MX-9 Adventure helmet is in our opinion “the best bang for the buck,” like no other adventure or dual-sport helmet provides as many features at this price.

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The peak and visor are both removable, allowing for use on the street, on an adventure, or off-road. It contains the moisture-wicking, removable washable liner with chin, forehead, and back vents.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

Ventilation: It has excellent ventilation and the extended chin bar conducts a lot of air up past your face. It’s ideal for summer riding or trail riding.

Visor: The MX-9 Adventure helmet includes a fully functional, removable clear visor and a four-position match, and a ridge at the bottom to allow for easy opening while supporting the formation of a good seal against the visor gasket.

Interior: The interior liner has a soft feel so it is quite comfortable to wear. It is completely removable for washing or replacement.


  • Easily take goggles
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog
  • Five years warranty
  • Excellent value for money


  • Noisy 
  • Visor isn’t quick to remove

Best Affordable Adventure Helmet

The best affordable adventure motorcycle helmet is Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet because it is anti-scratch and anti-fog, which makes it incredibly durable.

#7: Best Portable Adventure Helmet- O’Neal Sierra 2 

The O’Neal Sierra helmet has a built-in face shield. It includes a clear eye screen that allows you to see over a great distance.

This product includes a flip-up, flush-fitting, quick-release visor that can be worn with or without the visor. It also comes with a slide cover kit for shielding purposes. This can be removed for open-face riding or goggle use.

This helmet has a compound-c-curved shape, is scratch-resistant, and guards you against UV radiation. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy O’Neal Sierra 2 Adventure Helmet

Ventilation: The ventilation O’Neal Sierra 2 adventure helmet is amazing as it consists of three intake vents and two exhaust vents. Top vents pump air into the channels via the contoured EPS liner.

Visor: It has a drop-down internal sun visor. You can activate it by pressing a slide button on the side of the helmet. The outer face shield is durable, and it provides good vision and a good seal against dust and water.

Interior: The interior of the Sierra Helmet is made from nylon lining and a cheek pad that is hypoallergenic and antibacterial so, you will be protected from any allergies.


  • An extremely strong entry-level helmet for dual sports
  • Excellent ventilation system with several passive airflow holes
  • A washable and removable helmet liner and cheek pads


  • A very good ventilation system can sometimes mean an excess of air

Best Portable Adventure Helmet

The best portable adventure motorcycle helmet is the O’Neal Sierra 2 Adventure Helmet because it has an excellent ventilation system with several passive airflow holes.

#8: Best Bluetooth Full Face Adventure Helmet – Torc T14B 

It is very comfortable because of its thick and padded inner liner, and it includes an adjustable ventilation system for good airflow.

This helmet includes a Bluetooth integrated shell, allowing you to listen to and enjoy music without purchasing an additional piece of Bluetooth.

The liner may be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. You will be successful in removing the dirt from your helmet that provides impact energy in the case of a crash. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Torc T14B

Ventilation: This helmet has an excellent ventilation system that makes riding more comfortable. The cheek pads and lining are easily removable and washable.

Visor: Torc T14B has an internal high-quality locking dropdown sun visor system that helps you concentrate on the road and avoid accidents.

Interior: It is extremely comfortable due to its thick and cushioned inner liner.

The liner can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.


  • The sound quality is fantastic
  • The inner liner is comfortable
  • High-quality visor
  • Built-in Bluetooth helmet at the best prices


  • Bluetooth does not work with OK Google

Best Bluetooth Full Face Adventure Helmet

The best Bluetooth full-face adventure motorcycle helmet is the Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face because it is very comfortable to wear and has fantastic sound quality.

#9: Best Budget-Friendly Adventure Motorcycle Helmet – XFMT 

The XFMT DOT Retro Style Motorcycle Helmet has a high-quality ABS shell that is lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

It has a double D-ring retention system for enhanced comfort and security. The faux suede leather liner provides ultimate comfort and security.

This helmet includes a retractable sun visor that can be used to shield your eyes from the sun. Check out our motorcycle accessories for more protection from the sun.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy XFMT DOT Retro Style Helmet

Ventilation: It has excellent ventilation.

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Visor: The XFMT DOT Retro helmet has a retractable sun visor and 3-button detachable visor that helps to protect your eyes from the sun.

interior: The interior of the XFMT DOT Retro helmet has a padded interior which is very comfortable to wear.


  • Persistent
  • Light in weight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Eye protection


  • Little bit heavy

Best budget-friendly adventure motorcycle helmet

The best budget-friendly adventure motorcycle helmet is the XFMT DOT Retro style Helmet because it protects the eyes and is light in weight.

#10:  Best Off-road Adventure motor-cycle Helmet – ILM Off-Road Motorcycle helmet

You can wear this helmet as a full-face helmet, a rally helmet, or a full-face helmet On dirt bikes, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and other outdoor sports.

A ventilation system circulates fresh air throughout the structure. Moisture-laden air is expelled via the ventilation system. This unit is simple to use, with one huge vent at the front and one on top.

The quick-release chin strap and clasp make it simple to put on and take off the helmet. The breath box can be replaced, preventing fogging.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy ILM Off-Road Motorcycle helmet

Ventilation: This ILM Off-road helmet has a chin vent and top intake vents to allow for plenty of airflows. The vents here are active, and the One-Touch sliders can control them. You can control if you want the air inside the helmet or not; this can be useful in the winter or whenever you feel like it.

Visor: we noticed that ILM Off helmets have tinted visors to help protect against the sun’s rays. And have a wide field of vision, allowing you to wear goggles while motocross riding. 

Interior: The ILM has a detachable top liner and washable ear pads. 


  • Low in weight
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent client service
  • Strong and durable


  • The sun visor’s optics could be improved

Best Off-Road Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

The best off-road adventure motorcycle helmet is the ILM Off-Road Motorcycle helmet because it has a very sturdy build, however, it is comfortable to wear at the same time.

Buyers’ Guide



Most adventure helmets have excellent ventilation and airflow. They typically feature one large vent in the chin bar area and several smaller vents around the cheekbones and forehead. Helmets with good ventilation make for more comfortable journeys.

These air vents are required for harsh conditions like riding in hot climates and deserts.  

You will normally sweat a lot more when riding on the street, proper ventilation is important.


The visor of every adventure motorcycle helmet is important. 

Make sure the front visor is wide enough, and a transparent visor is best with a pin lock. 

You should be aware that your helmet must provide a minimum of 105 degrees of side vision on each side. 


The interior of an adventure motorcycle helmet should have a comfort padding with soft foam and a fabric covering that sits next to your head. This will keep you comfortable and allow your helmet to fit properly. 

We highly recommend that you try a few helmets out before you pick the best one for yourself. 

Note: Your helmet should not be too tight or too loose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I look for in a helmet?

Here are a few things you should consider whilst purchasing a helmet: 

  • It should fit your head properly
  • The chin strap of the helmet should fit you properly. We suggest that you add two fingers between the strap and the underside of your chin to ensure there is no additional space. 
  • Your helmet should neither be too tight nor too loose

How Do I Know if my motorcycle helmet fits me?

Your motorcycle helmet should not be too tight or too loose. You can check by wearing your helmet and placing two finders below the chin strap to check in case there is too much space.

What are the best motorcycle helmets for long-distance riders?

The best and most effective motorcycle helmet for long riders is the one that fits best on you. Moreover, it should provide excellent protection and safety from damaging impacts and elements.

Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmets – Conclusion

Now that we’ve completed our review of the best Adventure motorcycle helmet, it’s up to you to choose the one that’s right for you.

Keep in mind the various considerations discussed in the buyer’s guide to ensure you make the best decision.

Choosing the greatest adventure motorcycle helmet increases your chances of remaining safe greatly. 

So which adventure motorcycle helmet did you choose for your journey? Do let us know in the comments below or browse our website for more.