How to Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet? In-Depth Guide With FAQs and More.

Ever wonder how to mount Action camera on Motorcycle helmet? Action cameras are becoming a big thing for motorcycle riders now. This admiration with the riders is increasing over the past few years. 

You are going on just a road trip or a panoramic mountain ride, people love to capture every moment and admire them forever.

Many motorcycle riders mount their action camera on the handlebars but it causes a lot of problems due to small space issues.

However many people found it very useful to mount cameras on their motorcycle helmets as it is easier, safer, and provides wider and improved shooting angles. 

Regardless, let’s discuss how you can mount an action camera to your motorcycle helmet. 

Quick Summary

In this post, we will discuss:

  • Easy methods to install an action camera 
  • How you can easily mount an action camera on your motorcycle helmet
  • 3 different and super easy methods to mount an action camera 

So without further ado, let’s start

Methods to Mount Action Camera on Your Motorcycle Helmets.

Mounting your action camera to your motorcycle helmet is not as difficult as you think. 

We suggest that you follow the instructions in this guide to ensure that you do it properly. 

So without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it. 

Method 1

Many riders have different ways to mount an action camera. Here is the simplest way we found for you to mount an action camera on your helmet M-seal. 

Grab an M-seal, after applying, amalgamate the action camera mount explicitly on your helmet. Now leave the helmet for 12 hours to get it set. After that, you can easily use it. 

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For more safety, you can tie a thin cord to tie the mount action camera on your helmet. As if in some conditions the mount may fall but your camera will remain safe and attached to the helmet. 

Method 2

Sometimes when your mount action camera’s straps are not working. The recordings you get are wobbly. 

We suggest one of the easy ways to stabilize it. Pull in double-sided adhesive tape with which a heavy material like tape can be attached. But for safety measures do use any of the lanyards to save the camera from falling off. 

Method 3 

One of the best methods we suggest are, first to clean the area of the helmet where you have to mount an action camera on your motorcycle helmet with anything that can hack through grease. Then attach an actin mount camera on that place. Adjust the camera according to your requirements.

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Mount An Action Camera On Your Helmet  

Here is a step-by-step procedure for how to mount an action camera on your motorcycle helmet:

  • Find the finest mount location for your camera on the helmet. however the chin area of most helmets has a ridge that the adhesive mount cannot adhere to, you have to mount the adhesive on the right or left side of the helmet and then direct the connectors to the center. The mounting location demands to be smooth and straight with no ridges.
  • Clean the selected area with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and oil from the surface of the helmet and allow the adhesive glue to adhere. 
  • Remove the cover from the glue, stick the adhesive mount to the helmet, then firmly press it onto the surface, and leave it for an hour to dry and hold securely.
  • Insert the camera into the frame and then close the latch.  
  • Attach the camera frame to the mounting buckle and now secure it with a thumbscrew. 
  • Slide the mounting buckle into the adhesive mount until it clicks into place, and next press the latch down to secure it.
  • Give the adhesive mount about 24 hours for the bond to be permanent.     
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Ways to Mount an Action Camera to a Helmet 

helmet go pro

Here are two ways You can mount your action camera onto your helmet, depending on the mount location and the type of helmet you have. You can even choose to mount a GoPro on your helmet instead.

1. Top Mount 

The most classical area to mount your action camera is the top of your helmet, but it’s not the most efficient one. If you do not angle your camera properly, you may not see everything in your field of view.  

However, it is excellent for a front. The top mount is most efficient for bicycle helmets, but not for motorcycle helmets.

How to Mount:

  • Place the mount on the top center of the helmet and look for the vents the mount straps will go through. 
  • Open the clips on the sides, and thread the straps through the clips and the vents on both sides. 
  • Now pull its straps to tighten them and snap the clips closed. 
  • Once the mount is secure, tight, and not moving around, fit the camera in and tighten the thumbscrews to hold it in place.   

2. Side Mount 

The next place to mount your action camera is either of the sides. The side mount is comparatively ordinary among riders who have half and open-face helmets, but this position gives an off-center view, and part of the helmet will be shown on the clip. 

This position is excellent for you if you want to show the side view or landscape of the area.

How to Mount:

  • Select a flat surface where you want to attach the adhesive mount
  • Clean the area with a cloth and remove oils using rubbing alcohol 
  • Attach either the straight or curved adhesive mount on the surface and apply pressure
  • Give the glue some time to hold the helmet before attaching the camera
  • Slide the release clips into the adhesive mount and close the clips
  • Insert the camera into the frame, connect it to the release buckle and secure it with the thumbscrew provided
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can you have a camera on your helmet?

The federal regulations governing permissible motorcycle helmets do not directly address helmet cameras. However, the regulations do forbid rigid projections outside a helmet’s shell or make moderations to the helmet once obtained from the manufacturer.

Where is the best place to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet?     

The chin of the Motorcycle helmet is the best place to mount GoPro. It provides the best point of view. The footage you make from this spot will provide you with an eye-level view later on in the video. You will get aerodynamically footage from the GoPro camera, which you can’t get by placing it on top of the helmet.    

How do you attach the action camera to your helmet?

Clean and dry your helmet before placing the mount. Now remove the adhesive from the curved mount. Place the curved mount below the mouth holes on the helmet. Cover the mount with tape. Wait 24 hours to make sure it is dry.


These were some of the ways through which you can mount cameras on your motorcycle helmets to capture memories of your riding experience.

We hope we clear the things about how you can easily mount an action camera by yourself on your helmet. 

Make sure you get the best camera and adhesive to mount your camera and get the best clips of your journey. 

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