Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Best 10 Picks, Feedback, FAQs & More

Ventilation is an essential aspect of motorcycle helmets. It is achieved with the help of various air vents. You can spot them easily on a helmet. 

However, each helmet has its own unique ventilation system. It can be tedious for you to select the right helmet. This is why in today’s post, we’ll review the different motorcycle helmets. 

But before we get into it, let’s see our top 3 picks:


Shoei GT-Air II

This helmet is designed for smooth airflow. It has multiple vents that can be opened and closed. Besides that. It has dual visors for enhanced UV protection. You can also remove and install different straps.
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The GX11 is specifically designed for ventilation purposes. It has seamless vents that blend in with the exterior of the helmet. Moreover, it comes with a tinted visor with built-in clip locks.
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Scorpian EXO R-420

Scorpion’s R-420 comes with multiple vents to enhance the ventilation inside the helmet. It has an inclined design to help with the airflow at high speed. Other than that, it is lightweight.
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Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Top 10 Reviews

#1: Best Overall Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Shoei GT-Air II Helmet Review

Shoei is known for its tough and stylish helmet. We picked this model because of its ventilation system. Air II has different internal layers to accommodate the flow of air.

As a full-face helmet, you can wear it on long drives without any sweat. It directs the air over and around the interior. This way, your head stays cool even on hot days. 

What sort of fabric does it have?

The internal layer of Air II is lined with highly absorbent cotton. You can use it as a summer helmet to counter the hot air. Moreover, the fabric can be removed for cleaning.

Apart from that, it has a separate internal sun visor. You can open and close it with the help of sliders on both sides of the helmet. 

What type of straps are used?

Air II has reinforced straps. Each strap is lined with soft padding. Moreover, it comes with a quick-release lock. 

You simply pull the clip and the strap will easily disjoint. Learning to strap on a helmet is easy, and we have just the guide for it.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy GT-Air II Helmet

Ventilation: To make a well-ventilated helmet, Shoei equipped its helmet with a removable and washable liner. This allowed them to multiple vents in the interior shell/

The chin guard sucks air to keep the internal helmet shell cool with fresh air. On the other hand, the main vent has two different portions, intake and exhaust ports. 

Durability: The Air II is designed to tackle strong impacts. It can handle 250 lbs of a direct hit. Moreover, as a DOT-approved helmet, it also has 3-4 years of performance. 

We should also point out that the exterior shell is made from shatter-proof materials. You can wear the helmet without any worries.

Design: GT-Air II has an intermediate oval head shape. It easily slides over your head when the straps are released. On the other hand, this shape is highly suitable for a good ventilation system.

Furthermore, the aerodynamic shell design keeps the helmet stable. You won’t feel any unwanted vibrations once tightly lock your chin strap.

Build Material: Air II is made from a kinetic polymer alloy shell. It is lightweight and can reduce air resistance by a considerable margin. 

Besides that, the helmet construction is designed to dissipate force around the helmet to reduce damage. This will help you keep your helmet in its original condition.


  • Full-face helmet design
  • Quick-release strap
  • Laser-cut cheek pads
  • Clear outer shield
  • Large intake vents


  • No rear vents

Best Overall Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best overall ventilated motorcycle helmet is the GT-Air II because you can use it to keep yourself cool and sweat-free on sunny days. It comes with a multi-channel ventilation system and quick-release buckle straps. 

#2: Best Versatile Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – GLX-GX11 B Helmet Review

We handpicked this helmet because the GX11 is the workhorse of helmets. You can get it at an affordable price with all the essential features of ventilated helmets. 

It is designed to be used in all sorts of different conditions. You can use this helmet in multiple weather conditions that include rain as well. 

What sort of cheek pads does it have?

Both cheek sides are stuffed with soft memory foam to reduce the fatigue and stress on your mouth. Moreover, the cheeks pads are covered with dual-density EPS liner to mitigate the sweat. For more information about motorcycle accessories, click here.

Another thing we must mention is that the dual-density EPS liner is removable. You can easily take it off and wash it. 

Does it have exhaust vents?

GX11 is equipped with 2 main air vents and two exhaust vents to direct the air downward. You can wear it without any sweat or overheating problems.

Furthermore, air channels are designed to reduce wind noise caused at high speeds. It makes your drive comfortable.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy GLX-GX11 B Helmet

Ventilation: As we have mentioned earlier, GX11 comes with 2 main air vents. One is located on the mouthpiece and the other is in the top middle. 

Their dual functionality provides good helmet ventilation even on hot days. You can barely feel the hot air inside.

Durability:  The GX11 has a DOT certification. We found that it can withstand 300 lbs of direct impact. Its shape is designed to smoothly transfer the energy around the entire shell. 

This way any impact can be considerably reduced in damage. Moreover, the overall lifespan of this helmet is between 4 and 6 years.

Design: GLX has designed the exterior shell in a round shape to accommodate the airflow. It has multiple curves and edges to reduce the internal noise as well.

Besides that, it comes with a tinted anti-fog visor. You can wear it in any weather condition. The visor also provides UV protection for your eyes. 

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Build Material: GX11 is made from a thermoplastic alloy shell. It keeps the helmet lightweight and easy to wear. Moreover, it is highly resistant to UV rays.


  • Smooth chin guard
  • Minimum wind noise
  • Modern helmet style
  • Soft inner padding
  • Designed for males and females


  • The outer shield can be easily scratched

Best Versatile Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best versatile ventilated motorcycle helmet is GLX-GX11 B it can be used for a variety of purposes. You can wear it on sunny days or on rainy days without any problems. Moreover, the sun visor is tinted for enhanced protection.  

#3: Best Advanced Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Scorpion EXO R-420 Helmet Review

It is essential to have a proper airflow motorcycle helmet. This is why we picked the R-420 by Scorpion. It is designed to fill the interior with cool air and push out the hot air. 

You can also close and open the vents according to the weather conditions. This way, the helmet can be used in sunny, rainy, and snowy weather as well.

Does it have insulation?

There is a fine layer of insulation material inside the interior and exterior layers. It keeps your helmet cool in summers and warm in winters. 

This insulation is also kept cool on warm days with the help of massive air vents on top of the helmet. 

Why does it have an inclined face design?

In a full-face helmet, it can be hard to breathe. EXO counters this problem with the inclined design. The chin guard and chin bar are considerably smaller than other helmets.  There are many different types of helmets, learn about them here.

Your mouth is closer to the main vent which makes breathing easier. It is almost designed like a jet helmet to increase the intake of fresh air. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Scorpion EXO R-420 Helmet

Ventilation: With the combination of intake and exhaust vents, the EXO is almost like a ventilated modular motorcycle helmet. Instead of downward circulation, this helmet pushes the air out from the back. 

This keeps the top of your head cool and fresh. The vent on the mouthpiece is designed to ventilate the front and bottom half of the helmet.

Durability: This helmet is approved by DOT and ESE. It can handle massive impacts without any cracks. The maximum impact it can handle is 260 lbs.

Moreover, the reinforced chin straps are cut-resistant. Each strap can easily handle a weight of up to 80 lbs. 

Design:  The EXO R-420 comes with an aggressive design. It has a slightly elongated rear to streamline the flow of air. 

It is designed to keep the helmet quiet and reduce internal vibrations. Once the helmet is fully closed, you can easily the difference in the reduction of noise. 

Build Material: The external shell is made from polycarbonate resin. It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. 

We also found that the shell is resistant to scratches and cracks. Even when dropped from a considerable hit, it had no effect on the shell. 


  • High-quality chin strap
  • Comfortable inner padding
  • Aerodynamic shell design
  • Rear exhaust ports
  • Clear face shield


  •  Only available in one color/design

Best Advanced Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best advanced ventilated motorcycle helmet is the Scorpion EXO R-420 because it is made from lightweight material for fatigue reduction. It also has a number of different exhausts to increase the intake of cool air. 

#4: Best Sports Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – O’Neal Sierra B01 Helmet Review

Sports helmets look stylish but airflow can be a major issue as well. This is why we choose the O’Neal sports ventilated helmet. It has a tactical design to keep the main parts of your head cool. 

You can use it on offroad adventures without any worries of sweat, dust, or heat. It has a total of 7 vents and each of them has a mesh of air filters. 

Where are the vents located?

The main vent is under the face shield. The rest are scattered on both sides. Unlike any other full-face motorcycle helmet, the B01 has no top vent. 

The inner padding redirects the air from the main vent. The air stream is divided into two parts. One keeps the top half cool and the other facilitates the exhaust vents.

How many visors does it have?

Just like a full-face modular helmet, O’Neal has equipped their full-face motorcycle helmet with two visors. One is a clear visor and the other is a tinted visor. 

You can open and close the second visor with the help of a slide lock on each chin bar. This enables you to quickly swap to UV protection without any delay. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy O’Neal Sierra B01 Helmet

Ventilation: The ventilation system of B01 is supported by its main mouthpiece vent. It has a slightly bigger chin guard to concentrate the air inside the shell. 

Moreover, it has small vents located around the chin strap to push the hot air out. Even though it has a large number of vents, there is very little wind noise. 

Durability: Sierra B01 can easily survive a 300 lbs direct impact. The full-face helmet design can easily protect all your vital parts. 

Furthermore, the exterior is covered with UV-resistant paint and vinyl. You won’t have to replace your helmet for a minimum of 3 years. 

Design: Since it is a sports helmet, it features a hybrid design. It has multiple additional parts on top to enhance the airflow. 

Besides that, it gives off a stylish look, especially in the black color. You can use it for casual and offroad purposes.

Build Material: This helmet is made from a polycarbonate composite that gives it a lightweight structure. 


  • Dual sun visor
  • Comfortable cheek pads
  • Wide face shield
  • Suitable for hot weather
  • Highly-durable shell


  • The outer shield is susceptible to scratches

Best Sports Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best sports ventilated motorcycle helmet is the O’Neal Sierra B01. This helmet comes with a quick-release buckle for convenient use. You can use it in cold and hot weather without any sweat or fog problems. Besides that, the sun shield is also tinted for UV protection. 

#5: Best Stylish Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – LS2 Z9 Helmet Review

Helmets can get boring with similar styles, colors, and vinyl. That is exactly what the Z9 offers. You can select from a different number of colors and vinyl. 

On top of that, you can also select different types of build materials. Each material has its own unique finish on the outer shield. 

Is it good against visor fog?

We noticed that the helmet features a nose cover to eliminate the fog problem. The hot air from your mouth is pushed down and out of the helmet with the help of this cover. 

Even in cold weather, you won’t face the problem of visor fog. This enables you to use this helmet in cold and hot weather alike.

Is it comfortable to wear?

The cheek pads are made from memory foam which makes the helmet quite easy to wear on long drives. Moreover, every pressure point of the helmet is also made from memory foam. 

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This way, you can use this helmet for cold and hot weather. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy LS2 Z9 Helmet

Ventilation: Z9 features 3 different vents. The main vent is located on the mouthpiece. It pushes the air in the inner channels to keep the helmet at a normal temperature. 

Moreover, it has an exhaust vent that keeps the circulation of air in a linear motion. This sort of flow helps with the reduction of heat and sweat.

Durability: Z9 has dual safety ECE and DOT certification. It can easily survive impacts up to 25 lbs without breaking. Besides that, the visor is also made from hard plastic for extra durability.

We also found that its exterior is coated with UV-resistant material to counter the effects of UV-rays.

Design: The LS2 Z9 has a small chin and a slightly tilted front style. Besides that, it is available in a bunch of different colors and vinyl designs.

We must also mention that this helmet has fine grooves around the side for a stable ride. This results in reduced vibrations on the road.

Build Material: The Z9 is made from EPS material. EPS stands for expanded polystyrene.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to wear
  • Reinforced chin strap
  • Inclined face shield
  • Removable and washable liner


  • The visor is difficult to adjust

Best Stylish Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best stylish ventilated motorcycle helmet in the LS2 Z9. You can wear this helmet for all sorts of purposes. It is suitable for on and offroad use. Besides that, the helmet has a modern design for smooth airflow. 

#6: Best Budget-Friendly Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Fuel V6K Helmet Review

We picked this helmet because of its money-to-value ratio. It provides all the necessary ventilation features at an affordable price. 

You can use this helmet for cold and hot weather. It has multiple air vents to channel the flow of air around the helmet. 

Does it have noise reduction?

The V6K is equipped with hard foam to counter the noise problems. It can easily absorb vibrations, especially around the pressure points. 

You can easily wear it on long drives without any headache. Besides that, the internal padding is covered with a highly absorbent fiber. 

Can I use a third-party visor with it?

It features a universal design for easy customization. You can simply pull the visor from either side and it’ll come off. 

This opens the way for new ideas like tinted visors. Moreover, you can also change your sun visor for rainy or snowy weather. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Fuel V6K Helmet

Ventilation: Motorcycle helmets smell bad without proper ventilation. V6K counters this with the help of 4 vents. Each vent has a separate air filter as well. 

Besides that, every vent is designed to push the air in a different direction. This provides an even airflow inside the helmet. 

Durability: V6K is a DOT-approved helmet. We tested it and found it to be quite resistant to cracks. Even with a high impact, the exterior shell can uphold itself. 

Moreover, each strap is made to hold weights up to 120 lbs. You don’t have to worry about damage by wear and tear.

Design: This helmet features a full-face motorcycle helmet design. It has a round exterior shell with exhaust vents located on the top.

Furthermore, V6K has a wide visor. It comes with a 105-degree arc which greatly enhances your peripheral vision. 

Build Material: The V6K is made from a mixture of thermoplastics and resin. It is the reason why this helmet is lightweight yet durable.


  • Comfortable padding
  • Removable liner
  • Clear visor
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Easy to clean


  • No UV protection

Best Budget-Friendly Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best budget-friendly motorcycle helmet is the Fuel V6K because it is affordable with all the right features. You can wear this helmet in various weather conditions because of the multiple vent system. Besides that, you can also close or open the vents.

#7: Best Matte Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – BELL 225 Helmet Review

BELL is known for its high-end helmets. This is why we picked the BELL 225 helmet. It has a fine matte black finish with a tinted visor. 

You can pair it with any casual or formal attire. The exterior shell is made from dust-resistant paint. It can be easily cleaned with a soft fabric.

What sort of visors can I use with it?

The BELL 225 comes with several options for the visor slot. You can choose different colors and weather-resistant visors.

Other than that, BELL also provides the option of auto-lock visors. They can be open or closed with just a button.

How good is it against noise?

The interior of BELL 225 is equipped with sound-absorbent pads around the chin bar and the backside. You can barely notice any wind noise even at high speeds.

Moreover, the chin bar also has a lock that enables you to open or close the vent. This can help to reduce the wind noise and keep the inner padding free from dust.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy BELL 225 Helmet

Ventilation: BELL specializes in ventilated motorcycle helmets and the model 225 is no less. It has multiple vents to keep the air in proper circulation.

Durability: We found that this full-face ventilated motorcycle helmet is made from layers of carbon fiber. It is lightweight and highly durable. It can survive direct impacts without any cracks.

Design: The 225 comes in a round shape. Just like modular helmets, it features a tinted face shield for UV protection. Besides that, it has comfortable cheek pads and a quick-release strap.

Build Material: The exterior shell of BELL 225 is made from a polycarbonate/ABS mixture. 


  • Tinted sun shield
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable padding
  • Vents can be opened and closed
  • Highly durable


  • Only available in one color

Best Matte Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best matte ventilated motorcycle helmet is the BELL 225 because it features a sleek and smooth matte finish on the exterior shell. It also comes with a matching visor that protects you from UV exposure. 

#8: Best Open-Face Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Shoei J-Cruise II Review

Open-face helmets provide the most efficient airflow. This is why we handpicked the J-Cruise II. It comes with a full-face shield and multiple air vents. 

Other than that, we noticed that the exterior shell is made from a polystyrene blend that further helps in the circulation of air. The external layer is specifically designed to reduce air resistance.

Does it come with a single visor?

The J-Cruise has a dual face-shield mechanism. It has a transparent visor like any other modular helmet and a tinted sun visor on the inside.

You can use both visors of this ventilated helmet individually. Besides that, it has locks for each of the visors near the cheeks pads. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet

Ventilation: We found that this helmet comes with a total of three air vents. They are located on the top half of the helmet and create a downward flow of air. 

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Durability: You can use this helmet for on and off-road purposes because of the highly durable exterior shell. We tested it against forceful impacts up to 200 lbs and it showed no signs of visible damage. 

Design: As we have mentioned before, the J-Cruise II features an open-face design. It also comes with an aerodynamic shape to keep your head safe from fatigue and strain.

Build Material: The exterior shell of J-Cruise II is made from expanded polystyrene composite. 


  • Built-in sun visor
  • Full-face shield
  • Memory foam cheek pads
  • No chin bar
  • Easy to wear


  • Not good against dust

Best Open-Face Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best open-face motorcycle helmet is the Shoei J-Cruise II. This open-face helmet features multiple vents for smooth airflow. You can wear it on hot and sunny days without the worries of overheating and sweat problems.  

#9: Best Modular Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – HJC i90 Helmet Review

Any full-face modular helmet can provide proper airflow. However, the HJC i90 is designed to create a powerful air channel inside the helmet. 

As a modular helmet, it has a detachable chin bar that you can easily operate with the help of specific buttons. 

Can I close the vents on this modular helmet?

The vent located on the mouthpiece has a shield that you can use to open or close the vent. Whereas, you can open/close the top vent with the help of a slider located on the side. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy HJC i90 Helmet

Ventilation: We noticed that this full-face modular helmet features a downward airflow. It mitigates fog problems and keeps your head free from sweat on hot days.

Durability: After conducting multiple tests, we concluded that this helmet can easily handle forceful impacts up to 200 lbs without shattering. This is due to the polycarbonate composite used for the exterior shell.

Design: The interior shell of this helmet is made to perfectly fit your head. Besides that, the exterior shell is designed to reduce wind and other ambient noise. This helps you with a smooth and enjoyable ride. 

Build Material: To keep the helmet lightweight, HJC has used an advanced polycarbonate composite. It is highly durable and long-lasting. 


  • Dual sun visor 
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Highly absorbent EPS liner
  • Full-face helmet design
  • Internal mouth cover


  • The main visor is susceptible to scratches

Best Modular Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best modular ventilated motorcycle helmet is the HJC i90. You can use this helmet for casual on and off-road purposes. It comes with built-in air filters to keep your air fresh and free from dust particles. 

#10: Best Lightweight Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – POC Fornix Helmet Review

A full-face helmet can choke the air without proper ventilation. This is why our team picked the POC’s Fornix 3/4 helmet. It is lightweight and durable.

Moreover, it comes with memory foam padding. You can use this helmet on a daily basis without compromising the integrity of the internal padding. 

Does it come with a visor?

Since Fornix is a 3/4 helmet, it doesn’t feature a visor. This is the only drawback we found because it also doesn’t allow you to mount your own visor. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy POC Fornix Helmet

Ventilation: POC’s Fornix handles the ventilation with the help of different vents around the helmet. We also noticed that it has a mesh over the ears. It keeps pressure points free from sweat.

Durability: The exterior shell of this helmet is made from expanded polystyrene. We found that it is DOT-approved and completely safe to use on city roads.

Design: The Fornix helmet comes with soft padding for comfort on long rides. Besides that, it has a smooth surface for reduced air resistance. This benefits you by the reduction of strain on your head and neck.


  • DOT-approved
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable shell
  • Strong chin straps
  • Removable internal fabric
  • Half helmet design


  • No sun visor

Best Lightweight Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

The best lightweight ventilated motorcycle helmet is the POC Fornix. This is because you can use this helmet on long drives without any fatigue. The entire structure is designed to sit comfortably on your head. Moreover, it comes with 4 different air vents.

Buyer’s Guide

ventilated helmet

Let’s check out some important factors you need to keep in mind. These factors will help you determine what sort of motorcycle helmets is viable for purchase. 


The first and foremost thing you need to keep in check is the circular motion of air. Some helmets use exhaust vents for a straight flow while some push the air downward. 

We recommend that you purchase a downward airflow motorcycle helmet. This is because it will circulate the air around the entire helmet and push it out easily.


Safety is quite important when it comes to ventilated motorcycle helmets. There are a bunch of helmet materials that you can choose from. 

We suggest that you go for a composite material like polycarbonate or some carbon-based material like fiberglass.

It will keep your helmet intact for a long time. Moreover, composite and carbon-based materials are exceptionally resistant to shatter damage. 

Air Vents

Vents are designed to accommodate the flow of air inside and outside the helmet’s shell. The more, the better. Besides that, filters are quite important for air vents. 

We highly recommend that you get a helmet with at least 3 vents. On top of that, the vents should have proper air filters to keep your helmet clean from dust and other elements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions asked by people from around the web. Let’s have a look. 

Are ventilated helmets quieter?

Since ventilated helmets have quite a few air vents. They are susceptible to wind noise. However, you can counter this by closing the small vents. Other than that, you get a helmet with streamlined airflow. This helps to reduce wind noise. 

What sort of visor is best for helmets?

Tinted helmets are the go-to option for many people. It provides protection from direct sunlight and UV exposure. However, it can be hard for you to drive your motorcycle in low light. 

How can I clean the air vents of my helmet?

You can either use a can of pressurized air or remove the vents to thoroughly clean them. It is important to note that professional supervision is required if you want to remove the vents. This is because you’ll have to remove the internal padding first.  

Final Thoughts…

After a thorough inspection of multiple ventilated motorcycle helmets, we have concluded that the Shoei GT-Air II is the best-ventilated motorcycle helmet.

It comes with a highly durable exterior shell that can withstand various weather conditions. You can wear it on long drives without any fatigue or sweat problems. We must also mention that this helmet comes with a smooth internal airflow that reduces wind noise. 

This brings us to the end of our post on best-ventilated motorcycle helmets. We hope this information proves to be useful for you. 

Do let us know which motorcycle helmet do you use on long drives. Visit MotoProve for more guides on helmets and motorcycles.