Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet – Top 6 Reviews, Pros, Cons, Feedback & More

Noise is a major issue especially if you wear a motorcycle helmet on a regular basis. There’s wind noise, engine noise, and just the general vibration of the helmet that can cause headaches. 

You can get around this problem pretty easily. Simply buy a noise-canceling motorcycle helmet. Although, you still need to keep a few things in check. 

In today’s post, we’ll review some of the quietest motorcycle helmets available on the market. Moreover, we’ll describe their pros and cons in detail. 

But before we get started, let’s check our top 3 picks. 


Shoei RF-1200
Shoei designs its helmet to reduce wind noise and the RF-1200 is no exception. It comes with thick cheek pads to reduce vibrations and remove noise problems. Moreover, the design is aerodynamic to keep the helmet stable.
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This HJC helmet is designed so that you can have a quieter ride. It reduces excessive wind noise with the help of immaculate internal airflow. Besides that, the aerodynamic design reduces the air drag at high speeds.
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The EVO-ONE is a modular helmet that can be used for various purposes. It comes with a chin curtain and breath guard to redirect the air inside the helmet. Moreover, it has memory foam interior padding for comfortable rides.
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Best Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – Top 6 Reviews

#1: Best Overall Noise Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Review

Shoei is known for its innovative designs, this is why we have picked their noise cancellation helmet. The RF-1200 is a full-face helmet that is suitable for on and off-road purposes. 

You can wear this helmet without any wind noise or external wind drag noise. It has soft pads inside the padding for noise reduction.

How does it counter the noise problem?

Unlike other helmets, Shoei has subjected its helmet to extensive wind tunnel testing. The results helped them to better design the aerodynamic edges.

Each curve and edge is designed to break the air drag and reduce the overall vibrations caused by it. Hence, you feel lesser noise by wind and other external factors. 

Does it have absorption pads?

Shoei has placed multiple pads around the helmet to absorb the minor vibrations. These pads are a part of an advanced noise reduction technology. 

Besides that, the rear spoiler keeps the helmet stable which also reduces the vibrations. 

Is it made from lightweight materials?

Like other Shoei helmets, the RF-1200 is made from polycarbonate composite material. It is extremely lightweight but also resistant to vibrations. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Ventilation: To ensure a quieter ride, Shoei has placed multiple air vents around the helmet. Two vents are located in the mouthpiece. The other two are over the sun visor. Lastly, there is a single vent on each chin pad. 

Durability: The entire helmet is made from a composite material. It can withstand a direct 300 lbs force impact. Moreover, this lightweight helmet is estimated to have a 5-year lifespan. You don’t have to worry about getting a new helmet for a long time.

Design: Shoei has chosen a full-face design for this model because it is easier to redirect the air around a closed shell. The inner liner is designed to be stable and firm even at high speed. It can accommodate communication devices as well.


  • Comfortable chin strap
  • Durable face shield
  • Proper cool air circulation
  • Modern design
  • Fog-free chin bar


  • Visor can fog up in cold weather

Best Overall Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet

The best overall noise-canceling motorcycle helmet is the Shoei RF-1200 because it has proper tools for noise cancellation. You can wear this helmet at high speeds without harmful noise levels. Moreover, it has a stylish look. 

#2: Best Aerodynamic Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – HJC C91 Helmet Review

Aerodynamics plays an important in the reduction of wind and road noise. HJC designed their flip-up helmet to enhance the airflow around the exterior shell. 

You can wear this helmet without any internal vibrations even at a high speed. This is mainly due to the streamlined flow of air inside and outside the helmet.

What sort of visor does it have?

This helmet features an airtight visor to further reduce the vibrations caused by air resistance. You can lock the visor with a simple click located on the mouthpiece. 

Besides that, the visor is made from transparent resin. It keeps your line of sight clear and free from the fog in cold weather.

Does it have a comfortable interior?

The internal shell is made from a combination of thick padding and soft fiber. Your head stays stable as there is no wiggle room. 

Moreover, the fabric is highly absorbent. You can wear your helmet on warm and sunny days without any trace of sweat.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy HJC C91 Helmet

Ventilation: The C19 comes with two different vents. One is located in the top-middle section while the other is located slightly below the mouthpiece. Both vents are covered by a fine mesh of air filters to keep the inside free from dust.  

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Durability: The helmet is made from a combination of two different materials. We found that the exterior shell is made from a thermoplastic composite. On the other hand, the interior is made from resin. This combination provides immense durability and a lifespan of 3-5 years.

Design: This helmet falls in the category of modular helmets. You can switch between a full-face motorcycle helmet and an open-face helmet with just a button. Moreover, it has a round shape to reduce noise.


  • Modern aerodynamic design
  • Durable face shield
  • Smooth ventilation system
  • Built-in sun shield visor
  • Good for noise control
  • Quite stable at high-speed


  • No rear spoiler

Best Aerodynamic Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet

The best aerodynamic noise-canceling motorcycle helmet is the HJC C91. You can use this helmet for day-to-day purposes without any fatigue or stress on your body. Besides that, there is virtually no noise due to internal vibrations.  

#3: Best Modular Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – SHARK EVO-ONE 2 Helmet Review

SHARK helmets are always one step ahead of the curve. The same is the case with this model. It is a modular helmet specifically designed to avoid hearing damage by noise. 

It has specialized cheek pads to mitigate internal vibrations and reduce noise. Moreover, the pads are from memory foam for your convenience.

How comfortable is it?

The EVO-ONE comes with a completely padded interior. The entire padding is designed to keep your head from bumping inside the helmet. 

Besides that, it has enough room for your ears to fit in. They are not pressed against your head. We must also mention the built-in neck roll for extra support. You can also listen to music in your helmet to reduce noise.

How can I turn it into an open-face helmet?

You can simply switch from full-face to open-face orientation with the help of click-locks inside the helmet. Simply pull on them and the bottom half will come off. 

Besides that, you can also remove the chin bar for better air circulation. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy SHARK EVO-ONE 2 Helmet

Ventilation: EVO-ONE features adjustable air vents. You can either close them or open them according to the conditions. This option helps you reduce wind noise and road noise at high speed. Moreover, it keeps your head warm in cold weather.

Durability: For safety purposes, SHARK has developed their helmet with a carbonate composite. It is lightweight and can easily handle impacts up to 230 lbs. Moreover, the material is designed to last for 5 years of daily use.

Design: As we have mentioned, EVO-ONE is a modular helmet. You can turn this quiet helmet into an open helmet for an enjoyable ride. Besides that, the chin curtain is designed to keep the helmet from the fog in cold and rainy weather. 


  • DOT approved
  • Easy to wear
  • Highly comfortable
  • Built-in neck support
  • Wind and road noise reduction


  • The neck roll is quite soft

Best Modular Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet

The best modular noise-canceling motorcycle helmet is the SHARK EVO-ONE 2. You can use this helmet for day-to-day purposes without any noise problems. Moreover, it has a sleek matte black finish which is resistant to dust and UV rays.  

#4: Best Sports Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – Arai XD4 Helmet Review

Engine noise is a huge issue for off-road bikes. This is why we picked the XD4 racing helmet from Arai. It features noise cancellation cheeks pads and a chin bar. 

Both areas are equipped with rubber pads that are able to absorb all vibrations with ease. Among the quietest helmets, XD4 has the most efficient noise reduction. 

How is it better than its counterparts?

Arai’s XD4 uses a thicker pad material instead of foam. It provides better resistance against erratic vibrations caused by wind or other sources. 

Moreover, rubber is also comfortable and can survive extended use compared to foam. You can wear it without any fatigue or stress on your ears. 

What sort of visor does it have?

XD4 comes with a unique visor design. It is shaped in a non-linear pattern to counter the environmental noise. The uneven shape can easily disperse sound waves and keep the interior noise-free. 

Moreover, the visor provides a wider peripheral vision arc. You can easily see your sides without even turning your head.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Arai XD4 Helmet

Ventilation: Arai has used an innovative ventilation system in XD4. It has 4 front vents located at the bottom, middle and upper half of the helmet. To accompany that, they also installed two exhaust vents on the backside of the helmet. 

Durability: The exterior shell of the helmet is made from thermoplastic composite. It is highly durable and checks out all the DOT safety standards. Moreover, as a full-face helmet, it can survive direct impacts without shattering the outer layer.

Design: XD4 has a semi-round shape. The front is pointed for better aerodynamics while the backside is curved and round. This helps in noise reduction and air drag. Besides that, it has an auto-lock drop-down sun visor. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable straps
  • Strong face shield
  • Comfortable cheek pads


  • Not suitable for on-road use

Best Sports Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet

The best sports noise-canceling motorcycle helmet is the Arai XD4. You can wear this helmet for your off-road adventures. Moreover, it is available in different shades and colors so you can add a flair to your sports attire.  

#5: Best Budget Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – Shoei Neotec II  Helmet Review

Noise cancellation helmets are quite expensive due to their overall utility and features. However, you can get an alternative in the form of Shoei’s Neotec II noise cancellation helmet. 

Among the quietest motorcycle helmets on the market, Neotec II provides every feature at a lower price. We picked it because of some other reasons as well.

What features does it have?

The helmet is extremely lightweight. You can easily carry it around in your hand without any problem. This is possible due to its special polystyrene outer shell.

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Layer over layer of polystyrene is applied to make a solid shell. This shell is extremely light compared to its counterparts like thermoplastic resin.

Does it have dual visors?

Just like the top-end full-face motorcycle helmets, Neotec II also comes with 2 different visors. The front visor is to protect you from dust and other externals elements. 

Whereas, the internal visor is tinted to protect you from direct sunlight. On bright sunny days, this visor also keeps the temperature of the helmet down. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Ventilation: Neotec II has two big ventilation shafts on the front end. One is located above the visor and the other is located on the bottom. You can easily breathe with the help of the bottom vent whereas the vent is designed to keep your head sweat-free.

Durability: The expanded polystyrene used in this helmet has unique characteristics. It does not crack. You can apply a direct force of 200 lbs and it will not shatter. Moreover, the straps can handle up to 250 lbs of weight without snapping.

Design: For better noise cancellation, Shoei has designed its modular helmet with multiple edges and curves. You can barely feel any air drag even at a high speed. Moreover, since it’s like a flip-up helmet, you can easily raise the chin bar and turn it into an open-face helmet.


  • Comfortable cheek pads
  • Vibration-proof interior
  • Aerodynamic design
  • One-touch transformation
  • Lightweight


  • Visor can loosen up after daily use

Best Budget Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet

The best budget noise-canceling motorcycle helmet is the Shoei Neotec II. You can get this option at a cheaper price with all the important features. Besides that, it comes with dual visors for your protection.

#6: Best Sun-Shield Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet – 1Storm HG339  Helmet Review

We handpicked this helmet because of its unique sun visor. It features a double-tinted sun shield for protection against sunlight on bright and clear days. 

You can ride your bike directly facing the sun without any strain on the eyes. Moreover, the visor is treated with anti-UV material which keeps your eyes cool as well.

What sort of padding does it have?

1Storm has used soft foam padding to make your rides comfortable and enjoyable. You can wear this helmet on long drives without any fatigue. 

Moreover, the foam makes it easier for you to wear this helmet and take it off. Your ears aren’t pressed against the head due to the soft foam.

Are the chin straps easy to unlock?

The helmet straps feature an easy to unlock mechanism. All you have to do is pull the strap from the left side and it’ll make a click sound. 

This is your signal that the straps are now unlocked. To lock them, simply put the left strap inside the joint on the right strap.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy 1Storm HG339 Helmet

Ventilation: 1Storm has gone over and beyond to keep the helmet cool. It has 4 front vents and 2 exhaust vents on the back. Each vent is covered with a fine mesh so you can breathe fresh air without any dust. 

Durability: The entire helmet is designed from thermoplastic resin. It gives the helmet a strong shatter-proof structure. The HG339 is also certified by DOT and SNELL. Moreover, the resin is also guaranteed to last up to 3-5 years.

Design: 1Storm has gone for the modular helmet design. You easily turn this helmet into an open-face helmet with the help of the chin bar. Moreover, the outer shell is designed to look futuristic and sleek at the same time. 


  • Easy to wear 
  • Convenient to handle
  • Matte finish
  • Dual visors
  • Durable modular locks


  • Quite expensive

Best Sun-Shield Noise-Canceling Motorcycle Helmet

The best sun-shield noise-canceling motorcycle helmet is the 1Storm HG339. You can wear this helmet to protect your eyes without the need for sunglasses. The visor is also treated with heat reduction materials to keep the inside of your helmet cool on hot days.

Buyer’s Guide

noise canceling helmet

Here are some factors to look out for if you want the quietest motorcycle helmet on the market. All these aspects work in conjunction and help in noise cancellation. 

Let’s have a look.


The first and foremost thing is the internal padding of the helmet. Noise is mainly created via vibrations. However, it can be mitigated with the help of absorption pads. 

We recommend that you get a helmet that has some sort of rubber or foam pads inside it. These pads will absorb internal and external vibrations to reduce the noise. 

Should I get thin or thick padding?

Thin padding is easy to wear and comfortable but it cannot reduce noise beyond a certain level. Whereas thick padding is slightly uncomfortable but it is better for noise reduction.

We suggest that you get what is more comfortable for you. 


The shape and type can also determine if a quiet motorcycle helmet is good at noise cancellation or not. Lesser moving parts mean better noise reduction.

This is why we recommend full-face helmets instead of modular helmets. Even though modular helmets are loaded with extra features, they are not as good for noise cancellation. 

Why are full-face helmets better?

The main reason behind it is that a full-face helmet only has a visor as a moving part. On the other hand, a modular helmet has a few moving parts.

On bumpy or long rides, these parts start to vibrate and create what you call road noise. Besides that, these parts also leave openings that are the cause of wind noise.

How else does a full-face helmet help with reducing noise?

Since the entire helmet is in one piece, it is easier for air to get around. This results in lesser wind noise compared to modular helmets. 

Moreover, it makes the helmet more aerodynamic and reduces the fatigue on your neck.

Air Vents

Vents are quite necessary. Even if you overlook the wind noise cancellation part, air vents are designed to keep the interior of a helmet cool and fresh. 

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We recommend that you get a helmet with at least 2 air vents. It doesn’t matter where they are located on the helmet, it is important to have them. 

Can’t I just open the visor?

Technically, you can open the visor for fresh air. However, this will also cause dirt and other elements to get inside the helmet. 

This is the exact reason why air vents are equipped with a fine mesh of air filters. You can breathe easily through them without much effort.

How do vents help with noise cancellation?

The vents deflect wind into two portions, one goes inside the helmet and the other around the helmet. This results in the mitigation of road and wind noise. 

Furthermore, if you are on a call or listening to music, it keeps the sound quality at an optimal level. 


The shape also plays an important part in the reduction of wind noise. Smooth helmets tend to deflect air in an even manner. 

On the other hand, curves and edges cut the air for better downforce. This results in vibrations and these vibrations are the cause of the noise. 

What do we recommend?

In our opinion, to get the quietest helmet, you have to look for a model with the minimum amount of curves and edges. 

You’ll still get the necessary aerodynamic aspects with low wind noise. This will reduce the possibility of a headache on long drives.


The amount you pay should bear value in more than a single way. Buying a helmet just because it has good noise cancellation isn’t feasible. 

You should also lookout for the material used in the build, the quality of the visor, the helmet design, among many other things. 

So, which option should I choose?

We recommend that you start cheap. Buy a helmet that is inexpensive and contains all the features you need. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of which features are necessary.

Once you get the hang of it, move on to a better and pricey option. It’ll save you money but also provide you with a helmet that is suitable for your requirements.


The best motorcycle helmet is not the one that looks cool. Instead, it is the helmet that can last longer. Helmets come at a cost and are usually regarded as a long-term investment. 

This is where the durability factor will help you. It comes in the form of the paint job of your helmet, the quality of helmet straps, and many more. 

What is the baseline for durability?

For reference, you can use DOT standards. They have an elaborate list of factors that determine whether a helmet is suitable for road use or not. 

We recommend that you get a helmet that can easily last 4-6 years without any major degradation in its quality. 

Build Material

Apart from noise cancellation, safety is also important. In most cases, manufacturers try to save costs on the shell material. 

They tend to use lighter and cheaper materials like thermoplastic resin. They are viable but to a certain extent. 

Which material should I look for?

We suggest that you get a helmet from either carbon fiber, fiberglass, or kevlar. Compared to thermoplastics, they are quite sturdy and long-lasting. 

Carbon fiber and fiberglass are especially known for their high tensile strength. They will keep you safe while also exerting minimum amounts of fatigue on your body.


It is important to get a helmet that fits your head size perfectly. You can still manage with the help of straps but it leaves a lot of wiggle room on the inside. 

This results in massive vibrations due to wind noise that can cause headaches. In order to avoid this, try on different sizes and check which suits you better. 

What if I get a smaller size?

You can also get a smaller size but it’ll be hard to fit. Besides that, you won’t able to breathe properly which will ultimately result in sweat problems.

You should also check if your helmet is compatible with various motorcycle accessories.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

We have compiled some commonly asked questions from around the web. Let’s check them out.

Is wind noise normal at high speeds?

As your speed goes up, the air resistance also increases by sufficient value. If the helmet you are wearing isn’t aerodynamic, the wind noise will increase with the air resistance.

Is a back spoiler necessary for helmets?

It isn’t necessary but it definitely helps with the overall aerodynamics of the helmets. You can get a little downforce with it which keeps your helmet stable at high speeds.

How can I reduce wind noise?

Earplugs are quite common inside the motorcycle community. You use these to mitigate the wind noise. These plugs absorb all the noise and keep the environmental sound at a harmless level. 

Can I use open-face helmets for noise cancellation?

Open-face helmets are the worst against noise problems. Since it isn’t enclosed, there is little to no space for vibration absorption pads. We suggest that you get a modular helmet instead. 

Are dual visors good?

Dual visors remove the need for sunglasses. You can easily wear your helmet and use the drop-down sun shield on sunny days. Moreover, dual visors look cooler than regular transparent visors. 

What sort of chin bar design should I get?

A pointed chin bar design is better than a round design. It cuts the air drag for better aerodynamics and redirects the internal downwards. This helps with noise reduction and internal cooling of the helmet.

Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Hemet – Conclusion 

After a detailed comparison, we’ve concluded that the Shoei RF-1200 is the best noise-canceling motorcycle helmet. 

This helmet comes with a bunch of high-end features like smooth airflow, filtered air vents, and a lightweight build. You can wear this helmet to keep your ears safe from harmful noise levels on long drives. Moreover, it is available in a variety of different designs.

This brings us to the finish line of our article on noise-canceling motorcycle helmets. 

Do let us know how do you counter the noise problem. CLICK HERE to know more.