How to Keep Your Head Cool In a Motorcycle Helmet- A Complete Overview With FAQs And More.

You’d agree with us when we say that riding a motorcycle helmet on a hot day can be extremely challenging. Not just that, wearing a helmet only adds to the problem.

However, you do not need to worry because we have got you covered.

To avoid a heat stroke, here are some of the tips on how you can keep your head cool in a motorcycle helmet. 

Quick Summary

In this post, we will discuss:

  • The different techniques to keep your head cool in a motorcycle helmet
  • The resources available for you in the market to keep your head cool in a helmet
  • How you can prevent your head from heatstroke

Let’s start.

How To Keep Your Head Cool In a Motorcycle Helmet?-Here’s What You Can Do 

We have suggested to you some techniques that you can follow and enjoy your summer rides.  

1. Cooling Skull Cap

We advise you to find out different types of cooling skull caps. The mesh top airway cooling skull caps work the best on hot summer days from heat stress.        

These caps are infused with ultra cooling fabric and are made of a great design that fits in every helmet. They not only cool your head but also protect you in case of an accident.  

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2. Helmets With Air-Conditioning Fixed Inside Them

The market provides you with the best helmets with air-conditioning fixed inside them. These helmets with air-conditioning might seem complicated and a bit unnecessary. 

These helmets are set with a layer of highly absorbent fabric. When soaked with water, the evaporative effect creates a transfer of heat that lowers the internal temperature of the helmets. 

This technology assists you keep your head cool in a motorcycle helmet. 

3. Use a Helmet Cooling System    

We suggest you a cooling system for your head to fight heat strokes.    

Today the market provides you thermally comfortable helmets that are designed in a way providing holes at both the front and rear sides of the helmet. That force convective heat transfer through the air. And makes your head stay cool under a helmet. 

4. Use Air Passing Helmets

Purchase the helmets with adjustable vents that allow the air to flow in such a way that it lowers the head temperature. These helmets come with vents that can be opened and closed with the need. These moderate the temperature inside the helmet with airflow through the holes inside them. 

These holes play a vital role in cooling your heads under the motorcycle helmet by passing the air through them, they allow the sweat to evaporate and keep your head cool. 

The bigger the holes are the better ventilation. 

5. Buy Helmets That Can Be Adjusted Into Half and Full  

If you ride a motorcycle in hot summer, probably you’ll need a helmet that helps you to keep your head cool in a motorcycle helmet. 

We allude to you such helmets that can turn into half for summers and full for the head in winters. These come with adjustable holes which you can versatile accordingly to the temperature of your head.

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These helmets not only keep your head cool in hot summers by passing air through but also ensure your head’s safety. 

6. Half Helmets  

Many of the companies provide you with the best half helmets for long drives in summer. These helmets have air channels built into the liner to draw additional airflow up into the top of your head for cooling.

These helmets give you the freedom to enjoy the full air. This lightweight, and being less bulky are considered to be cooler than full-face helmets. 

7. Use Cool Wraps   

Placing some cool moisture next to the skin helps your body temperature from rising on hot summer days. 

Several companies offer cool wraps that encapsulate the moisture-retaining crystals with the cloth or fabric. Soak the cool wrap in water for a few minutes, then use that as a wrap around the neck, head, or as a handkerchief during your ride. it will help keep your head cool for hours. You can use other products as well.

If these wraps are placed on your head or around the neck they absorb the water and expand as they fill up. And then cools your head down by evaporation. These will also help regulate your body temperature and control sweating.    

8. Drill Some Vent Holes in Your Helmet 

If your helmet does not have a face shield drilled with some vent holes along the bottom. We suggest you  You can adjust the hole size to eliminate the wind from the nose and adjust the temperature inside the helmet. 

These ventilation holes on the top and bottom of the face shield increase the airflow inside the helmet for superior ventilation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)        

Is a full-face helmet hot? 

Once you use it you’ll be habituated, a full-face helmet is more comfortable than going without when it’s very hot. There’s no cooling effect from hot air when you’re moving; it’s the opposite. 

How do I keep my motorcycle helmet cool?

You can try something as simple as a wet bandana around your neck or under your helmet can do wonders. Soaking your T-shirt helps a lot. If you ride in high temperatures commonly, consider investing in a “hydration vest” lined with crystals that absorb and hold water to keep you cool while you ride. 

Do skull caps keep you cool?

Skull caps are designed to help keep you cool in the heat of the action. Most of them are made of specially designed materials like spandex, nylon, and polyester, that allow the cap to be breathable. Another option to consider is a skull wrap.

What do you wear under a riding helmet?

We recommend you wear a balaclava under your motorcycle helmet while riding. A balaclava is a fitted garment that covers your whole head and neck part, with some parts of the face, such as your eyes and/ or nose and mouth other remaining uncovered.     


Riding bikes with a motorcycle helmet on hot summer days could be a bit challenging for you. But if you buy an appropriate helmet that not only provides comfort and protection but also maintains your cool during hot days.   

Prefer helmets with a proper ventilation system. The helmets with front and top vets with adjustable switches.

Make sure your helmet must have a fiber lining that would enhance the absorption quality. Assure using cooling skull caps. 

We hope our suggestions will help you keep your head cool in your motorcycle helmet. CLICK HERE for more.