Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Look So Big – In-Depth Guide with Pro Advice, FAQs, & More

A motorcycle helmet is an essential safety item for motorcycle riders, as it protects them from any trauma, crash, or blow. 

The helmet was originally invented to avoid life-threatening head injuries. Moreover, it proved effective in saving many lives on several occasions.

Despite its importance, most people do not find it comfortable to wear them. 

Quick Summary

In this complete guide, we will go over the following:

  • Why Do So Few People Wear Helmets?
  • Why Do Helmets Come in Big Sizes?
  • Is My Helmet the Wrong Size?
  • How do I select the right size helmet?
  • FAQs

Without further delay, let’s get you started. 

Why Do So Few People Wear Helmets?

Many factors could be involved, but one of the main reasons is that they are so huge in size and heavy. Since they’re big, people complain that they make them look strange or alien.

However, in some cases, you wear the wrong size of the helmet which makes it look big. If you notice your helmet is not close to your head and feels loose, it’s probably the wrong size.

If you want to wear a helmet but it looks big on you and you want to know why and learn how to choose the right size, this article is for you!  

We suggest to you read this guide thoroughly, as we have added tips, tricks, and faqs for you.

Why Do Helmets Come in Big Sizes? 

Several reasons could explain that question, and here, in this section, we will address them all.

  • Helmets are made with multiple layers of paddings inside them. As you know, helmets are invented to protect the head and face so the inventor made the inner padding of the helmet so thick as that to provide that level of protection. Maximum layers of protection will make the helmet look big in size and volume. 
  • They are made big to cover the head of humans. Since human beings have large heads, helmets must be double the size of their heads to fit them.
  • The space between head and helmet must have enough wax to provide safety. The more space between the head and the helmet, the safer the helmet.
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You have probably gathered from this that helmets are huge because of their function and nature. 

However, it is also possible that you have the wrong helmet size, making it look bigger. 

So let’s find out how you can figure out if your helmet is of the wrong size.

Is My Helmet the Wrong Size?

When you wear a helmet that is too big for you, it may detach from your head during an accident, causing head or facial injuries. So it’s crucial to replace it with the right size helmet.

The followings are signs you have the big size helmet:

  • Helmet feels too loose on the head.
  • A helmet doesn’t stay on the head while riding.
  • It is very noisy in the wind.
  • Uncomfortable
  • Does not provide much protection.

We strongly suggest you get a replacement helmet of the right size, to save your life. 

How Do I Select the Right Size Helmet?

You must be wondering about how to choose the right size of helmet. So here in this section, we will help you to learn the easy and quick way. 

Take measurements

The first step is to take measurements. For that, you have to use a measuring tape. Start from an inch above your eyebrows to the fullest part of your head. 

Pro Tips:

  1. Measurements will be more comfortable if you ask for help.
  2. Double-check your readings, to avoid any error.

Then, compare your measurements to the size chart of the helmet on the brand’s website or in a store.

Choose a helmet according to the shape of your head

The helmet shape must match the head shape. There are three kinds of helmet shapes.

  • Round-oval helmet: This helmet is intended for people whose heads are almost as long from side to side as they are from front to back.
  • Intermediate oval helmet: It is for heads that are a little bit large from front to back than it is from ear to ear. Since most people have this type of head shape, intermediate ovals are common helmets.
  • Large oval helmet:  Helmets such as these are designed for people whose heads are larger from forehead to back.
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Test-Fit the Helmet 

It is important to choose helmets and accessories that are suitable for you so that it becomes easy to wear in the long run. 

Once you have taken your head’s measurements and determined the type of helmet that best fits you, the next step to consider is how comfortable the helmet is.

Following are the points you must consider while purchasing a helmet:

  • The helmet should be strong and protective.
  • It should not feel too tight.
  • Make sure it is not loose on your head otherwise it will displace from your head during an accident or crash.
  • It must not cause pain or discomfort.
  • It should leave proper space for your side vision.
  • A helmet must be noisy due to air during the ride.

Pro Tip: To check if helmets are a suitable size for you. Perform a test-fit test with fingers. If you can easily slide your fingers through your head, it indicates that the helmet is too large.

How to Fix the Size of My Helmet if it’s too Big?

Do you have a large size and don’t want to purchase a new one? No worries, we will provide you with some tricks and tips to fix that problem.

Following are the possible modifications you can go for:

  • Customize the innermost lining of the helmet.
  • Paste the pads to cover up space between cheeks.
  • Remove a little foam if the helmet gets too tight.
  • Replace your helmet.
fix the size of the helmet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Can I Make My Helmet Look Smaller?

There are many ways with which you can do that. The first thing I would suggest is replacing your helmet with one of the correct sizes. Apart from that, you can remove the inner layer or padding of the helmet. However, this can put you in danger.

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Does a Full-Face Helmet Look Big?

Full-face helmets shield the head including the whole face. They are built with multiple safety layers which makes them look big on you. However, the wrong size could be the reason if you find your helmet big.

If the helmet’s front is 1 inch above your eyebrows, then it is a perfect size for you.

Is it Normal for a Helmet to Squeeze Cheeks?

Yes, helmets provide cushioning to your cheeks. which makes cheeks lift. This means you have a perfect size helmet. However, full-face helmets do not have these effects since they do not contain cheek pads.

Final Verdict

Motorcycle helmets are must-have safety equipment. The use of motorcycle helmets has proven to dramatically reduce the number of head injuries suffered by riders in crashes and accidents.

Motorcycle helmets may not look cool, but you should prioritize safety over style.

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope that you have figured out how you can fix your helmet so that it doesn’t look too big.

If you have any queries, please drop a comment below or contact us.