What To Look For When Buying A Motorcycle Helmet – Complete Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

Motorcycle helmets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be durable while some are stylish. You can choose unique factors that contribute to a helmet’s overall performance.

So, how do you decide which factors are necessary for a good helmet? In today’s post, we’ll address this question in a detailed fashion. 

Quick Summary

We’ll go over the following topics:

  • Factors to keep in check
  • Top helmet choices
  • Important tips 
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s dive right into it. 

Factors to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet

When you bought your first helmet, you might have noticed that there is a vast variety of motorcycle helmets. Each helmet has a different color, design, and visor style. 

However, there is more to motorcycle helmets than meets the eye. There are numerous aspects of a helmet to look out for if you want a good quality product. 

So, how do I decide which helmet is good?

As it turns out, there are some universal factors you can keep in check to determine the quality of a helmet. 

Here’s the list of these factors:

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Comfort level
  • Utility

You can use the aforementioned aspects to calibrate the performance of the helmet. Let’s discuss each aspect in detail.


First and foremost, is the durability factor. The main reason why everyone wears a motorcycle helmet is for safety. It is quite necessary to wear one if you want to enjoy your day-to-day bike rides. 

Durability determines how strong a helmet is against shocks, impacts, and heavy force in general. It ensures that in an unlikely case of an accident your head stays safe at all times. 

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How do I check if a helmet is durable?

Since you are not going to test each and every helmet like a crash dummy. You can determine the durability aspect just by the build materials

Currently, helmets are made from a bunch of different materials. However, the main materials used are Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and Thermoplastic Resin.

Each material is highly durable and difficult to crack or break. It takes an enormous amount of force to even put a small crack on the surface. 

According to the DOT standards, a helmet made from the aforementioned materials can survive a direct hit of 300 lbs force.


The shape of a helmet is as important as the durability factor. You might have noticed that some helmets have a full face while some don’t even have a visor. 

This is because each helmet is designed for a different reason. Some helmets are shaped for casual street use while some are made for racing purposes.  

What are the different designs of motorcycle helmets?

There are three main designs you can find on the market. Full-face, Modular, and Open designs are all unique in comparison.

A full-face helmet covers your face entirely except the eyes. The eyes are protected with the help of a visor. 

Modular helmets are a hybrid between full-face and open helmets. You can choose if the helmet should be used as a full-face or open. The front end is detachable for convenience. 

Lastly, open helmets do not cover your face at all. Your entire face is exposed from the brows down to the chin. 

What are the other benefits of a helmet design?

Apart from this, the shape contributes to the aerodynamics of a helmet. A finely shaped helmet will keep your head stable at high speeds and mitigate any unwanted vibrations. 

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Moreover, it also keeps the air inside your helmet fresh. This reduces problems like sweat and overheating. 

Comfort Level

The variety of helmet sizes and designs means that it is easy to find a helmet for yourself. Even though safety is the main priority, you shouldn’t overlook your comfort either. 

While a helmet can be highly durable, it might be difficult for you to wear due to thick padding. We recommend that you buy a helmet that is comfortable all around your head. 

How does the comfort factor help me? 

If you want to get from point A to point B, you need to wear a motorcycle helmet. However, you also don’t want to get your head squeezed at all times. 

Hence, you can get a helmet with thin padding to better fit your head. This way you can ensure your safety and enjoy the motorcycle ride at the same time. 

What sort of padding should I look for?

We suggest that you get a helmet with foam padding. It is quite soft and comfortable. Moreover, it has a total life span of 3-5 years


Lastly, you should determine how useful a helmet is in different scenarios. Some helmets are designed for summer weather while some are suitable for winter seasons. 

You can also factor in how good a helmet is against rain or fog. Mostly, you can just get a helmet that suits the weather of your geographical location

Can I get a helmet for casual and off-road purposes?

You can buy hybrid helmets as well. These helmets can be used as full-face helmets or open helmets. However, make sure that the padding is suitable for both purposes. 

Recommendation for Motorcycle Helmets

Here are our suggestions for motorcycle helmets for every aforementioned category. Let’s take a look. 

For Durability

  • AGV Pista GP-R
  • AGV Corsa R
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For Design

  • Shoei NXR 2 
  • Shoei Neotec 2

For Comfort Level

  • KLIM F3 Prizm 

For Utility

  • Arai Corsair X
  • Icon Airframe Pro

It is important to note that these are only recommendations. You can buy any helmet on the market that fits your requirements. Just make sure it has a durable build and sufficient comfort. 

what to look for

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have gathered some commonly asked questions from around the web. 

What are the best colors for helmets?

The color choice is purely based on personal preference. Some people like flashy and shiny helmets while some prefer dull and dark colors. You can even choose a chrome or matte finish for your helmet. 

Should I get a tinted visor?

Most people prefer a tinted visor because it provides protection for your eyes. However, it can be hard to see through tinted visors at night. Make sure that you buy the helmet accordingly. You can keep a spare visor to switch between day and night drives. You can tint your visor yourself as well.

Is it necessary to buy a helmet with straps?

According to the DOT rules, a helmet is only road-legal if it has lock straps. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to wear it for your day-to-day motorcycle rides. We suggest that you buy a helmet with Nylon straps for enhanced protection. 

Final Thoughts…

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, there are multiple things to keep in check. These factors determine your safety and comfort on and off the road. We suggest that you buy a helmet that is highly durable and also has some style to it. Moreover, it should be useable in multiple types of weather. 

With this, we come to the finish line of our guide on things to look for when you buy a motorcycle helmet. 

Do let us know which helmet you use on a daily basis.