How to Strap a Motorcycle Helmet? – Quick and Easy Guide with FAQs & More

It is crucial that the strap of your motorcycle helmet fits you perfectly. You probably never have thought about it in detail. However, it is very important for your safety. 

When most of the riders carefully strap their helmets, some do not know the significance and strap them loose for their comfort. 

This can result in swerve damage in accidents. To avoid this, read this guide carefully to know how to strap your helmet perfectly. 

Quick Summary

This guide has all the detail about:

  • How to strap your motorcycle helmet? 
  • The significance of a motorcycle helmet in your safety. 
  • A detailed FAQs section. 

Without further delay, let’s get you started. 

How to Perfectly Strap Your Motorcycle Helmet – Quick and Easy Instructions Guide 

You might have never wondered about the importance of strapping your motorcycle helmet perfectly but it is very crucial for your safety. 

If it comes loose or falls off then there can be serious casualties. Therefore, you should choose the right helmet that fits well. To avoid damage, make sure you follow these easy steps. 

Method 1: Strap the Double Metal Rings 

This is the most common method to strap your motorcycle helmet firmly. It is not as tough as it may sound as you can easily follow these steps. 

However, many riders struggle to strap the double metal rings but it is a piece of cake if you follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Put on Your Motorcycle Helmet 

Your motorcycle helmet should be firm on your head when you put it on. Carefully place and pull down the straps to fasten them at your chin after adjusting them. 

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Make sure the chin straps are firm against your face and are not too tight while you adjust them. 

Step 2: Know Your Metal Rings or D-rings 

Your motorcycle cycle helmet has a metal ring on both sides of the chin strap. Carefully adjust the strap on the right metal ring and pass it from the left metal ring. 

This step will make your helmet firm on your face. Carefully pull the strap to your chin and make it tight but not too tight. 

Step 3: Straps Adjustments 

When you pull your straps to the base of your chin also make sure the strap is not twisted as it can cause discomfort. Once you have passed it from the left side, pass it again from the right side of the metal ring. 

Step 4: Metal Rings Adjustments 

When you are done with straps being passed from both rings. Carefully separate both of the metal rings with your fingers and put the strap in the metal ring closest to the inside. 

Do the finger test, put two fingers between the strap and your chin to make sure they are not loose and too tight. 

Never fasten the straps too tight as it can irritate your skin or even choke you. 

Step 5: Motorcycle Helmet Straps to be Snug 

This step will complete the process. 

Make sure the helmet is snug on your head and is comfortable around the pressure points. The straps should not pinch your chin. 

Perform the helmet shake test. Move your head side to side and forward to backward to make sure your helmet does not fall from your heart. 

The helmet should stay firm on your head. It should not move freely. After the helmet shake test, you are good to go. 

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Moreover, there is a possibility that your helmet has micrometric closure, adjust it accordingly. This should be secured to your fit. 

Method 2: Fasten Your Motorcycle Helmet Without Undoing the Straps 

Many motorcycle helmets have straps that are secured once or can stay firm in a specific fit. You do not have to undo them to use them again and again. This makes wearing your helmet very easy every day. You can also find motorcycle accessories to increase your safety during trips.

Moreover, you can follow these steps to strap your helmet with secured chin straps perfectly.

Step 1: Adjust the Motorcycle Helmet 

Make sure you put your helmet on your head firmly and it is not too tight on you. Adjust the helmet to your fit accordingly. 

Moreover, do the shake test before you fasten your chin straps to make sure your straps are intact and your helmet would not come off. 

Step 2: Push Down the Chin Strap

This step is necessary before and after you fasten your straps as it will make sure your helmet stays on your head. This will also help to know that the helmet would not fall in case of an accident. 

However, if you feel that the straps are loose then you can tighten them. Make sure they are fully firm on your head and do not create discomfort on pressure points. 

Step 3: Proper Adjustments 

This step is necessary to make sure your straps are not tangled and are handled properly so they do not get loose. Carefully push them down to keep your eyes and face safe. 

Do not apply extra pressure when you handle any strap or liner because it will break and you will have to invest more money to fix these. 

strap the helmet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

We have added this FAQs section to provide you with extra knowledge about the ways you can strap your motorcycle helmet carefully. 

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How tight should I keep my helmet? 

The tightness of the motorcycle helmet relies on two factors. It is either the helmet size that makes it too tight or the chin straps tighten. 

In both cases, the helmet should be firm to fit you properly and to keep you safe. It should not be over-tightened as it can create many issues such as it can choke you or create suffocation. 

How is my motorcycle helmet size linked with strapping it properly? 

If your motorcycle helmet is too big for your head then even if you strap it correctly, it will fall. To have the perfect and precise motorcycle helmet, do the shake test first and then buy it. 

Moreover, the helmet should be of accurate size and the chin straps must be firm when you fasten them. 

What is the proper way to wear your motorcycle helmet? 

You should place your helmet on your head and make sure it comfortably snugs your face. It should not be too tight or too loose. 

Moreover, when you have attached the straps and fastened them, do the two-finger test. Put one or two fingers between your chin and the chin straps and make sure it is firm. 

This is the proper way to strap your motorcycle helmet. 

To Conclude… 

We hope that this guide helped you to strap your motorcycle helmet perfectly. We have added two methods, make sure you follow the steps that best suit you. 

Moreover, you can also take help from the FAQs section. We hope this guide assisted you with everything you wanted to know. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. CLICK HERE for more helmet guides and accessories.