How To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, Tricks, & More

Motorcyclists must always wear a helmet when they are on the road. There are various reasons behind this. 

You can get different helmets from the market. However, all of them are worn in the same way. 

Let’s take a look at them. 

Quick Summary

By the end of this article, we will go through:

  • How can you wear a helmet comfortably?
  • How you can tell if a motorcycle is too small for you.
  • Why you should always wear a helmet.

Let’s take a look into it. 

How Can I Wear My Motorcycle Helmet?

As discussed above, helmets are vital for your safety. They protect you in case of a crash. Helmets are also legal requirements, and you can get fined a hefty amount if you don’t wear one. 

Helmets come in different sizes and shapes, but they are worn the same way. Let’s take a look at how you can wear one comfortably

  • Make sure that the helmet is your size. You can measure the head size and then choose the helmet accordingly. 
  • Then, you need to place it on the back of your head. It makes the helmet more comfortable to wear, and your ear lobes also won’t be disturbed. 
  • After that, you must slide the helmet down. Make sure that you place both of your hands on the front and then pull the helmet down.
  • You then have to check if the helmet is straight. You have to see if it is centered. Also, you have to be sure that the helmet moves around a bit.
  • You can then strap it in. The strap is located at the chin, and you can adjust it according to your jaw. 
  • You also have to make some checks. Make sure that the helmet is not uncomfortable to wear and that the cheek pads don’t touch your nose. 
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Once you have made sure of the above steps, you can safely start your travels on a bike. 

How to Tell If a Motorcycle Is Small?

Helmets have been made to both be safe and provide comfort.

When it comes to design, they have two separate shells. These shells have crushed polystyrene foam between them. 

These shells have different purposes. The outer shell is made to spread the impact throughout the helmet, and the inner shell is made to absorb the impact. 

Motorcycle helmets come in various sizes. You need to get one that fits you. There are many reasons behind this.

Your safety is directly affected by your helmet’s level of comfort. That’s why we recommend that you get one that fits your head. A big helmet is easier to distinguish. However, it may get tough to tell apart from a smaller helmet. 

This is due to the construction of the helmet as well as some of the considerations you have to make. 

Let’s take a look at some of the easy ways you can tell apart a small helmet:

Pressure on Extremities 

This is the easiest way to tell if you have a helmet that is too small. If you have any painful points when you wear a helmet, it will be too small.

If you have pain in the back of your head, then the helmet is not long enough. 

However, if you experience any pain on the sides, then the helmet will be too round or not oval enough. We recommend that you keep the helmet on for some time before you take your bike on a ride. 

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The helmet is not Comfortable to Wear

This is another method you can use. If your helmet gets tight around the mouth and cheeks, you would have to change your helmet. Also, you have to allow for some amount of movement around your head. 

You can test with some movement around your head when the helmet hasn’t been strapped in. Also, if you have any kind of wind noise, your helmet will be too uncomfortable for your ears.

Also, if you get a big helmet, you can face some problems in case of a crash. A big helmet may come off.


Why Should You Wear a Helmet on a Motorcycle During Travel?

You must always have a helmet with you when you travel on a motorcycle. Without it, you can be injured or fined. 

There are multiple reasons behind it. However, the main one is the rider’s safety. Helmets are designed to protect your head. Check out our guides on helmets here.

You should also wear some other gear when on a bike. This is due to the lack of protection on a bike, unlike a car. 

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should wear a helmet:

It Protects You

The best reason you should have a helmet on is that it can save your life. Helmets have different layers of protection. There are two shells inside a helmet.

The layers have crushed foam between them. Together these layers work to prevent anything from hurting your head. 

Additionally, it also saves the face from any kind of injury. This includes any damage from small pebbles, bugs, and mud

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At high speeds and with little protection, these small things can leave a very nasty bruise. Helmets are made to protect your head from these things. 

They Increase your Attention on the Road  

Also, helmets are proven to improve your focus when you travel on the road. This is due to the noise-proof design of helmets. 

These also have sun shields to protect your eyes. You can easily slide them down, and they keep any kinds of harmful rays out of your eyes. CLICK HERE for other helpful motorcycle accessories.

Helmets also have an EPS internal lining, which protects your skin from chafing and scratches. The lining also reduces noise and wind turbulence inside the helmet. So, your eyes and ears will be safe in the longer run. 

Protects you in Harsh Weather Conditions

You can also protect your head from the elements with a helmet. This includes both heat and cold.  

If there’s too much heat and sunlight, the helmet will protect you from sunburn. You can also use the visors to manage the sunrays. Some helmets also have goggles and a ventilation system. This protects your head from overheating.  

The same ventilation system is also useful in winters. You can also use clothing items such as balaclavas and scarves to protect yourself.  

Wrapping Things Up…

Helmets must be worn at all times when you ride on a bike. However, they come in different shapes. You may have some issues when you wear them.  

You can wear them easily if you follow the steps mentioned above. With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to wear a motorcycle helmet?”.

Let us know of your experience in the comments below.

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