What Are The Safest Motorcycle Helmets – In-Depth Guide with Pro Advice, FAQs, & More

We agree that it is tough to find the safest motorcycle helmets. The market is full of helmets that fail to deliver the promised specifications. 

To help you, our team tested various helmets from the market. They have picked the best safe motorcycle helmets they found.

Let’s take a look at them. 



This helmet provides excellent vision from all angles and is also lightweight. It comes with an EPS lining as well as a vent system to provide safety and comfort for the wearer, which is why we would recommend it to you. Check on Amazon

Shoei RF-1400

We found this helmet to provide excellent noise control because of its spacious internal lining. It also has a big visor and face opening which provide good peripheral vision. This is why we have recommended this for you.
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Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet
This helmet is made from tough polyester which gives the rider additional protection. The helmet is designed to help the rider experience a feeling of openness and it also comes with a retractable sun shield. Because of these features, we recommend this helmet to you.
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Now, without further delay, here are the best safest motorcycle helmets.

Top 5 Safest Motorcycle Helmets

# 1 Best Safest Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet – GLX GX23 

If you want a helmet that protects your head from all angles, this is the go-to helmet. We were impressed with its build quality and lightweight design

The helmet also has a lining around the chin bar. We also noted the EPS lining around this area, which made for excellent impact absorption. 

Does the helmet have any kind of temperature control?

The helmet has plenty of vents. We found that there were sixteen around the helmet. These all maximize the airflow which helps control the temperature inside the helmet.

The internal lining also prevents overheating. Overall, these additions make for a good temperature control system. 

The helmet also has an advanced mouth guard as well as protective screens. These screens are made of aluminum mesh. 

How adjustable is the helmet?

We also found that the visor has good adjustability, and it also shatters resistance. Additionally, the internal lining is also removable. This helped us considerably when we washed the helmet.

Factors to Consider When You Purchase the GLX GX23 


The helmet has been designed in compliance with DOT standards. Our team found that the helmet has optimum impact absorption. This keeps the rider’s head safe in case of a crash. 


Other than the design features, the helmet also has impressive functionality. The helmet’s design keeps the field of vision open for the rider. It also has a big opening for the face, so that the field of view remains wide. 

Other Features 

There are also some other features that the helmet comes with. These include the addition of a warranty with the helmet. The helmet is also available in different sizes. It also has cross-functionality such as motocross and an off-roader helmet. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • Aluminum mesh for safety 
  • Excellent field of view 
  • EPS liner along chin bar
  • 16 ventilation vents for airflow 
  • Affordable helmet


  • Size one less than the one in the charts

Best Safest Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet 

The GLX GT23 is the best safest off-road motorcycle helmet because of its excellent cooling system, its lightweight design, and its excellent field of view because of the large face opening.

# 2 Best Safest Full-Faced Motorcycle Helmet – Shoei RF-1400

This is a great full-face motorcycle helmet that has an internal noise control system. We were impressed by the fact that there is little to no background noise, especially at high speeds. 

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Does the helmet have a lightweight design?

Our team noted the helmet’s shell design. This helps reduce the weight of the helmet and allows for good weight distribution on your neck and shoulders. It weighs around 5 pounds and is also DOT certified. 

The external shell design keeps the wind noise outside the helmet to a minimum. The internal lining also helps reduce the noise inside the helmet. 

It also has beading technology incorporated into the design. This makes the helmet waterproof. It also does not allow any wind to come into the helmet, which can harm your hearing. 

Factors to Consider When You Purchase the Shoei RF-1400


As discussed earlier, the helmet is DOT certified. It also has a shell design as well as foam padding inside. The padding breaks in after some time and fits perfectly on the rider’s head. 


The helmet is designed to keep wind turbulence to a minimum. We also found that there are vortex generators around the helmet. This helps reduce unnecessary turbulence.

Other Features 

The helmet comes with removable earpads. The helmet is also compact, which helps the rider. We found that you can easily fit your head inside the helmet even if the helmet is a size above. 


  • Compact design 
  • Beading for a tight seal
  • Shell design to reduce noise 
  • Comes with spacious padding 
  • Has removable earpads 
  • Lightweight with vents


  • Cheek pads may get too big for some head sizes

Best Safest Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet 

The Shoei RF-1400 is the best safest full-face motorcycle helmet because of its compact design which reduces its weight, its shell design which reduces the level of wind turbulence, and the inclusion of spacious and removable padding.

#3: Best Safest Motorcycle Helmet for Peripheral Vision – Shoei RF-1200 

This is a good motorcycle helmet that provides a good peripheral view. This is due to the big visor and the large opening.

The helmet, however, does not have a sun visor. But because of the already big space, you can use your sunglasses. 

When it comes to the durability and safety of the helmet, we were impressed with its design. As discussed earlier, the helmet has ribs. 

How has the helmet been designed?

The helmet also has a streamlined design, which aids in the reduction of weight. The team also found that there were ribs in the helmet’s shells. These helped eliminate bending and made the helmet more rigid. 

We also noted the fact that the helmet is streamlined and compact to reduce its mass. The lining is also removable and you can also get another lining to replace old ones. It also reduces sweat at a rate twice as fast as other, nylon-based linings. 

Factors to Consider When You Purchase the Shoei RF-1200 


The ribs of the helmet increase its rigidity and also reduce bending. To increase safety, the helmet also has a multi-ply shell. There is also a double-layered EPS liner. 


As talked about above, the helmet comes with an EPS lining. This lining also has an additional feature apart from protection. Shoei has specially designed the lining to dissipate sweat inside the helmet. 

Other Features 

There were some other features as well which we noted. The helmet also has a pin-lock inside it. These help you lock and close the vents and the visor. These features increase its value for the rider. Check out some cool motorcycle accessories here.

Best Safest Motorcycle Helmet for Peripheral Vision 

The Shoei RF-1200 is the best safest motorcycle helmet for peripheral vision because of its big visor opening, its streamlined design for noise reduction, and the inclusion of ribs which increase its rigidity.

#4: Best Versatile Safest Motorcycle Helmet – GLX GX11

Our team found this helmet to be highly versatile. The helmet comes with a DOT certification. It has also been designed to provide maximum impact protection. 

You can also use the chin curtain. This eliminates noise inside the helmet. The chinstrap has also been designed to be used easily. 

Does the helmet have any ventilation openings?

The helmet comes with multiple vents. There are vent panels as well as large shutters. The large shutters help the motorcyclist use the vents with ease. These vent shafts help you enhance your experience in travel at both long distances and short intervals. 

Are there any anti-fogging features?

We found that the helmet also has an anti-fogging feature. There is a breath guard which reroutes your breathing around the helmet. Also, to prevent the helmet from being tossed around, the chinstrap has been attached to the side with rivets. 

Factors to Consider When You Purchase the GLX GX11


We noted that the helmet comes with an EPS foam lining on the insides. This foam is placed in different locations around the inside to protect your face, head, and jaw. There is also an anti-scratch windshield. 


The team was also impressed with the additional functionality of the helmet. The helmet comes with four exhaust vents. These don’t allow the buildup of negative pressure inside the helmet.

Other Features 

The helmet comes with changeable visors. These are clear and black. The black visor protects your face from the sun’s UV light. The interior lining is also removable, which also keeps the helmet stabilized. 


  • Comes with changeable visors 
  • Has chin curtain 
  • Padding to reduce noise
  • Vents located inside the helmet 
  • Versatile design to reduce impact damage


  • Size is off
  • The helmet may not be comfortable to wear

Best Versatile Safest Motorcycle Helmet  

The GLX GX11 is the best versatile safest motorcycle helmet because of its changeable visors which allow you to travel in all weather conditions, its EPS padding which reduces noise, and its versatile design which reduces and absorbs impact forces. 

#5: Best Safest Half-face Motorcycle Helmet – Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

We found this helmet to be very good for riders who want comfortable headgear. It is a composite helmet made from a polyester blend. 

To provide safety, the helmet comes with a thick EPS liner. It has also been attached with a slideable sun shield. It protects your eyes from debris as well as light.

We also noted that the EPS liner is channeled, so there is a cooling system in place. The liner has also been designed to absorb sweat at an increased rate. 

Factors to Consider When You Purchase the Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet


The helmet comes with a thick EPS liner. This protects your head from any injury. The helmet is also DOT standards compatible, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of injuries. 


To increase functionality, the helmet comes with a dial system. This helps you adjust the straps according to fit. There is also a drop-down sun shield. It is also changeable, so you can get new ones from the manufacturer. 

Other Features  

The helmet comes with an extended warranty. We were also impressed with the utility of the helmet. You can wear it on all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs, etc. 

Best Safest Half-face Motorcycle Helmet 

The Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet is the Safest Half-face Motorcycle Helmet because of its polyester blend composition for increased durability, its channeled EPS which provides comfort, and its dial system for easy adjustments.

Buyer’s Guide 

safe helmet


You can check the safety of a helmet with the material used in the motorcycle. Furthermore, helmets are certified by DOT. Be sure that you have a DOT sticker on your helmet that is visible at all times.

To protect your head, there are different kinds of materials that are used in a helmet. The helmet may be made of:

  • Composite materials
  • Kevlar
  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Plastic  

How safe is the helmet design?

Helmets usually have two shells to protect you. As another safety measure, the shells contain crushed foam. This design of helmets works to protect your head from all kinds of injuries and potential trauma. 

The shells work differently. The outer shell is shaped in a way that it protects you from abrasions. The inner shell and the crushed foam are designed differently. 

In an impact, the inner shell compresses and the crushed foam absorbs all the force. Lastly, the internal lining ensures that your eyes and skin are not hit and that the force is padded.

Almost all the helmets which are widely available have similar padding and inner shell material. The construction material only varies in the outer shell of your helmet. Normally, helmets have different materials mixed in epoxies. 


A motorcycle helmet also has other features integrated into it. This means that you can customize it to an extent. The modular aspect of helmets means that you can add some tools in it to modify your headgear. 

Some things common things to include are

  • A sun visor to protect your eyes from sunlight
  • Reflective tapes and colors to increase your visibility 
  • Buckles that release easily and quickly without any issues
  • Cameras and GoPros on the helmet to record journies

Other Features 

There are also some other features that come with the inherent design of the helmet. Sometimes, the manufacturer also includes them as part of the helmet. These are:

  • Extended warranty for the helmet
  • Removeable lining
  • Changeable of visors 
  • Aerodynamic design of the helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right helmet?

You can easily choose the right helmet for yourself. Make sure that it fits snugly and is not too uncomfortable to wear. We also recommend that you leave some space for the helmet to move around. You should wear a helmet for at least 10 minutes to see if it suits you. 

Do helmets expire?

Yes, helmets can expire, so you have to change them. Manufacturers regularly rate their helmets to last about 7 years from the manufacture on average. You can check the manufacturing date on the label or stamp. 

Why do off-road helmets have peaks?

The main purpose of the peak is to reduce the sun’s glare. This is exactly like a baseball cap’s peak. The visors of of-road helmets get dirty from all the dust and the sun’s glare can make the visibility problem worse.

Wrapping Things Up

At MotoProve, we aim to deliver quality reviews and guides to help you on your motorcycle adventures. There are different motorcycle helmets that you can find in the market. But they have subpar quality and generally aren’t safe. 

Hence, you have to be careful if you want to purchase the safest motorcycle helmet. Luckily, the job has been made easier by our team. You can choose your helmet from their selection above.

With this, we reach the end of our article on “What are the safest motorcycle helmets?”. 

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