How to Wear Hair Under Motorcycle Helmet? – Here’s Everything that You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why is it important to tie your hair when you ride your motorcycle? You must keep your long hair out of sight as blurred and blocked vision can cause accidents. 

Moreover, the hair can be irritating and can be quite uncomfortable. To avoid any mishap make sure you wear your hair properly and or make any hairstyle. 

We have compiled this guide to help you wear your hair with all the tips and FAQs about everything you need to know. 

Quick Summary

This guide has all the information about: 

  • How to wear your hair under a motorcycle helmet? 
  • All the hairstyles.
  • A detailed FAQs section. 

How to Wear Your Hair Motorcycle Helmet – In-depth Analysis and Tips 

Before you move forward with the hairstyles or how to wear your hair, make sure your helmet is perfectly fit and snugs your face and head. The perfect-sized motorcycle helmet will help keep your hair in place. 

Moreover, a loose helmet can make your hair a mess and that is not safe for you. This is why make sure you have the perfect motorcycle helmet before you move forward.

Hairstyles and Other Alternatives to Tie Your Hair 

You must be wondering why can’t I keep my hair untied? Long hair can create quite a mess because it can become sweaty and can be all over your comfort liners. 

In this section, we have listed all the possible options and hairstyles we thought could be the best fit for you. 

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Headscarves or Beanies or Wraps or Skullcaps

If you ever wondered what to wear under a helmet, we’ve got you covered. These can help cover your head and keep your hair in one place that makes sure your hair is not sweaty and does not block your view. This can help you set your hair as you wish, even if you keep your hair untied it can avoid creating friction. 

Moreover, these are specially designed for riders to ride their motorcycle. You can find them online or buy them from any shop that sells motorcycle accessories. 


If you have long hair, this might be your go-to hairstyle. You have such a big advantage if you are used to this hairstyle, it can help you keep your hair out of sight and it might be the easiest way to wear your hair. 

Moreover, you can adjust your ponytail in the helmet and can enjoy the thrill of your ride. 


They are more comfortable than a ponytail as braids have more room to adjust them in the helmet easily. Braids can be quite easy to make and hair does not get dispersed even if there is a strong wind. 


Buns are a little difficult to make but are considered the best hairstyle for riders and athletes. You can make a top bun, side bun or even ballerina bun to best fit your hair under the motorcycle helmet. 

Moreover, buns are very versatile and help to adjust your hair as you wish. This is the most mess-proof hairstyle that can easily allow you to wear and remove the helmet without any hassle. 

Straight Hair 

Some riders are not comfortable with tying their hair so they can always go for untied hair. But we recommend that you keep your hair together and clench them in one place when you put your helmet on to avoid messing your hair. 

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Furthermore, you can also roll them in one place and make sure to be comfortable in them. 

Trim it 

Some riders might not want to go into the hassle to tie or adjust their hair. So you can always trim them to your liking. Trim them short for your convenience if you do not want to tie them. 

Moreover, short hair is the coolest when you are a motorcycle enthusiast. It helps to keep you in comfort and fashion-forward. 

Spray them in Place 

Your hair can be messy if they are not tied so you can always spray them in place. Many athletes use this technique which can be quite convenient for riders as well. 

Moreover, if you are unsure because they can smell because of all the sweat or face fluids. This is optional but is very effective at the same place so make sure you know all the cons and pros of all the options. To learn how to wear glasses under a helmet, CLICK HERE.

hair styles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have added the FAQs section to make it more helpful for you as we have added more information to help you fix your problems. 

How do you keep your hair under a motorcycle helmet? 

You can properly untangle your hair and make a ponytail or bun. Make use of any texturizer or mask to keep your hair tangle-free and style it properly to your choice. You can always make a bun to keep the frizz away from your hair. 

Moreover, motorcycle helmets and accessories require you to avoid messy hair as they can cause blocked or blurred vision that can cause accidents.

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Should I wear a bandana or a skullcap under my motorcycle helmet?

Skullcaps are usually used by professional bike riders and are made from stretchy material that helps keep the hair in one place but they can be quite uncomfortable if you have long hair. Also, they can be more expensive than other options. 

However, bandanas are soft and are less expensive than skullcaps. They can be used as a fashion statement and helps keep the hair in place. We recommend you go for the option that works best for you.

Can I wear a cap under my helmet or is it not okay?

A soft beanie is separate but wearing a cap under your helmet can expose your forehand more than it is supposed to. It can lift your helmet above a little which might not seem a problem at first but can be quite a hassle as it is comfortable. 

Moreover, it might irritate you from all the sweat and bad adjustment of your helmet as it does not snug your head properly as you want to. 

Why do riders wear balaclavas?

They are very helpful on hot days as they keep your head sweat-free and itch-free. It can also prevent hair to come in front of your eyes. It is a fine fabric that works both on cold and hot days, on hot days it absorbs sweat. 

While on cold days it avoids chilly wind away from your face. 

To Conclude…

Now that you know how to wear your hair under a motorcycle helmet. We hope you choose the hairstyle or option that works best for you. 

Moreover, we have also added all the pros and cons of these options so you can see what is the world best for the majority of riders. 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us anytime