How to Install Intercom In Motorcycle Helmet – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, Tricks, & More

Everyone in today’s world wants to stay connected via digital technologies. If you are a motorcyclist you can do this through a motorcycle helmet communication system. 

You should know that installing a motorcycle intercom can provide you maximum benefit only if it is secure and adjusted correctly. 

In this elaborative guide, we will help you understand some essential pointers to install the intercom in your motorcycle helmet accurately. 

Quick Summary

In this guide, we have included:

  • Steps to help you install an intercom in your helmet
  • Pros and Cons of an intercom motorcycle helmet
  • Tips, FAQs, and more

Without further delay, let’s get you started. 

Installing Intercom In a Motorcycle Helmet: Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1: Investigate your Helmet

Helmets come in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, the first step is to inspect your helmet thoroughly it if can fit all intercom parts in it. 

Then, discover the area of the helmet where your ears are set. You need to place the speakers in that particular region. Nowadays motorcycle helmets are constructed with predefined spaces for speakers so they won’t be hard to find.

Step #2: Remove your Helmet’s Padding  

Eliminate your helmet’s cheek and ear pads, keep in mind which part goes where. 

Then, use an alcohol pad and wipe down the interior of the gear. It will help you get a clean and dust-free surface to mount your intercom speakers. 

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Check if your cheek pads are big enough to fit in the speakers.  

Step #3: Use Adhesives to Mount your Speakers 

Usually, the intercoms come with two basic types of speaker bindings. One with velcro and the other with adhesives. Moreover, both are inserted in the ear pockets in the same way. 

After cleaning your helmet, Peel back the velcro mounting patches to reveal adhesive sides. Carefully place one in each ear depression. 

Note: Sometimes the speakers are larger than the ear pouches. You will be cutting the pads very precisely to ensure a comfortable fit.

Tip: Is your velcro falling off? Try using a strong adhesive such as Strenco. 

Step #4: Attach Your Intercom Mount

A Bluetooth motorcycle intercom either comes with a clamp mount or an adhesive mount.

Once you have inserted the speakers, gently slide your intercom mount sideways cheek area. It should fix between the padding and the shell of the headwear. Now, look for any loose areas and fix it with adhesives. Find more motorcycle helmet accessories here.

Tip: If you have a uniquely designed helmet, you should choose a sticky mount. 

Step #5: Identify Position for Your Microphone

In this step, you will be tracing out the position of your microphone according to the placement of the speakers. 

First of all, make sure you have enough chamber in front of your chin and jaw area for easy installation and handling of the microphone. 

Now use a pen/pencil/marker to measure the length of the microphone and how it will match up with the speakers attached.

 Tip: Remember to check the placement of the mic according to how the helmet fits your head. 

Step #6: Install the Microphone in Your Helmet 

Once you have identified the placement of your mic, the next step is to carefully drill holes for the panel/retainer screws. You need to be deliberate during this step as the panel will help safeguard the position of your mic.   

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After that, mounting the microphone inside the helmet is quite easy. The installation depends on the type of helmet you own. Let’s see how you can do it. 

  • Full-Face Helmet: Take the adhesive pad and stick it to the inner side of the chin bar. Now attach the corded mic to it and run the cord to the left rim of the helmet. 
  • Open-Face/Modular Helmet: Use two velcro pads for mounting the mic on the left cheek area. Attach these pads to the boom and fix the mic over it. 
  • Half-Face Helmet: Use a mic cradle kit to install a microphone in an open helmet 

Now is the time to embed the speakers. 

Step #7: Conceal All the Wires in Your Helmet

You are almost there. In this step, you need to correctly remove the inner lining of the helmet using appropriate tools. Align all the wires together in the circular padding of the helmet. 

It is a crucial step as you can not leave any loose wires. Even one single wire can cause circuity inside the helmet which can cause trouble and discomfort once you start using it. 

Lastly, put the major intercom component onto the mount and enjoy music and calls throughout your ride.  

intercom system

What is the Significance of an Intercom? 

Intercoms in motorcycle helmets are getting more and more popular with time, for all the right reasons. They are most common among group riders and commuters. It is perfect for communication within your helmet.

Take Calls and Use GPS

First and foremost, you can easily take calls and talk tirelessly on your ride without feeling solo. You can also enjoy GPS navigation through your intercom.

It saves you from the hassle of taking out your phone and checking the location again and again. Apart from that, intercoms permit you to tune into your favorite music so you can cherish your ride. 

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Ride Safer than Before

Lastly, intercoms highly contribute to the safety of the rider. The overall risk of accident lowers when you don’t have to leave the handlebar to use your phone. Therefore, an intercom is a quality system for motorcycle riders.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a Mesh intercom and a Bluetooth intercom?

With a mesh intercom, you can talk to your friends who are nearby, without pairing your device with them. 

On the contrary, a Bluetooth intercom goes through a proper sequential pairing process before you are connected to your peers. 

How do I connect my intercom?

Follow these steps to connect your intercom device:

  1. Press the center button of Bluetooth devices for 8 seconds until the red light flashes.  
  2. Wait for the voice saying ‘intercom pairing’ 
  3. Tap the center button of any one of the two devices
  4. Your device will be connected when you will hear ‘intercom paired successfully

Can you listen to music and talk on an intercom?

Talking to someone and listening to music at the same time is only possible if your intercom is equipped with dual functionality. Enabling a multitasking mode can help you do two tasks simultaneously. 

How do bike riders talk? 

Motorcycle riders talk to each other using intercoms. They use radio technologies of different lengths e.g. FM, FRS, GMRS, Bluetooth. Generally, Bluetooth is used for low-distance communication, whereas FM with a narrower frequency is used for distant communications. 

Final Verdict 

In our article, we thoroughly discussed the importance and installation of an intercom in your motorcycle helmet. 

We understand that mounting an intercom is not a difficult task. It also comes with an in-depth manual which further simplifies things. 

However, you can refer to our article for step-by-step installation guidance. 

For any further information, please feel free to reach out to us. CLICK HERE for more.