How Should a Motorcycle Helmet Fit? – All You Need to Know with Expert Advice

Most motorcycle riders are concerned for their safety and thus are curious about the motorcycle helmet fit. 

Accurate helmet fit is essential for your safety. You should always keep safety as your priority and make a little extra in researching before you buy your helmet. This could save you from unwanted accidents.

This guide has all the expert advice on how a motorcycle helmet should fit you. 

Give it a thorough read to know everything you need to know. 

Quick Summary

This guide will help you out with:

  • How should your motorcycle helmet fit? 
  • What are the essential components? 
  • A detailed FAQs section.

Without further delay, let’s get you started. 

Your Perfect Motorcycle Helmet Fit – In-depth Guide with Expert Advice 

First, a motorcycle helmet is a must to ride your motorcycle. For this, you have to invest in a helmet and make sure it is not loose on you. It is a protective gear that secures your face and head. 

However, it is also necessary to know that the level of protection of your helmet directly coincides with how well it fits you. 

If your helmet is oversized, it will fall off in case of an accident and the purpose of protection will fail. On the other hand, if you buy a small one it will suffocate you and that is uncomfortable. 

Therefore, if you are buying a new helmet you might want to know how it should fit? How tight should my helmet be? Are there any self-tests for this? 

How Should a Motorcycle Helmet Fit? 

Your motorcycle helmet should stay firm on your head, make sure it does not move around. To know how well it fits, you have to try it on. The helmet should be comfortable on your head.

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Moreover, it should not move around as it is dangerous. There are many possibilities that it will fall off with the pressure of wind when the motorcycle is at high speed. It can also fall off during an accident. 

We recommend after thorough research that your motorcycle helmet should fit a little tight because the comfort liner gets compressed with use. This makes the helmet lose with time. Make sure to measure the helmet and your head.

Furthermore, your motorcycle helmet being a little tight does not mean it should be uncomfortable. 

How Tight a Motorcycle Helmet Should be? 

After thorough research on different types of helmets and industry experts’ opinions. It is recommended that it should be firmly tight without creating discomfort to your pressure points. 

Moreover, too tight is never the way. It will create difficulty when you breathe and move your head. Make sure it is not too loose and not too tight. 

Why Tension on Pressure Points is Bad for You?

Tension and discomfort on pressure points are bad for your vision as it creates double sightedness, fatigue, and swerve headaches. 

We recommend that you avoid a helmet that is too tight for you as it will create many health issues and can be a cause of unfortunate accidents. 

Self-Test for the Motorcycle Helmet Fit 

We have broken down the self-test into different steps to make it easy for you to follow. This section will help you check the perfect fit yourself. 

Without any further delay, let us start with the self-test for your perfect helmet. CLICK HERE for more motorcycle accessories.

Step 1: Put the Helmet on Your Head 

The motorcycle helmet should fit your head smoothly, it should be firm against the face. The comfort liner which has cheek pads should fit without any discomfort.

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Make sure your face is not squeezed as it can cause friction that can make it hard to breathe. 

Step 2: Face Shield Adjustment 

The face shield should cover your eyes and nose. Push the chin side of the helmet to make sure your face shield never touches your chin or nose. 

If it touches your chin then it is too big for you and if touches your nose then it is too small. 

Step 3: Pressure Points Adjustment 

Your face helmet should not create discomfort on your pressure points, this is a very important self-test. Industry experts highly recommend you never go for a helmet that is uncomfortable at your pressure points. 

Step 4: Helmet Shake Test 

First, make sure you have fastened the chin straps, and they are tight but not too tight. But how do you know if it’s tight and yet not too tight? To know this, check if there is enough space to put one or two fingers between the chin strap and your throat. 

If your helmet passes this test then go for the helmet shake test. Tilt your head forward and shake it a little if it falls then your helmet is too loose for your head. However, if it stays firm and is comfortable then it has passed the shake test.

Step 5: Check the Rest with Fastened Chin Straps 

Chin straps should be intact when you position to take off your helmet. If the helmet wobbles and can be removed then it is too loose and big for you. It should stay intact to pass this self-test. 

However, if it leaves red marks on your temples then it is too tight for you as it creates pressure marks where the padding should be firm. 

Step 6: Check if the Neck Roll is Perfect 

Many riders complete the self-tests till step 5 and ignore this step but it is very essential to see if your motorcycle has a neck roll or not. Neck rolls should be comfortable around the back of your neck.

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If they are too tight then they can choke you and cause discomfort while you breathe and talk. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

To further eliminate any confusions you might have, we have compiled this FAQ section to help you out more. 

How can I be sure that my motorcycle helmet fits me perfectly?

Industry experts say that your motorcycle helmets should be snug around your face and should not create any discomfort on the pressure points as it can be very dangerous for you. 

Also, make sure the helmet does not move around your head as it suggests that it is too loose. 

Is my motorcycle helmet too big for me? 

If your helmet is not sung around your head and face or easily falls off then it is too big for you. We suggest that you do the shake test and move your head left to right and side to side to make sure it does not fall off. 

How can I make my helmet more comfortable? 

Your question implies that you have invested in a tight motorcycle helmet, it is not good for you. 

But now you can ask the manufacturer to swap the inner comfort liner for you which will cost you extra but it is the only way you can make your helmet comfortable. 


We realize that it is difficult to find a perfect fit motorcycle helmet but it is not impossible if you do all the self-tests that are recommended in this guide. 

Moreover, all this knowledge will help you invest in a helmet that is durable and reliable for you. 

We hope we were able to help. Feel free to contact us on our website, if you have anything to ask.